Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some moves

Tony Hunt is moving back to RB. Dan Klecko will wear number 49 and shift to FB.

The opening at DT now gets filled by Victor Abiamiri. He participated in his first full practice today.

Westy is not practicing and these moves would indicate he's not likely to play on Sunday.

This is some interesting stuff. Klecko is solely going to be a sledgehammer. That's okay by me. We haven't used the FB as receiver that much in several years. Hunt had one carry on Sunday and got 6 yards. He's caught the ball well the last two weeks.

We've wanted to see a power runner the last two weeks. Hunt can be that guy. He was a good power runner at Penn State. Tony just has to remember to hit the hole and drive the pile. Forget about running to daylight. Attack the assigned spot and drives those legs. That's what Portis did to us on Sunday.

Abiamiri can play DT and some DE if they like. He played some DT last year. That isn't a problem for him. I'm glad he's healthy. I want to see what VA can do for us. He's got very good ability.

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