Sunday, November 23, 2008

I have a big headache

I'm starting to think the Eagles might not win the Super Bowl this year.

Losing 36-7 to the Ravens was not what I expected to see. Normally Andy Reid teams handle adversity pretty well. Today the team came up way short when they needed to come up big.

We have to be careful about how we look at this game. The score was 12-7 at the end of 3 quarters. The offense was the big problem at that point. The defense had played very well. STs had given us a KOR TD, but had also allowed a blocked punt for safety. That's more good than bad, but not ideal.

The offense hadn't done squat at that point. Nada. Nothing. Their biggest accomplishment was turning the ball over and putting the defense in harm's way.

The 4th Qtr was a complete disaster. We got outscored 24-0 and everyone had a piece in that.

Donovan McNabb got benched at halftime. I was on the phone with a friend talking about the game. We discussed the possibility of making a change. We both thought it made sense. I just wondered if Reid would make the move knowing the firestorm that would follow with the Philly and national media.

McNabb deserved to be benched. He made some really dumb mistakes in the 1st half. He threw the ball behind several receivers. 2 of those plays resulted in INTs. Another would have been, but the ball was tipped.

Being off target is one thing, but his throws showed a lack of confidence. A QB who is hesitant is a player with little chance to succeed.

Painful day. The 2008 season is basically over. Expecting this group to pull off some miracle run? Nope. I don't see it happening. The Ravens showed today that they are a clutch team. They made plays when the opportunities came up. We lack that.

I don't think the team ever quit. I didn't see a lack of effort.

I'll re-watch the game and post my notes. Can't wait to see this game again.


Christian said...

So who should start Thursday, Tommy? I agree that Don's level of playing merited benching...but I wasn't so hyped to see the gamble on Kolb. Was AJ activated? I know the depth chart has Kolb as the #2, but I hated seeing him put in that spot. Seems more fair to give him a start after a week of getting reps with the 1's.

I'll say that Don deserves the shot to start Thursday. It's not ideal b/c he knows the hook now exists, but I'd play him until the team is mathematically eliminated. As fans we can pronounce the 2008 season as dead, but you can't expect coaches and players to play for the future until the playoffs are completely out of the question.

Stephen said...

You're taking this better than I thought you would Tommy. I expected more witty movie references and obscure quotes :). Your sentiments about the season being over are basically echoing what I was thinking after the Giants game.

On the bright side, there is a core group of players on this team that are young and talented, so the future isn't completely bleak, and as some teams like the Dolphins and Falcons have shown, an organization can turn it around in a hurry with the right people in place.

Mark H. said...

I just hate to see the McNabb era ending so disgracefully. He was terrible Sunday, and has been for a few weeks...but I think he still deserves better.

What really scares me is that Kolb didn't look so hot, either.

Maria said...

If you going to run the ball less than 15 times a game, it doesn't matter who the QB is.

Ed Reeds's take on the situation was pretty much similar, rather focusing on throwing the ball 40 or 50 times a game.

As worrying, the last successful RB we traded/picked up/drafted was Westbrook in '02!!!

Tommy Lawlor said...

Sorry for the lack of comments. I was busy writing my article. How do you sum up all kinds of thoughts and emotions and get them to come out in a coherent fashion?

Andy was right to bench Donnie on Sunday, but I'm glad he's giving him the next start. You have to put the veteran back on the field. Sink or swim. Give him a chance to show what he can do.

Donovan still has talent and will be a starter next year, whether in Philly or elsewhere. He just needs some changes around him or a new team.

No matter what happens, a running game in 2009 is a must.