Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Game Review is Posted ... Any Trades Coming Up?

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The trading deadline will be upon us in a couple of hours. I would love to see the Eagles make a deal for TE Tony Gonzalez. The Chiefs are shopping him. We're hearing talk of 2nd or 3rd round picks as the asking price. I would deal a 3rd for him with no question.

A good TE with great hands could make a real difference to this offense, especially in the red zone. Gonzalez is still one of the better TEs in the league. He caught 99 passes and had 5 TDs last year. He has 21 catches and 2 TDs this year. Both years he has suffered from mediocre QB play. Give him a guy like McNabb to throw him the ball and Tony could again be more of a playmaker.

Tony's career stats: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/players/stats?playerId=1231

Eagles fans love to rip on LJ Smith. And LJ loves to give them reasons to do that. The problem with LJ isn't lack of talent. I think he's simply a bad match for Donovan. LJ is a terrific athlete. He does not have great hands. He will make spectacular catches, then drop a simple one. LJ needs the ball to be thrown really well to make him his most effective.

McNabb is not a smooth passer. He guns the ball at times. He puts the ball high and low, back and front. Look at the difference a guy like DeSean has made. He's a gifted receiver and catching Donovan's passes hasn't been a big problem for him. Reggie Brown, like LJ - doesn't have great hands, struggles with some of Donovan's throws. I think a player like Gonzalez would handle McNabb just fine. Tony is athletic, but also has very good hands. Catching passes that are a bit off the mark would not be a problem for him.

I doubt a deal will get done, unfortunately. NFL trades rarely work out in midseason. I still don't understand why so many teams are so hesitant to make trades. They can prove incredibly valuable in hockey, basketball, and baseball. Football is more of a team sport, but mixing in the right guy at the right time still seems like a good idea to me.

I know a lot of fans will want the team to pursue a WR. That isn't a big priority for me right now. I'm ecstatic with DeSean to this point. I think Hank Baskett deserves more PT. Jason Avant is a good 3rd down player. And I think Kevin Curtis will be a nice addition to the lineup after the bye. I'm still figuring out what I think of Reggie Brown. I have to tell you at this point that I'm leaning toward giving some of his PT to Baskett. Hank has come up big in wins. He is starting to win me over.

Can't say I'd be mad to see the team land Roy Williams, but I would not trade a 1st for him and I'm not sure Detroit will settle for less. If they took a 2nd, that would interest me quite a bit more.

I will be shocked to see us deal for a PK. I still get the feeling that Andy is willing to work with Akers. David is money from inside the 40. That does have value. Beyond the 40 is a whole other story. I don't see him in practice, so I can't have much faith because all I see are his misses in games. Andy and the staff see him kick on a regular basis and must feel he can be saved. We'll see. Wouldn't upset me to see us add a PK. I'm just not expecting that move right now.

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