Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Couple of Things


My PE.com column posted yesterday evening.  I did a mock draft for the Eagles. 


As  you can see from the comments posted, not everyone loved it.  That's actually what I expected.  Most people get excited by big names. I also didn't have us aggressively addressing LB.  I'm just not sure what is going to happen there.  I'm not sure how many people realize that because of the lack of a new CBA we'll have our top 6 LBs under contract in 2010...if we want them. 

I have a short post up on draft prospects today. 




Myron said...

That's a fairly reasonable mock draft, Tommy, but I have some reservations. Why not Earl Thomas @ #24 instead of a CB? I think drafting Thomas in the first round and then drafting a CB in the 2nd or 3rd round (like Perrish Cox) would probably be the more logical route to take. I guess it all depends on how highly the Eagles have the various cornerbacks and safeties graded.

On a somewhat unrelated tangent: I've been watching the Vince Wilfork situation in New England lately with some interest. Does it seem odd to anyone else that the Patriots are stringing along a clear-cut franchise-caliber, elite NT with all of this franchise tag nonsense? I'm sure there are other factors contributing to the hesitation to sign him to a new contract, such as the lack of a CBA, the 2011 situation, and whatnot, but a thought occurred to me. What if Belichick is planning to move to a 4-3 defense? Think about it. Everyone else in the NFL is trying to do the opposite: switch to a 3-4. Belichick knows that the success of the 3-4 is predicated upon the existence of a big NT. These guys are hard to come by. If he unloads Wilfork for a boatload of picks to one of the many teams needing a franchise NT, he could snatch up all of the now somewhat neglected 4-3 players in the draft, sign a guy like Peppers to be his star DE, and profit greatly. Think about why they had so much success with the 3-4 in the beginning. In the early 2000s, they were practically only competing with the Steelers for 3-4 personnel. They could pick up the best of the draft with ease every year. Now that everyone is on the lookout for 3-4 'tweener LBs and big NTs, it's not as advantageous a draft strategy to run a 3-4.

Doesn't that just sound like the classic, unconventional Belichick kind of move that he'd make? Throwing everyone in the league a curveball by reverting back to an untrendy defensive alignment and taking advantage of the personnel now available to you?

Edward said...

I quite like the draft Tommy though when you compare it to a draft like we had last year it doesn't really wow you.

I do think a FA Safety is a bigger need than a free agent DE. Bearing in mind that we were a top 3 defense with an almost identical line to the current one but with much better safety and LB play. The LB's should be in much better shape next season so thats one half of the problem. If we can get our hands on a player like Antrel Rolle or Kerry Rhodes we then grab a player like Jerry Hughes in the 1st and then stick with the draft strategy you laid out. A player like that in rotation with Parker should provide some quality pressure from LDE.

I do totally agree that we need another corner with some talent however. If we could get a raw but talented corner in the third i think we're all set. Are there any such prospects this year?

Edward said...

Just read your other article. Devin McCourty in the third and maybe move up to ensure we got Veldheer as well. I know that draft/offseason would make me happy!

T_S_O_P said...

I love the Wilson pick, I like the Jones pick too, now can we cobble a trade for Hughes in 2nd too? I really covet a shut down corner and the time is now. I wonder if we don't draft more than one?

What is your take on Jon Amaya as a player the Eagles may target late?

I'm not sure your description of Pawelek endeared him to many readers.

Cliff said...

I'd be happy with that draft.

Who is Jeremy Williams? I looked up his stats and it looks like he's had a good 4-year career at Tulane. What type of WR is he? What role would he fit on our team?

Cliff said...

Nevermind.... I kept reading the article. Haha.

mcud77 said...

Westy is outtahere.

Myron said...

Well, that's the end of an era.

Part of me saw it coming, but it's still a shock. Kind of like the Tomlinson situation. It's sad to see such an important player finally gone.

T_S_O_P said...

Best wishes and thank you for the memories.

arby said...

"Put Brandon Graham's motor and work ethic in that body and teams would absolutely be throwing games to get the number one pick"
I almost posted the same thought a couple of weeks ago...

In the 1st rd., there's so many different excellent ways we could play it but I'm sure we'll have our targets. I like your 1st 3 picks a lot but would maybe go with a guy like Carrington for our 2nd 3rd. In the 4th, I'd target Blount as a change of pace back (I don't care if he can't catch a pass out of the backfield - I want someone to run over people) and QB Jarrett Brown or Zac Robinson.

I'm thinking this might be a good year for being aggressive and moving up to get a few really good players. I remember the year we got Kolb, the Jets moved up to take Darrell Revis in the 1st and David Harris in the 2nd. I thought that was brilliant at the time (I ended up getting into a tiff with Afan over it) and I still do.

arby said...

Ditto what TSOP said.

Prem Prakash said...

#36 was one of our greats. Is there a reason for the timing, coming so early in the off-season?

Edward said...

Andy said it was to give him as much time as possible to find another NFL team.

Over at Igglesblog Derek seems to think it was a purely monetary decision and that was certainly a factor but i almost think that the team did it to save the coaches from themselves. Westy just wasn't the same but the coaches used him like he was, our offence seemed to click better with McCoy and Weaver sharing the running.

I really wish he wasn't leaving because he deserves one more chance at an injury free season and he's such a great guy to have on the team. Glad i got to enjoy watching some of his time as an Eagle.

Guess HB becomes a bigger priority now! If we can get Chester Taylor at a reasonable price we've gotta pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

I loved the mock Tommy. who cares what the angry fools post on the EMB. All they do is spew hatred. I'm sure their mocks go something like:
1. Eric Berry
1. JPP (for McNabb)
2. Jimmy Clausen
2. Joe Haden (for Vick)
3. Dez Bryant
3. Ndamukong Sug
4. Russell Okung
4. Peyton Manning

David said...

This has nothing to do with your draft choices, but rather the speculation regarding picking up a veteran LDE. What's your opinion on Adewale Ogunleye? No better than Juqua Parker at this point?