Saturday, October 25, 2008

Go West, Young Man

Brian Westbrook really established himself as the key to the Eagles offense in 2006. You can argue about 2003-05, but his high carry total was 177 and his high reception total was 77.

Things changed in 2006. McNabb got hurt and the offense really went through Westbrook. McNabb wasn't 100% in 2007 and Westy again was the workhorse.

2006: 240-1217-7 TDs ... 77-699-4 TDs
2007: 278-1333-7 TDs ... 90-771-5 TDs

Both years the Eagles had a top ten offense. Points weren't a problem in 2006. They were in '07 because of a poor Red Zone offense. Westy certainly did his part by scoring 12 TDs.

The Eagles offense needs to go through Brian to be at its best. That hasn't really happened so far in 2008. He's been hurt. When he has played we haven't gotten him the ball enough. That has to change.

With 10 games left we need to see Brian Westbrook breakout.

Buck: running 48-207-2..........receiving 17-168-1
Westy: running 54-193-4..........receiving 14-97-2

Brian's long run is 18 yards. His long catch is also 18. Buck is 28 and 25.

I know teams don't gameplan for Buck like they do Brian, but we need to see Westy really come alive. Our offense is at its best when it goes through Westy.

Brian can turn a handoff or short throw into a big gain. He puts constant pressure on the defense. Even though we are a passing team, the foundation for every offense is the running game. When defenses have to focus on him, it helps to create space for the receivers. It makes our play-action passes that much more effective.

Get the ball to 36, Andy. That's an order.

He should be fairly healthy this week. We need a big game from him. And let's hope the coaches also keep Buck involved. He's too good to sit beside Big Red all game long.

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