Thursday, March 5, 2009

Possible FA Targets

The two key spots I see us needing FA help are at TE and Safety. RB could be another spot where we'll add a veteran. I'm still working on what I think we'll do there.


Overview --- We could trade for someone like Tony Gonzalez, but the FA market is purely role players. I don't see anyone we'd pursue as a starter. The goal then is to find a Jeff Thomason type of player. We want someone who can block and play STs. If the guy has some ability as a receiver, that's great.

Billy Bajema - 6'4, 256 - Was reportedly a player the Eagles wanted to take in the 7th round the year he came out. SF grabbed him first. Purely a #3 kind of TE. Okay blocker. Will play on STs. Has okay hands, but only 7 career catches.

Tory Humphrey - 6'2, 255 - Interesting guy. Mainly a STer and blocker for the Packers, but did catch 11 passes last year. I don't know how good a blocker he is. Only 26. Could develop into a good #3 TE.

Tony Curtis - 6'5, 251 - The #2/#3 TE for Dallas last year. Caught 8 passes. Comfortable in his role as a backup. Can block and play STs. The Eagles always like to sign guys from division rivals if they can.

Darnell Dinkins - 6'4, 260 - Older guy at 32. Has some ability. Has 25 career catches and 3 TDs. Solid STs player.

Will Heller
- 6'7, 270 - Big guy. Could be a good role player. Has 36 catches in 5 years. Will play on STs. Has bounced around with several teams. Has time with Holmgren and Gruden so he should know the WCO.

Dan Wilcox - 6'1, 250 - Used to be a top flight role player. Had 3 straight season with 20 or more catches and was a very good STer. He's on the way down now, but can still block, catch, and play on STs at a solid level. About to turn 32.

John Owens - 6'3, 255 - Veteran has played for several teams in his career. Has 19 career catches. Will play on STs and is an okay blocker.

Bubba Franks - 6'5, 260 - He's 31 and has only played in 16 games over the last couple of years. He knows the WCO. He was a good receiver and adequate blocker. I don't know what kind of shape he's in. The other thing is that I'm not sure he'd be any help on STs.


Overview --- I want Quintin Demps to get the starting job. The Eagles probably want that as well, but also want an insurance policy. That means adding someone who has starting ability. It doesn't mean we have to find a starter. If the coaches like Demps enough, we're just looking for someone to be the backup and challenge him. We did lose Sean Considine and that means we could use a good STer. That is also a serious consideration.

UPDATE ... has announced that Sean Jones will be visiting the Eagles on Friday. Weird move. Sean is a quality player. He's big at 6'1, 220. He has speed and coverage ability for a big guy. He's picked off 14 passes in the last 3 years. The reason I think the move is weird is that Jones to me is the kind of guy you make a long term commitment to. Frankly, I'm surprised teams haven't been pursuing him more aggressively. Maybe he's tainted from having been on the Browns. I'll be real interested to see if he is offered a one-year deal or if the Eagles are actually thinking of him as the FS of the future. Color me confused.

Anthony Smith - 6'1, 200 - I was very high on Smith when he came out of Syracuse. He's only so-so athletically, but I loved his skill set. He played 3 years for the Steelers and started 16 games. Smith is most well known for his public feud with Tom Brady that turned disastrous when the teams met. Could be a very interesting guy to add. Has starting ability, but needs work.

George Wilson - 6'0, 212 - Former WR moved to S. Started some in 2007, but has mainly been a STer and role player for the Bills. Has good hands and is comfortable in zone coverage. Has 12 career starts and 2 picks.

Josh Bullocks - 6'1, 207 - Only 26, but has 49 career starts. Spent most of '08 on the bench. That should have him hungry. Sign him to a one-year deal and let him audition for teams as a starter or #3 Safety. 6 career INTs and 24 PDs.

Gerald Sensabaugh - 6'0, 204 - Coming off career year. 4 INTs, 8 PDs. The Jags are showing no interest in keeping him because of off-field issues. He could sign a one-year deal in the hopes of having a big season and getting a shot at FA next year while also cleaning up his image. I'd love to add a young, talented, athletic guy like Gerald, but the fact that JAX showed no interest and went and grabbed Sean Considine speaks volumes about what they think of the situation.

Terrence Holt - 6'2, 204 - Today is his 29th birthday. Younger brother of Tory. Has 43 career starts, but never developed into a good starter. Could be a dependable #3, but I'd prefer Demps as our starter.

Rashad Baker - 5'10, 198 - 27-year old player has been on 4 teams already, but is coming off a career year. Had career highs of 24 tackles and 3 INTs for the Raiders last season. In the past he was mainly a STer. Could be a solid spot starter, but I'd rather Demps be on the field and Baker stay a role player.

Keith Davis - 5'11, 207 - Very good STer. Limited DB. He does have starting experience, but isn't much of a cover guy. He'll tackle, but that's about it.

JR Reed - Our old friend. Does know the team and the scheme. Also has KOR ability.

Reader Comments / Questions

JoePanos asked about Jermaine Phillips and Sean Jones. I intentionally left those guys out of the list. Both are quality starters that will want long term deals. I think the Eagles are committed to Demps long term and just want insurance for 2009. I like both Phillips and Jones as players. I'm just not sure about the fit.

(oops. Jones is coming to Philly for a visit. See how much I know?)

Love the name, by the way. I hadn't thought about Joe in a while. He was a solid G for us for a couple of years. He was one of the few picks they got right in the early 90s.

Joe also wanted to know about Michael Bush. I'd love the thought of making a deal for him. Bush is big at 6'1, 250. He runs with power and speed. He was great in the season finale vs Tampa. He helped Oakland win that game and get us into the postseason. Bush was the first pick of the 4th round back in 2007. I think you could get him for a 4th or 5th. He's definitely a guy the Eagles ought to look at.

Greg wants to know what is going on with acquiring all the picks. The report on the Greg Lewis deal is that we got a 2009 5th for him and a 2010 7th. That's a good deal in my mind. GLew has talent, but he fell outside the main rotation down the stretch and you can get a younger guy to replace him on STs.

I'm curious about what is up with all the picks myself. I have to think we're gathering them to use in a trade or trades. We could be trying to acquire an extra 4th round pick or we could be looking to move up in the 2nd or 3rd.


JoePanos said...

Thanks for the response and the props. Was said to see Joe sign with Buffalo, he did have good albeit brief run with the Birds. I prefer to have Demps stay in a situational role at safety and continue returning kicks. Wouldn't want our starting FS returning kicks for us just as I think the Eagles would be wise to find a PR and have Desean focus on catching the ball and staying healthy.

Sean Jones has surprisingly flown under the radar this offseason. Might be asking for big $'s, is worth it, and is definitely the long terms answer at FS. After OJ Otogwe was franchised, Jones was head an shoulders the best S on the market b/c of his size, ball hawking skills that I know you value, and being only 27.

Honestly think there is a very good chance he will sign tomorrow as we know the Eagles rarely let a plyer they target get out of town. Much different than Springs visit. Jones is a high quality S that they have set their sights on. Big upgrade over Dawk.

Stephen said...

Im all about signing Sean Jones, I'll take a proven guy over an unproven guy any day of the week. If it turns out they can both play, you can always deal one.

Dont avoid making a deal with a talented player who can help you just because in your heart of hearts you want someone to succeed.