Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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I don't know how everyone else is doing right now. I'm still not in a great mood because of Sunday. I also am having a hard time getting excited for Thursday night. We're still alive in the playoff hunt. We have a chance at some redemption. I am curious to see how McNabb plays and what the vibe in the stadium is. I just can't say I'm excited about the game.

I guess part of my problem is this. Do I cheer for these guys I love to watch play? Do I hope they have some breakthrough game and show some character? Or do I hope they bottom out so that change does come? Plus, that would help us out in terms of the draft.

I hate having to consider scenarios like this. I want to see the team doing well and making the playoffs. Counting on another January at home is incredibly frustrating. I love playoff football, no matter who is playing. It is just more fun when your team is actually involved.

I'll start thinking about the Cards today and writing some kind of a preview.

This is just a weird time to be an Eagles fan.


Brad said...

First off, I appreciate all the work you do and insight you provide. It helps a lot of us learn more about the game.

I have a general question regarding the WR's. I know many people have problems with them (I think they are good enough) but I have a question with how we use them. Do you think we would be better served sticking with 3 or 4 wr's consistently? I think continuing to shuffle 6 wr's in and out prevents the QB from getting into any type of rythym with them. I would like to see the team define the roles for the wr's and continue to play the same ones more consistently to develop more chemistry. I do understand that they each present their own matchup difficulties for the other team and this may be a non-issure, but just wanted your opinion. Thanks.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I think we do too much mixing and matching with the WRs.

I think you need to have solidly defined roles and go-to guys. Our go-to guy should be DeSean. He is our top WR. Curtis is a notch below, but does have the value of experience.

I used to think platooning WRs was a silly idea, but Mike Holmgren changed my thinking. The Seahawks did a great job of mixing guys around in 2006 and 07. Part was due to injuries, but also they used guys according to what they did well.

I do like the fact we mix in Jason Avant and Hank Baskett. Jason is great in the slot. Hank is a good change of pace because of his size.

At this point, Greg or Reggie should be sitting. Playing them both is dumb. I don't know if it hurts the offense, but it sure isn't helping it from what I see.

Both guys are talented players. Greg is a good #5 WR. Reggie is still a talented starting caliber player. The problem is working them into the rotation so that there is some genuine benefit. I don't see it right now.

We all know WRs have fragile egos. I can't imagine they are all happy with the current situation, other than Greg. He's just happy to have a job.

Can Marty/Andy/Donovan really come up with a gameplan that effectively uses 6 WRs, 2 TEs, 2 RBs, and a FB? I'd say no, they can't.

Brad said...

Thanks for the response.

You response outlined what I was thinking to a T. I think the top 4 WR's is a great place to start heading into next year. Start DeSean and Curtis, then bring in Avant and Baskett. Allow all 4 of them to develop some chemistry with the QB.

One example I can think of is in Indy. Granted Manning is arguably the greatest QB of the last 20 years, but he has had the benefit of the same WR's over and over. The only transition I can think of is from Stokley to Gonzalez.

Do you believe we will make any changes to the WR's in the offseason? The only way I would do it would be for someone like Boldin. I would not agree with bringing in someone that is not a clear and definitive upgrade.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I like our WR corps. We have a good group.

I think Reggie Brown is gone. I think they'll replace him with a draft pick. Michael Crabtree would be awesome, but I don't think we'll get a shot at him.

I do agree that you upgrade if possible, but don't change for the sake of making change. Stability can be a good thing to let some chemistry develop.