Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random Stuff

* DGR is posted.

* The injury to Max Jean-Gilles could be a blessing in disguise. Max has started most of the year and failed to distinguish himself. He has some solid games, but has also really struggled a couple of times.

I'm not sure Nick Cole can ever be a full-time starter. One way to find out is for him to get on the field for several games. We need to know if Nick is worth keeping around and if he has the ability to be an effective starter.

Mike McGlynn will now be active for games. I'd love for Mike to get some snaps. He could be an important piece of the OL puzzle next year.

* Speaking of the OL and next year...I'm not hearing good news about Shawn Andrews. I've heard from multiple sources that Shawn is likely done as a player. From what I'm hearing, he just doesn't want to play anymore. I'm assuming the depression issues are tied into playing. Take away football and take away the root of the depression.

* Dawk played a great game against the Cards. He played his best football in December each of the last two years. Could that happen again this season? You'd think an aging player would wear down. He seems to be able to draw some old magic out late in the year.

If the Eagles are to go on any kind of serious run, Dawk will need to play at a high level.

* Hank Baskett had a really good game against ARZ. He came up big on 3rd downs several times in the game. He's really developed into a good role player.

* The Eagles will be well rested for next week's showdown with the Giants. Let's hope Brian Westbrook is able to come out and play like he did against the Cardinals, if not better. Fresh legs on him would be a huge bonus.


Brad said...

I saw in your game review that you noticed we used the same WR's most of the game. It was odd that I had just asked you about this and it looks like Andy noticed it as well.

Seriously though, he even mentioned in his press conference that they concentrated more on developing the chemistry in practice. At least this may be a small sign that Andy can adjust, and I hope we see more.

That'sa shame about Shawn. Gonna be impossible to replace a player of that caliber. Hopefully somebody can step up. I would love to see Mcglynn get some action.

Stephen said...

Not very good news about Shawn, but as someone with more than a passing familiarity with depression, I can say with certainty that playing football has nothing to do with his depression issues. That might be something that Shawn believes, but I can assure people that that is not the kind of thing that causes depression.

Stephen said...

Read the DGR, I was shocked to see us play so well. Our opening drive left me saying to people around the house "why couldn't we play like that all year?" As the game went along I became more and more convinced... that the Eagles were secretly tormenting me by not living up to their potential until our playoff hopes were next to nothing.

Our run pass ratio was nice, and I'm not really upset about the 3rd quarter, because the pass was working well for us too. If we had started passing unsuccessfully, I'd be pissed.

I'm surprised you didn't really highlight our first 3rd and 1 conversion with Kyle Eckle. Where has that guy been all our lives, dude pushed the pile for the first. He ran really well on that run in the 4th quarter as well. Good pickup.

Also something we did that so many people have bemoaned, we helped run out the clock in the 4th quarter with the running game. Good stuff.

All this being said, we need help to get into the playoffs now, and thats not a situation you want to be in.

The Old Buffoon said...
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The Old Buffoon said...


Great DGR. Thanks again.

Did you see anything different in our running schemes, or in what allowed the likes of Eckel and Booker to be successful? Maybe Eckel has something (size + heart) we've been missing. Did you see anything different in Booker's running style, or was his success simply a reflection of our OL dominating all game long.

I'd be interested to hear your take on the Omar Gaither situation.

The Old Buffoon said...


Never mind my Gaither question. I just read your comment on EMB about asking Omar to be the next Ike Reese.