Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Incredible Bunk

Brodrick Bunkley was drafted 14th overall in 2006. The Eagles thought they had a stud defensive tackle to anchor the defense. Things have been up and down since then.

His rookie year was basically wasted. Bunk came to Lehigh late and out of shape due to a holdout. He played some, but did little. He took over as the starting RDT in 2007 and had a solid season.

Would Bunkley breakout and be even better in '08? He was pedestrian in the season opener. The coaches weren't thrilled with him. They know he's got the talent to be a dominant kind of DT. He was up and down through the SF game.

In the 4th Qtr of the San Francisco game, Bunkley came alive. He started playing like a man on a mission. That performance carried over to the Falcons game. Bunk was the best DT on the field for either team. He took on double teams and clogged running lanes. He beat single blocking. He chased the ball when it went away from him. That was the Brodrick Bunkley we've been waiting to see.

Brod has the potential to be a dominant DT. He is strong as an ox. He can take on blockers, even double teams, and hold his ground. He's strong enough to shed blocks. He is quick off the ball and has athletic ability.

Bunk won't be considered a dominant player until he is able to play at a high level consistently. The other key for him is that he needs to make a few more plays. The best DTs create plays for others, but also come up with some sacks and TFLs for themselves.

Last year Bunk had 3 sacks and 9 TFLs. Those were pretty good numbers for a DT, especially in his first year as a starter. This season Bunk has 1 sack and 1 TFL. I don't think they are letting him penetrate as much, but I'd still like more production from him.

I don't see Bunkley ever becoming Albert Haynesworth good. He is able to control games. Bunk doesn't quite have that kind of potential. I do think he's just scratching the surface of how good he can be. If Brodrick is able to take that next step and become a real force at DT the defense could go from good to great.

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