Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Stuff

The only real holes left on the roster are RB/FB and TE. The Eagles have done a good job in FA of filling whatever holes there were. Now the team should have a lot of freedom on draft day. That gives them the ability to go CB or TE or OT in the 1st round. They can grab a WR. They could take a DL if they happened to love a certain player even though we appear set up front. And this could be the year that Big Red actually takes a RB in the 1st round.

The roster still does have holes, but these are areas that we anticipated addressing through the draft. That was in part because we wanted young guys or there simply weren't good FA targets.

Klecko back to DT

One thing a lot of people forget is that Dan was getting DT snaps when Abiamiri was hurt. His move to FB coincided with Victor getting healthy. Victor played LDT in the Nickel and Dime. That is really the spot Klecko played. If we make Victor the starting LDE, then I'm fine with Klecko moving back to DT. We want Victor on the field quite a bit because of his potential. Klecko is valuable because of his versatility, character, and the fact he's solid on STs.

Andre Smith

I'd pass on him. Has nothing to do with his ability. Andre is a very gifted player. My concern is his character. He's not a criminal or anything like that, but he comes across as very immature and naive based on the last 3 months. We don't do well with guys like that (Justice, McCoy, Moats). We need guys that are disciplined and motivated (like Trent, Stewart, and Celek).

Michael Oher

Pass. He needs some special handling. He's very talented, but isn't a guy you just look and say "Here's the playbook. Study it and be ready for practice tomorrow." Oher needs hands-on coaching, both on and off the field. I just don't see him as an Eagles target.

Anthony Becht

I need to go watch some tape of him. In the past he was a very good blocker. Adequate receiver. If that is still true, then I'd be fine with signing him to be our blocker. We could get a blocking TE for the Practice Squad and develop that guy for 2010. Obviously we'd still spend a high pick on a pass catching TE.

Alex Mack

I do like him. I think he's the best C prospect. I don't think the Eagles will take a C in the 1st or 2nd.

Blocking TEs in the draft

Pettigrew is the best. Shawn Nelson is a good blocker/receiver. Anthony Hill is a very good blocker. He's a mid-round target. Richard Quinn is a good blocker. He's a mid to late round guy. Those are the standouts. Travis McCall of 'Bama has potential. Nick Walker of 'Bama is a solid blocker. David Johnson of Arkansas State is short, but a good blocker. He might be a FB or H-back.

The Eagles could take a receiver early and a blocker in the middle of the draft.

OL Culpability

Our OL wore down as the season went on. They came up short in the playoffs. Compare that to the Cards. Their OL was okay in the season, but got better in the postseason. Todd was our best run blocker. JJ was okay. Max didn't do a lot for me. I thought Cole was the better RG. The run blocking from TE and FB was adequate, on a good day. Tra and Jon were inconsistent as run blockers.

There is a reason I wanted some new blood up front. Get some younger guys who will last the whole season and will do a better job of opening holes.

Angelo Crowell

He has been a good LB in Buffalo. He's played ILB and OLB. I think he'd play WLB for us. I'm not sure if the Eagles are genuinely interested or just checking with his agent to see who else is talking to Crowell.

When healthy, Angelo is a good player. He's flown under the radar for most of his career. This is a complete LB. He can hit and tackle. He can rush the passer. He can cover for a LB. He knows how to make plays.

Knowing who is interested would help you in regard to making draft plans. Or maybe the Eagles want Akeem Jordan to spend another year on the bench getting ready. Crowell would sign a 1-year deal so that he could get exposure and look for a big deal in 2010. I wouldn't object to going after a guy like Crowell. He'd come cheap and would play with a chip on his shoulder. That would also free us to trade Omar Gaither if we wanted.


izzylangfan said...

You mention that the OL wore down at the end of the season. That implies that there is a serious hole for backups. Right now we have 3 guys to fill two starting spots at OT but Tra and Runyan hardly ever missed games so I think we need another back up tackle unless Reid thinks that King Dunlop or Winston Justice are ready.

That could be a problem because by the time the Eagles draft at 21 the first three tackles will be off the board and as you say Andre Smith is too much of a risk. That leaves Britton who probably doesn't deserve to be the 21st pick or even the 28th. So Robinson or Mack look a lot more attractive -- but they don't play tackle and it would depend on what Reid thinks about Jackson and Cole and the wearing down issue you have noted. My guess is that given the 2008 problems in the red zone and the run - particularly short yardage that we need better blocking in the middle. To what extent do you think the interior of the line is responsible for the problems in the red zone and the run - noting that these problems actually go back more than one year.

Stephen said...

Klecko to 4th DT! I started the bandwagon.

Cliff said...

I'm grateful for your insight, GE, because after 5 minutes on the EMB I feel like the sky is falling and my head is going to explode.

Geeze. The NCAA Tourney hasn't even begun yet and fans are acting like the NFL season has come and gone.

Stephen said...

People like that on the EMB will just insist its because they're smarter than you and aren't drinking the koolaid. I think it just makes them mad when we hope they succeed even if we don't always agree with what they do. Oooch just thinking about it makes my head spin.