Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gameday Thoughts

We finally get to see Victor Abiamiri in action. He will play some at LDE and some at DT. Victor got snaps at DT in the Nickel last year so this isn't some radical shift. He returns at the right time. Dan Klecko has shifted to FB. That opens up some DT reps. Juqua Parker isn't 100% and may miss the game.

Victor was expected to challenge (or win) the LDE job this summer. His wrist injury derailed that idea. He played sparingly as a rookie, but got on the field enough to have some idea of what the NFL is like. Players make their most progress from year one to year two. I don't know that VA will come in and play lights out, but he can be a good rotational player. Hopefully he will play about 20 snaps. The bye is next week and then maybe he'll be ready to go close to full speed after that.

If Juqua is out, Darren Howard should start at LDE. He's played well enough this year that I'm pretty comfortable with that. Chris Clemons needs to get some reps at LDE today. He has played well on Special Teams, but we brought him here to rush the passer first and foremost.

I'm going to be very interested to see how we use the RBs with Westy out. Hunt is back at RB. Buck has run well this year. Booker has been disappointing to be sure, but he does have talent. At some point you expect he'll make a play. We need 20 touches by RBs, even with #36 out of the game. A TD or two would be nice as well. The coaches have to use the RBs.

Kevin Curtis may play. Reggie Brown is out. I'm all for Curtis playing as long as he's ready to go. With the bye next week I don't want rush him at all. We're gonna need Kevin down the stretch.

Dave mentioned in one of his columns that Quintin Demps may get some reps at Safety. I'd be all for that. We need more plays from our Safeties in the passing game. My big concern with Demps was his tackling. He was very sloppy in the preseason. His tackling in STs coverage has been pretty good the last couple of weeks. That's very encouraging.


* 8 touches by DeSean on offense
* no points allowed in last 2 minutes of 1st half
* good 3rd down defense
* win the freakin' game...we have to get to 3-3

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Maria said...

Wow did that second goal of yours nearly haunt us. Otherwise all goals accomplished. I had to play Spider solitaire during that third quarter and obviously believe that winning 3 games ion the bounce helped re-spark out team.

That really was a game where you credit the team, O, D and ST, for working through their mistakes and making good.

I think I might have lived longer had I just woke up and read about the game rather than listened and watched it.

Props to ex-Eagle S Morey, is McBride still to be found on the turf in AZ?