Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Couple of things

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Random Thoughts

There are plenty of things to mad at Andy Reid about. However, people are coming out of the woodwork with things to complain about. One complaint on the Eagles Message Board was that Reid forces guys into different positions too much. The big examples were making Chris Gocong a LB and Dan Klecko a FB.

Gimme a break.

Gocong should be a LB. He might be optimally suited for a 3-4, but he's doing fine as a 4-3 SLB. You have to be careful about thinking a LB isn't working out. Mike Vrabel played DE at Ohio State. The Steelers let him go after his first contract. Think they regret that move? The Jets had James Farrior. They let him go to the Steelers. Think they regret that move?

Give young guys a chance to find their niche. Gocong has shown the athletic ability to be a very good LB. He's got the size. He's still working on the positional skills. Those should come with time. Chris is getting better each season. He's doesn't play in the Nickel/Dime sets, but still has 2 sacks, 3 TFLs, and a FF. He's making some plays.

As for Klecko at FB...plenty of teams have taken a defensive guy and made him a lead blocker. A lot of people don't realize that. Slow ILBs can make ideal FBs. DT is sorta unusual, but Klecko isn't the only guy. Former Eagle Jon Bradley played DT for us and the Bucs, but Detroit moved him to LB. Madison Hedgecock spent some time on the DL when he was in college.

I think the real key here is that the coaching staff thinks so highly of Dan that they want to keep him around. He really moved to FB when Abiamiri came back. We've got 8 DL now: Cole, Juqua, Darren, Clemons, VA, Brod, Mike, and Trevor. There wasn't really room for Dan in that rotation.

He's been up and down at FB, but hasn't played so poorly that he's significantly hurt the running game. Our struggles are due to lack of reps and inconsistent OL play.


Stephen said...

One of the things that drives me nuts about the EMB is that everyone thinks their an expert about why the Eagles are struggling. The argument that the Eagles struggles are because we don't have a good enough fullback is preposterous. There are plenty of teams that are doing just fine without a standout fullback.

Essentially I see it as a big scrum to find reasons why we should hate Andy Reid/the Eagles FO, even if we have to make up some stuff that doesn't really matter.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Agreed. There are plenty of things to be mad at Reid or the team about. Why go looking for things?

The other thing I think people fail to realize is that every time they throw another point on the pile it doesn't necessarily help their argument. At some point they start to look irrational and biased.

I always believe you make the case for and against something, then figure out which makes more sense. There is a flip side to just about every argument.