Friday, October 31, 2008

Couple of Things

I posted a Game Preview.


ProFootballTalk has an item up about LJ missing the game. They think that Lawyer Milloy should be suspended since LJ is going to miss the game.

No way.

Milloy got penalized for that hit, but it wasn't dirty. It wasn't malicious. He was half a step late. He hit LJ in the chest with his shoulder. I'm all for player safety, but you cannot start punishing players for hard hits. That would ruin the game of football.

Had Milloy hit him clearly out of bounds...had he hit LJ head-to-head...had he speared him a few seconds after the play then maybe I could understand the notion of a suspension.

There is no way in the name of Wes Hopkins, Andre Waters, Terry Hoage, Mike Zordich, Tim Hauck, and Brian Dawkins that I am going to say a suspension would be fair.

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Fear and said...

Tommy, if the NFL were to find sufficient cause to fine Milloy, then the question of whether there was any wrongdoing has been answered. The NFL must believe that there was. I think PFT's argument is (or should have been) that given wrongdoing, a fine is insufficient given that LJ missed a game.

-- shlynch