Sunday, March 8, 2009

Answering Some Questions

I got a few questions based on yesterday's mock. Here we go...

Moreno vs Pettigrew at 21

Brandon Pettigrew is not just any TE. He's 6'5, 263. That is big for a college kid. That's good size for the NFL. Brandon is an outstanding blocker, arguably the best in the whole draft. He also has very good hands. The other TEs in the draft are good at something, but not complete. That makes Brandon unique and boosts his value. Pass on Pettigrew if you want, but don't be under the assumption that another TE will give you the same kind of complete package that he does.

Moreno is the top RB, but he's not necessarily special in any way. I'd love for the Eagles to be able to land him. Assuming we don't add a good veteran TE, I'd take Pettigrew over him. If we add a vet, go get Moreno.

No Early OL

I don't think the Eagles will take an OL in the 1st round at this point. It's possible they'll go for someone in the 2nd or 3rd if the right guy is on the board.

For now let's assume Todd is the LT.

LT Herremans
LG McGlynn/Cole
C Jackson
RG Andrews
RT Andrews

That is a pretty solid group. Everyone is under 30. The need is for depth. You can find those guys in the middle of the draft. I guess it's possible the Eagles could go for a C in the 2nd, but they also have Mike Gibson coming back from last year. The team might like him.

12 Picks

I don't think the Eagles will use all 12. They'll be aggressive about moving up if possible. They can also deal a pick for a higher pick next year. Trade one of the 5th rounders for a 4th in 2010, for example.

Skill Players

Big Red's track record says it is unlikely to go for skill players, but we've also never really had a situation like this. We have a clear hole at TE. We have an aging WR in Curtis. We have an aging RB in Westy. If the Eagles ever do decide to go for skill players, this is the time to do it.

Plus, they know if I don't get Hakeem Nicks there will be heck to pay. I have the strike teams ready to storm the NovaCare Complex.


Mr_Boomy said...

Tommy, since Brandon Pettigrew is the best TE in this draft class, are there any chance the other team took him before 21?

Or do we have to trade up for him?

Tommy Lawlor said...

Absolutely. TEs are funny. Sometimes they go too early, sometimes they go late. It is a hard position to predict in the draft.

I bet the Falcons covet Pettigrew and will seriously consider moving up to get him.

Mr_Boomy said...

I hope the Falcons sign LJ Smith then.

Steve said...

Great Blog and nice double-entendre in the Blog name.

I have a RB question for you; is the Eagles slow movement on the vet FA market an indication of which of the following (or more likely some combination).

1) They actually like Booker or Eckel and are looking to expand their roles.

2) They were burned by Buckhalter and were pretty convinced he was coming back but are now scrambling.

3) They are still looking but strictly for a role player/competition at this point.

4) There is a player they really like in the draft and ala DeSean Jackson figure that they can bring him along with more and more of a role in his rookie year.

I find all this puzzling given that normally the players last to see the field in the Eagles system is RB and the birds are really, really thin there at this point.


orangecrush007 said...

Tommy, do you have any time to go through both our offensive and defensive line and let us know of any vacancies. I think MAYBE there is one spot on the D line but I dont see anything open on the O line. How many O lineman will be on the roster and will any of them be open? This is the first time they have ever been in this position going into the draft...

Great writing! Your blog is a breath of fresh air!