Monday, February 22, 2010

Answering Questions


There is no pressing topic right now so I'll just answer some questions from yesterday's post.  First, I do want to address LaDainian Tomlinson getting cut.  I don't see any way he'd be interested in coming here to be LeSean McCoy's backup or part of a rotation.  LT wants to run.  Our starter doesn't get a ton of carries.  LT would be a situational guy for us and I just can't see him being interested in that.  Let's concentrate on finding someone in the draft or a veteran role player.  I love LT and think he'd be a terrific asset for helping McCoy to develop.  I love his ability as a goal line runner.  I just don't think we're what LT is looking for. 

RE:  Vlad Ducassee / value

I think Vlad could end up going in the 1st round.  The key question is whether that player looks like a good future starter?  Ducasse has NFL size at 6'5, 330.  He was very good against his level of competition.  He held his own in the Senior Bowl.  Was there a better LT in Mobile?  Ducasse has good feet and athletic ability.  I can easily see him being a good LT for an NFL team. 

As for the King Dunlap comparison...he was benched as a Senior.  The coaching staff didn't think he was playing up to his potential.  Vlad is somewhat raw because he hasn't played football his whole life.  Dunlap was a HS star and went to Auburn.  He had a football background and plenty of good coaching.  Vlad is a much better prospect than Dunlap. 

RE:  Cole at Center?  

He's not too short.  Nick is 6'0.  Bubba Miller was 6'1.  Nick was the backup C for his first couple of years here.  Last summer he played with the starting OL most of the time, at G.  Mike McGlynn was the backup C.  In the preseason finale Cole used to play the whole game at C.  This year McGlynn was there for most of the game and then someone replaced him.  Cole didn't have one rep at C in that game. 

The point of all that is that Nick was very rusty when we turned to him in the Broncos game.  He hadn't seen significant time at C since the 2008 preseason finale.  That caught up to him and he struggled.  I think Nick will do fine with plenty of practice time at Center.  I don't feel strongly about this, though.  There is doubt in my mind.  I do want Mike McGlynn to get a chance to win the job. 

RE:  taking an OL early

Andy has only taken one O-linemen in the 1st ... Shawn Andrews.  He did trade a 1st for Jason Peters.  Other players were free agents, holdovers from Ray Rhodes, or developed players. 

I am fine with Big Red taking a blocker early if he finds us a DE in free agency. 

RE:  Maurkice Pouncey

He just doesn't look like pick 24 to me.  I see a big, talented guy, but nobody special.  I'm still watching tape on him, but Pouncey hasn't stood out as a guy that is so good I covet him. 

RE:  Antrel Rolle

I am intrigued by him.  He has found a home at FS after being inconsistent at CB.  I need to watch some Cards tape to get a good feel for him. 

RE:  Shawn Andrews

Very complicated subject.  I can't share everything I know, but trust me when I tell you that Shawn deserves a lot of his reputation.  He has battled depression and a bad back, but has hurt his own credibility with certain actions and attitudes.  Bottom line for me...I think Shawn is more interested in being a star than a football player.  I hope he proves me wrong, but consider me doubting Thomas until I see him actually take a preseason snap, let alone a regular season snap.  Think of him as a lottery ticket.  If he pays off...great.  If not, oh well.   Would have been nice, but we'll be okay since we didn't count on him. 

RE:  McGlynn vs Max

Andy likes certain guys.  I think he's always liked Max.  I'm not real sure why.  The Eagles had a 2nd round grade on him when I had him listed as one of the most overrated players in the whole 2006 draft.  I think Mike is a victim of circumstance, but I could be wrong on that.  I've asked a few people about him.  No one says anything about Mike, good or bad.  The team could be real down on him or absolutely giddy about his potential.  I have no idea.  This offseason will tell us more about how the Eagles feel about Mike and Max.


em26jamie said...

I could definitely see us taking an OL early. BTW, Trent Cole and Mike Patterson both have 5 years under their belts and both played a lot in college. How many more good years are left? Those guys take a pounding.

izzylangfan said...

I like your Eagles draft. It makes great sense to sign a free agent at DE since Albiamiri could still develop. I like Rashad Jones in the second and all the rest. But I wonder if we wouldn't have to trade up 5 or 10 spaces to get Kyle Wilson.

Crash said...

Any thoughts on John Wendling. He was cut by the Bills about a week ago. Didn't know if Bobby April would want to bring him in to play special teams.

Tommy Lawlor said...

John could be of interest as a STer. He's an odd fit for us on defense. John is awfully big for a Safety. I think BUF toyed with the idea of using him at LB. He might fit in some schemes, but not ours. He could possibly be a Nickel LB for us, but even that might be a stretch.

I'm sure April will lobby for the Eagles to at least take a look at him.

T_S_O_P said...

On Nick Cole, though he may have been rusty, but surely the step he took moving from starting RG to starting Centre is smaller than the step made by JJ when he went from de-activee 3rd string C to starting in the NFL for the first time ever. I think he should of done better.

There was a OL I liked going into '08 draft and that was McGlynn, but alike (was it) Domonic Furio, just because he is No2 on the depth chart doesn't mean diddly. There was a lineman I liked going into the '09 draft and that was Clark who's college career echoed that of JJ i.e. 2 years at LT and his senior year at C. I just wonder if history might repeat itself.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'm drawing a blank. Who is Clark?

arby said...

You've teased us a few times with your inside dirt on the Big Kid and you've really piqued my curiosity. I don't want you to compromise your sources but I assume you will answer a yes or no question. Maybe we could even make this a contest to wile away the down time before free agency. I'll go first: did he run around the locker room naked except for the underwear on his head singing the Sponge Bob theme song?

Cliff said...

It sounds like TSOP means Dallas Reynolds.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Dallas Reynolds. That would make sense. Well done, Cliff.

@ Arby...

I can neither confirm or deny that. But it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

T_S_O_P said...

Thanks Cliff, I really don't like Mr Reynolds' or Mr Clark's first name as my wife gets very angry when I spit on the floor to clean my mouth. Als, she doesn't understand.

mcud77 said...
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