Thursday, October 9, 2008

Donovan's Take on the Situation

Donovan McNabb called a player's only meeting earlier in the week. He told the players he was embarrassed by what took place on Sunday against Washington. Donovan didn't just play the blame game (not as good as Monopoly anyway). He admitted that he is at fault and has to play better.

Other players talked about what they felt and one can only hope that after the airing of grievances there was an impressive feats of strength period. I certainly think it was good for the players to get together and talk about the situation. The problems with this team are not lack of talent or character. The Eagles are like an engine that is misfiring. Something is just off.

There is no way to tell if the meeting will actually have any effect. We won't know that until we see the team take the field on Sunday. I think having the meeting was the right move. I just hope that it has the right effect.

A lot of fans get on Donnie Mac for not being a leader. Well, this is the kind of thing those people want to see...Donovan taking control of the locker room. I hope that guys like him Dawk, Westy, Runyan, Gaither, and Sheldon are able to convey the importance of the situation to the other players.

There is a fine line between winning and losing in the NFL. Little things can make a huge difference. I know a lot of people think the Eagles winning from 2000-04 had as much to do with a weak NFC East as anything else. There is some merit to that theory, but why wasn't any other NFC East team able to break through? The Eagles won because Reid and his staff did a good job and the players made winning plays. They also avoided the kind of mistakes that lead to losses.

The 2008 Eagles are not making those winning plays. The players meeting may or may not change that, but at least the guys realize this isn't the coaches or injuries. The bottom line in pro football is that players have to execute. Block, catch, tackle. That is football at its most basic. You screw one of those parts up on a key play and all the talent and great playcalling in the world is meaningless.

The players have to look within and find that part of them that wants to win, to be great. They have to tap into that on Sundays. Why is Tiger Woods so good at golf? There are guys who can hit as far or even further than him. There are guys who can hit all kinds of crazy shots around the green. There are good putters. Woods is the best because he's clutch. He hits the shots/putts when it matters.

The Eagles need some of "that". I don't know how to define it...the soul of an assassin, guts, mental toughness, killer instinct, will to be great, balls, etc. Come up with whatever you want. The Eagles need that. The Patriots had bucketfuls of it from 2001-04. Since then it has popped up in teams here and there, but hasn't stayed for long.

The Eagles have done the talking. They know they are in a hole. Sunday is the time for action. We'll see if the Eagles can translate the vibe from the players meeting onto the field. If so, we will win.

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