Sunday, February 28, 2010

This and That


* Geoff Mosher reported that the Eagles are going to tender Max Jean-Gilles at the level he was drafted in, the 4th round.  Mosher seems to not understand this move.  He talks about how it means that Max will be back.  Maybe. 

Teams who tender guys at a low level like that are actually sending a sign that they don't feel strongly about the player.  The Eagles would love for some team to sign Max and give us a 4th round pick in return.  Heck, I bet we'd be willing to trade him for a 5th. 

* Mosher also said that TE Alex Smith wasn't tendered.  I thought Alex did a good job for us this year.  He blocked well.  He played some on STs.  He only caught 3 passes, but wasn't used much as a receiver. 

We have Cornelius Ingram in place.  He's coming off an ACL tear, but that was back in August.  He should be ready to go by this summer.  We also have Martin Rucker.  Adam Caplan recently reported that the Eagles are pretty high on him.  Interesting.  We've got a young trio of players that all know how to catch the ball.  Let's hope we go find a guy with size and blocking potential to bring in as a UDFA. 

* Leonard Weaver's agent has been saying good things.  He says there are ongoing negotiations between him and the Eagles.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We need Weaver back. 

* I've got some Combine notes posted over on ScoutsNotebook.  They are general notes and not Eagles-specific.  Lots of good stuff so far.  I'm behind with some writing projects so I'll have to leave it like that for now.  One funny note.  The NFL Network cut to a shot of Big Red while he was watching RB Toby Gerhart run.  Andy had a big grin.  Gerhart is a 231-pound power runner, but he's got good feet, ran well today, and also showed good hands as a receiver.  I've doubted the Eagles would seriously consider him, but who knows. 


Stephen said...

Mcnabb for Berry, strait up!

Thats going to be my rallying cry all offseason.

Max doesnt seem like a terribly valuable player, somewhat replaceable OL.

Lots of draftniks seem pretty low on Berry Tommy, I've noticed him going in the teens in a lot of mocks. I'm not sure how they could undervalue him that much but hey, if it gives us a shot to get him...

Cliff said...

Well that will get annoying very fast. I don't know what mock drafts or scout rankings you've seen, but both Kiper and Mayock consistently have Berry within the top 5.

That means you think the Rams, Bucs, Lions, Redskins, and Chiefs would be willing to trade their pick for McNabb "straight up."

The next 5 teams are slightly more likely to need a veteran QB: Seahawks, Browns, Raiders, Bills, and Jags. However, it'll take more than McNabb and Berry would have to slip out of the top 5.

Myron said...

- I just hope that the Cowboys don't get any of the elite tackles that impressed me in the combine. Please don't let Bruce Campbell, Bryan Bulaga, or Russell Okung fall to the Cowboys. Please.

- That shot of Andy Reid with a stupid grin on his face after the Gerhart performance was really weird. Should I buy my Gerhart jersey already? Will the Eagles be able to get him in the 3rd round or do they have to pony up a 2nd round pick if they do decide to get the white Duce Staley?

- I can't wait to for the DL / LB workouts tomorrow. Will Brandon Graham run a sub 4.6 40 and solidify his status as the next Dwight Freeney, and solidify his worthiness as a top 20 pick?

Pitmanite said...

cliff - what do you think about this scenario for the draft? we trade mcnabb to tampa and then take eric berry at #3. then let's trade MJG to washington for their #4 pick in the 1st round, since they need o-line help and then we take pierre-paul. then to put the cherry on top we take kyle wilson at #24 or the next best CB. i think that should be a fairly easy plan to execute and should have the eagles primed for a playoff run this year.

Netherman said...

Off topic question...I was listening to Pat Kirwin on Sirius a while back going through the list of players with roster bonuses and Hank Fraley was one that he thought may get cut before his bonus. Could he be a short term answer for us at center if he becomes available?

Edward said...

Gerald McCoy is hilarious! Apparently he's interviewed with the Eagles, as Mayock, Eisen and Billick said, WHY? We pick at #24! Maybe a McNabb trade.. haha

Crash said...

What does the tape say about Koa Misi? How is his coverage abilities? I think he might look good in Midnight Green as a SAM linebacker. 6'3'' 250 lbs, 4.69 speed.

Netherman said...

Would McCoy even be a fit in a 2 gap system...more exciting to me about that statement is that maybe we will change to a more penetrating style of play. I would love to see what Patterson and Bunkley could do in that style of D.

Eddie said...


You cannot be serious if you think we will get a 3rd overall for McNabb, and a 4th overall for MJG. if a team offers a 4 round i would take it, anything higher than that would be robbery.

Myron said...

Sean Weatherspoon is the only linebacker I would be comfortable selecting in the first round. If the Eagles do grab him @ #24, I'd be happy.

That having been said, after his beastly performance at the combine, he's probably going in the top 20.

Pitmanite said...


I was completely kidding around. I was just making a joke of the fact that around this time fans for teams often come up with one-sided trades for their team that the other team would never do. I was trying to be funny, but since it wasn't totally clear I guess I forced it...dammit! I'm putting myself in the penalty box.

Eddie said...

my bad i thought you were one of those people good to know i was wrong.