Sunday, February 21, 2010

More on the OL


Let's look at the starters as of now.

LT Jason Peters
LG Todd Herremans
OC Nick Cole
RG Stacy Andrews
RT Winston Justice

This appears to be a solid group.  Cole would be somewhat of a question mark at Center because he hasn't played much there in the last 2 years.  He has played well as the starting RG.  I think with a full offseason to get back into the habit of snapping and making line calls Cole can do at least an adequate job.  Maybe better.

Stacy Andrews is someone we've talked about.  He and the Eagles have to work on a restructured deal, but it sounds like that will happen.  Stacy isn't going to get a better deal anywhere else.  On the field I think he can be a good player for us.  The coaches are still excited about what he can bring to the offense.  He showed excellent potential as a run blocker last year.  Pass protection was the area where he really struggled.  Jay Ratliff gave him fits and ate up Donovan McNabb. 

Stacy has the athletic ability to be effective in pass pro.  He'll have the whole offseason to get comfortable with his knee.  That's his biggest challenge.  He also now knows our offense and style of blocking.  I fully expect the guy we see this spring and summer to be light years better than last year. 

The other starters I think we're all pretty happy with.  Backups are a whole different story. 

King Dunlap
Mike McGlynn
Fenuki Tupo
Dallas Reynolds

Dunlap struggled in the Oakland game.  He was overpowered by Richard Seymour.  Before we completely dismiss Dunlap because of that game we need to remember a couple of things.  That was Dunlap's first real NFL action.  Also, he faced one of the few 4-3 DEs that goes in the 300-pound range.  We don't know how Dunlap would have fared against a 260-pound guy, a much more common matchup.  I am not ready to give up on Dunlap, but I do think the Eagles need to bring in a player to compete with him.  We need a good backup at LT, whether Dunlap or someone else.  One problem with King is that he doesn't have the body to play G or RT.  He needs to excel at LT. 

McGlynn is a major mystery.  He's impressed me in the last 2 preseasons, but hasn't been able to get on the field at G or C.  I don't know if that is an indictment of him or simply the fact that Mike has been stuck behind a slew of veterans.  I still have high hopes for Mike and would like to see him get a shot at C. 

Tupou is another mystery.  He played LT at Oregon.  In the NFL he projects to RT or G.  He was put on IR prior to the season so all we can go on is last summer.  Tupou spent most of his time at LG.  He started slow, but got better as he got more accustomed to playing on the inside. 

Reynolds stood out to me when watching some mini-camp and Training Camp highlights last year.  He wasn't great or anything, but he didn't look as lost as many rookies do.  Reynolds was a 4-year starter at BYU so experience isn't an issue with him.  Dallas isn't physically gifted, but he's smart, mature, and tough.  Those are pretty good qualities for a backup Center. 

There are a couple of guys I didn't mention. 

Max Jean-Gilles
AQ Shipley
Shawn Andrews

Max is a RFA.  The Eagles will probably tender him, but I do wonder if he's a player they really want back.  He hasn't gotten better with experience.  He's flat-lined.  Maybe you keep him around in case of injury, but I'd almost rather see someone completely new get the chance to play.  Max just isn't a player I believe in. 

Shipley is interesting.  He spent all of 2009 on the Steelers Practice Squad.  Do you sign him because you want maximum depth in case Jamaal can't come back?  Do you sign him because you are disappointed with Cole or McGlynn?  Do you sign him to simply take Reynolds spot away? 

There isn't much to say about Shawn.  The first test for him will be showing up to the post-draft mini-camp.  If he does that and plays we'll start to talk about how he might have a chance on this team. 

Here are a few possible depth charts:

LT  Peters .......... Dunlap
LG  Herremans ... Tupou
OC  Cole ............ Reynolds/Shipley
RG  St Andrews .. McGlynn
RT  Justice

LT  Peters .......... Dunlap
LG  Herremans ... McGlynn
OC  Cole ............ Reynolds/Shipley
RG  St Andrews .. Jean-Gilles
RT  Justice ......... Tupou

LT  Peters .......... Dunlap
LG  Herremans ... Tupou
OC  Cole ............ McGlynn ..... Reynolds/Shipley
RG  St Andrews .. Jean-Gilles
RT  Justice



arby said...

You do realize that when we take Iupati in the 1st round and Vladimir in the 2nd, you'll have to re-do your depth charts... Seriously, can you see us taking an OL by the beginning of the 3rd rd like John Jerry or Jared Veldheer? I could.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I do think we could take an OL. Jerry could be of interest. He's got our kind of size and has OT/OG experience.

Veldheer could be of serious interest in the 3rd round.

Cliff said...

Is Vladimir really that good that he's being projected in the 2nd or 3rd round?

I understand he has the ideal size and athleticism, but everything I read about him is how raw he is. In that sense, how is Vlad different than King Dunlap, who we got in the 7th?

Ian said...

Tommy cole is too short to play C i think, i remember seeing the ball hit his ass during shotgun snaps in those last two cowboys games! haha oh well, he's still a good swingman and good fill in guard i think, but we wouldn't survive with him there!

Eddie said...

I believe Shawn Andrews can still play, and i believe he can contribute to this team. I know it would be foolish to put all your eggs in his basket, but i due at the very least hope he can be a backup RG/RT and at the most Starting RT. Shawn Andrews starting at RT would be amazing, and i believe that would be an upgrade in justice.

Myron said...

Man, I wish Shawn Andrews would come back next year and play at Pro Bowl level like in 2006.

No way do Ratliff and Spencer beast on us in those Dallas games if a healthy and motivated Shawn is in @ RG or RT.

Myron said...

Also, I will be seriously pissed off if the Eagles take an offensive lineman in the first round of the draft, unless that player is *strictly* the BPA (for example, Maurkice Pouncey if and only if Earl Thomas, Brandon Graham, and whatnot are off the board)

Too many defensive holes to fill, and too much depth @ defensive positions on the top end of this draft.

Of course, this is just like Andy to do something frustrating like reach for a offensive lineman with the #24 pick. Sigh.

Myron said...

That having been said, taking Maurkice Pouncey at any point in the draft, even @ #24, might be a very interesting pick for the Eagles, because alot of draft sites are rating this guy very, very highly as an elite offensive line prospect. If the Eagles get him, they could be set @ Center for the next decade, probably. Great future value pick, especially if there are questions about Nick Cole getting the start @ center.

Edward said...

The line has definitely got me worried this year but hey, maybe thats a good thing. I was supremely excited by it last year and they ended up having a poor year, or at least for large important chunks. I player like Veldheer would definitely make me a happy camper if picked up in the 3rd round.

Anyone see on PFT that the Cards are expected to cut Antrel Rolle? He would be a significant upgrade at safety, what do you guys think? If he's available, do the Eagles make a play for him?

Mr_Boomy said...

Antrel Rolle would be a great addition but I wonder if the cards gonna cut him for real.
Even if they do, he might end up somewhere else that pay top dollars.

ZackISM said...
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izzylangfan said...

The question I have is if the Eagles decide they need to bolster the offensive line in the draft, how do they prioritize it. Even a first round draft pick might not start in his first year and a second or third will almost certainly not then it looks like free agency is the way to go. But while there are some options they appear to be limited. So would we really forgo a first round DE for a first round OL. I know "they say that Nick Cole will be good at center if he can practice there for the preseason. But didn't those same "they" say he would be good in the second Dallas game since he now had experience.

Finally, "they" are always saying that Sean Andrews is a nut job and the Eagles are fed up with him. But the Eagles do not easily give up on players ( e.g Winston Justice) and Sean Andrews actually had real back problems. What was that a phantom operation. He doesn't cost much money and he has oodles of talent and, Oh didn't he play right guard pretty well. I know sometimes rumors and scuttlebutt have a way of coming true. But the Eagles could have cut him long ago if they were not desirous of his services. Maybe you should consult G. Cobb who seems to coax the truth out of Andy Reid as to what the Eagles are really going to do re free agency and the draft.

Cliff said...

Why are the Cardinals thinking about cutting Rolle? I haven't been following the situation and the Google results haven't really told me anything.

Edward said...

PFT, bringing all the world everything there is to know about the NFL. Via awful puns.

Arno said...


why the faith in McGlynn, while he can't even beat out MJG?