Friday, March 20, 2009

Leonard Weaver Signs in Philly

The Eagles added an interesting weapon on Friday. Leonard Weaver signed a 1-year, $1.75M deal. His addition makes the backfield that much deeper and more versatile. The only thing keeping me from getting really excited is the fact he's not a great lead blocker.

Weaver is a gifted receiver. He was a star TE in college at Carson-Newman. That receiving ability has carried over to the NFL. In the last 2 seasons he had 59 catches for 535 yards and 2 TDs. Eagles FBs have 58 the last 5 years. That should give you an idea that Weaver is an upgrade in terms of his receiving skills.

Go watch his highlights from the second SF game. Click on the link and choose SEA as the team. Go to Week 8 highlights and choose the 3:43 clip. You'll see a really impressive run and 2 long TD catches.

He only signed a 1-year deal. He isn't a great blocker. I tend to think the Eagles will keep another FB/RB type on the roster. It could be Dan Klecko, but I don't know if that would be smart. I'm of the mind to move him back to DT. Let Weaver, Kyle Eckel, and a rookie fight for the two jobs.

This was another solid signing. It isn't great because of Weaver's blocking, but it does make us better in the short term. I still hold out hope that we'll add Quinn Johnson or Tony Fiametta in the draft. That would make me feel really good about fullback.

Weaver's stats:


geoff said...

A couple questions for you, do you see them keeping 2 fb on the roster this year seeing that weaver is so versatile. And how does this effect the draft in regards to picking a rb?

Stephen said...

I don't like the move at all. Why do we really need another fullback who isn't a good blocker? Do we really need more reasons not to run the ball?

Cliff said...

I think a lot of fans might be up in arms about using an extra roster space on the fullback position, but it won't be as bad as, say the EMB, will make it out to be.

Weaver is a versatile runner and pass catcher, so essentialy he could fill a RB roster spot (usually only 3 of those), so perhaps we only carry 2 RB's knowing Weaver will see a few carries and pass plays that might ordinarilly go to Buck.

Also, we carried 6 WR's last season, maybe we see that number drop to 5 with Weaver essentially taking one of those spots.

I have no idea how the roster will shake up by the end of July or August, but I see both of these scenarios as real possibilities.

Cliff said...

I do have a question, as well.

What do you make of this signing in terms of Andy Reid's game planning next season?

In other words, does adding Weaver translate to more of a commitment to running the ball? Obviously we should see more passing to the FB now.

I've never been one of those fans who demand more rushing and get angry over not having a "big back," but I am interested in how exactly Reid views Weaver and his abilities.

ZackISM said...

Hakeem Nicks reported 11 on the wonderlic, scare you at all?