Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quiet Tuesday

LT Orlando Pace was cut by the Rams today. Someone just called me to ask if I had any interest. Not really. Pace started 14 games last year. He started 1 in 2007 and 8 in 2006. His level of play isn't nearly what it used to be.

I'd rather put Shawn or Todd outside and see what they can do. The only way I'd have interest in Pace is if he wanted to sign a 1-year deal. Apparently that's what we offered Tra and he passed on it.

The thinking with a 1-year deal is that we'd buy some time. Hopefully next year we'd have a better feel for Shawn. Stacy should be healthy. We'll see how Mike McGlynn plays, whether as a starter or key backup. We might even have a better idea of what King Dunlap's future is.

I prefer the young guys up front, but I'd be okay with Pace for one season if that is what the team wants to do.

WR Targets in the Draft

I posted some notes on Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt today. Both guys could be Eagles targets in April.



rick said...

Just saw your mock and while I love Hakeem Nicks also, I think the Birds will pass. I think they will go skill position at 21 and your point about Pettigrew is well taken, he is the most complete TE and would be a solid safe pick, which is what you want in the 1st round. But if you pass on a RB in the 1st round, you stand a chance on getting the 5th or 6th best RB in the 2nd round in a year of weak top RB's (granted, not all backs suit a particular system...). Whereas if you wait to take your TE in the second in a year of strong TE's, you could still get a very good TE like a Shawn Nelson, Cornelius Ingram or Travis Beckum (not sure he'll last till our pick in the 3rd...) But back to Nicks, I really think the Birds will go OL with pick 28 - either William Beatty at OT or Alex Mack at C. I just have a strong hunch that Andy Reid likes Alex Mack. Mind you, I'd love it if we went skill position with our 1st 3 picks and come away with your 3 picks but I think it will be enough adventure for the cautious Andy to pick a RB in the 1st 2 rounds.

Brad said...

You have really sold me on Nicks, I am hoping that we pick him this year. Just seems like an ideal fit for our offense and would complement DJ perfectly.

Do you think Knowshown compares to Matt Forte? I think Forte is an excellent back and KM's skill set reminds of that. Think he would be a great fit as well. My dream scenario is Nicks and Moreno in the first some how.

A bit off topic and highly unlikely I know, but just was wondering on your thoughts. If Cutler really is available, would you think the Eagles would be interested? I only ask because things have been awfully quiet on the Mcnabb extension front which leads me to believe that along with all the other vets leaving, they may be looking to move on completely from the 2004 team. I do not agree with this move and think we should keep Donovan for as long as he can still play, but just was wondering what your thoughts are.