Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Media Reports


Let's talk about Stacy Andrews.  Domo has a piece up today saying that the Eagles are going to force him to take a pay cut or get cut.  I haven't heard any inside stuff on this move.  I have heard that the Eagles are happy with Stacy and feel like his problems were strictly due to the knee.  We all know the Eagles focus on value and they might feel that even though they like Stacy he's getting too much money based on the situation.  Or Domo could have bogus sources.  I like Paul Domowitch quite a bit, but he's never been the guy to break news. 

The part of this that makes me question the validity is that the Eagles wouldn't be dealing from strength.  We're set at LT and RT.  Todd is in place at LG.  We don't know what is up with Center.  Right now you project either Nick Cole or Mike McGlynn there.  If you take out Stacy then you have Nick or Mike moving to RG.  That's a lot of shuffling for a group that needs stability.  I did leave Max Jean-Gilles out of this.  He could play G, but I really hope the team has seen that he's just not the guy for us. 

It is possible that the team could threaten to cut Stacy and then go after a guy like Stephen Neal, Bobbie Williams, or Keydrick Vincent.  We also could spend pick 24 on a blocker, but counting on a rookie seems like a stretch. 

The story is probably exaggerated in some way (or outright false), but the fact that hasn't mentioned it is interesting.  This year they have posted links to a lot of rumors and oddball reports.  As of 4pm EST this isn't mentioned on the site. 


One of the reasons I like Kevin Kolb so much is that he gets "it".  He was on WIP with Howard and Ike and of course had plenty of chances to say inflammatory things.  He didn't. 

"I don't even talk to my agent that much about it because ultimately it doesn't have anything to do with what we say. So we're kind of just sitting back right now and letting things iron out. We know there's still some time here and I'm sure there'll be a phone call some time in the near future or a meeting. But as of right now we're just going to let it iron out and have faith that the right decision's going to be made."

"I never did (think of going anywhere else)," he said. "Only because of this: I feel like I fit in this system so well. And not just the system, but the coaching staff and the players and the personnel all the way around, even on the other side of the building with the business side and all that. I just feel like our personalities really fit well together and I look forward to taking over this thing one day and working with those guys. So I would never wish myself to be anywhere else."
"It's tough (being the backup QB). It's tough because I felt like last year was the best I've ever been. I felt like I was prepared for the season. I trained hard in the off-season. Even though I had the injury in the pre-season, my other two games were pretty good. Then of course getting to play there early you know and proving that I could do it. I wish that I could have played last year. With that being said I'm going to wish it even more this year so it's tough but I know it's an even harder situation for the Eagles. My gosh, there's three of us back there that can play so I'm going to keep their feelings in mind and try to remain positive no matter what happens."

You can read a few other bits at PEcom

Kevin could have played the victim.  He could have been overly-aggressive.  He could have stuck his foot in his mouth as he tried not to say anything.  Instead he basically said all the right things.  He was honest, but careful.  One of the concerns with a kid from the University of Houston is whether he can handle the spotlight.  Kevin hasn't gotten the full Philly media frenzy yet, but he's done well when given the stage.  That's just another sign of why I think he's ready. 


I havne't taken the time to address every report about our QBs.  We hear a lot of stuff.  Dealing with every report would be a waste of time.  Jason LaCanfora of is saying that the team will hold on to Mike Vick until the summer and will then look to deal him.  This is interesting.  Vick might have the best value at that point.  Some team could be disappointed with a draft pick.  A starter or key backup could get hurt.  There are several possibilities that could help us out.  The risk the Eagles take is not getting a deal done and being stuck with an expensive backup who might not be so happy this year.  Is it worth it to take that chance?


Eddie said...

The Charger are apparently shopping Cromartie for a HB, i know its a Long Shot but how about Brian Westbrook and our 3 for Cromartie?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'd love that deal, but it ain't happening. They want a young back to be a workhorse runner. Marshawn Lynch is an interesting idea.

Eddie said...

they also want Dallas RB Choice, choice is overrated but i still dont want cromartie in the NFC East.

Ronnie said...

Just saw on the Eagle's website that Stacy Andrews is willing to re work his contract to stay in Philly. Maybe Domo was on the something?

Pitmanite said...

i actually really like Choice. he always seems to get up field quickly and runs hard. they could probably get him w/o giving up too much since the cowboys have good depth at RB.

lynch is obviously very talented, but seems to do some dumb things. had a hit & run and then got in trouble for a loaded gun, which is why he was suspended for a few games.

rick said...

Great safety analysis. Tommy, how many games do you need to see before coming up with a good analysis?

I've been wondering if the Eagles would cut their losses with Stacey. There's no guarantee that he'll be any better next year but we also have a big hole at center so re-working the deal could be their real objective. Is that center Maurikice Pouncey worth a 1st rounder Tommy (I know the Eagles like to develop late rounders, not draft them early, but I'd rather have Nick Cole at RG, not C)? I know we're all focused on free safety and LDE but Center is a huge concern right now. I doubt Jamaal will be of much use to us next year. I'd love to hear your thoughts on centers sometime.

Anders said...

I hope we draft a center in 3rd round and then let him, Mcglynn and Cole battle for the starting job. I really really doubt JJ will be back this season.

Cliff said...

This Stacy Andrews stuff really comes as a surprise. Sure, he underperformed last season but I thought there was a general consensus that his poor play was due to his injury. If that was true, the Eagles should've known and shouldn't be worrying about restructuring the contract.

It just seems odd...

izzylangfan said...


Do you think Kevin Mawae is a stopgap possibility at center. If the problem is giving JJ a year to heal or even if we draft a center but need a year for him to develop, brining in a top center for a year or two (depending perhaps on what Mawae can command) might fit the bill. My understanding is that Mawae was still playing at a highlevel in 2009.

Prem Prakash said...

I agree with Cliff. The Eagles were aware of Andrew's injury, and it did impact his play. I'm surprised this would lead to talk of restructuring his contract. I also wonder if there might be a message in all of this to Westbrook about his contract.

Netherman said...

Great read...I love what Kolb is saying. McNabb almost always said the right things, but he does it in such a way that, like Reid, he never tells you anything at all. Kolb says the right things while still saying, "hey make no mistake, I want to be the guy". It is a subtle difference, but one that speaks to the character of Kolb. He seems like a great competitor which is something that endeared Garcia to many of us...physically Garcia was not the best but his spirit seemed to raise everyone's play. I hope this means Kolb will be the same way.

Myron said...

F it. I've decided lately that I want the Eagles to blow their whole budget this year and sign the following players in free agency:

1.) Aaron Kampmann / Julius Peppers
2.) Karlos Dansby
3.) Kevin Mawae
4.) Some corner, like maybe Ellis Hobbs, to a long-term deal

Go go uncapped year.

Stephen said...

Kevin seems like he has the right amount of poise, I just hope he doesn't end up being a Pennington type where despite being a good leader and a good decision maker his physical limitations keep him from ever being an elite player.

Obviously a guy like Joe Montana wasn't exactly a world beater in the arm strength department, but he might be the best QB to ever play the game. I hope Kolb is more like him and less like Pennington.