Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jamaal Jackson comment

At the Owners Meetings Andy Reid answered various questions about the team. Most of his comments were pretty mundane. I did fine one of them interesting:

* On center Jamaal Jackson: "I thought Jamaal did a pretty good job in the pass game. I think he can keep working on some stuff in the run game."

I was glad to read that. Jamaal had a solid year, but his career isn't headed in the right direction. He looked like a Pro Bowl candidate in 2006. He has been up and down the last two years. I'm not looking for us to replace him necessarily, but I want Jamaal to understand that he needs to play better.

Reid rarely says critical things publicly. I don't think he's being unreasonable with what he said. Jamaal can read that and focus on run blocking.

I'm also glad to see that Andy is focused on improving the run game. It shouldn't be that hard to fix, but it does require resources and attention. Adding Weaver and Stacy Andrews is a good start. Comments about run blocking are nice. We still need to see what they do at TE and RB, but I'm encouraged.


izzylangfan said...

With the difficulty in evaluating players on a TV game broadcast plus not being an expert it was difficult for me to evaluation the run blocking of the Eagles O line. However, given that every Eagles fan starts to shake and shimmy at third and one, not to mention the red zone problems it pretty much figures that Jamal Jackson has been doing a less than perfect job. The curious thing to me is why the Eagles made no move to pick up an interior lineman in free agency.

If you look at the Eagles needs, running back, tight end, tackle, interior lineman, receiver, plus who knows what Reid perceives as needs on defense, it is going to be hard for the Eagles to meet all their needs in the draft. It seems that the elite tackles will be gone by the time the Eagles draft at 21 - maybe Britton will be there. But even if they get Britton maybe they will draft an interior lineman at 28 figuring that they an get pretty decent running backs and tight ends in the second and third rounds. That way they will at least be able to fill their top four needs in the first three rounds. If we draft the lineman in the second or third rounds there is a pretty good chance there wont be much production from them the first year. That might not be the case with the running backs and tight ends.

I know everybody is thinking this is the year we get at least two skill players with our first three picks. I've been thinking that myself. But, this is Andy Reid we are talking about. Its not just that Andy likes linemen but when he rebuilds he tends to go whole hog. Witness the safeties circa 2002 and the linebackers more recently.

Stephen said...

Last spring Jamaal Jackson was convinced that Reid was going to try and replace him and was saying all the right things about getting in shape and playing better.

Didn't really have any impact on his play, so I would say fear over his job security isn't a great motivator for him.