Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update: Mike Bell Signs Offer Sheet


Per Adam Schefter of ESPN:

Saints restricted free-agent running back Mike Bell and the Philadelphia Eagles reached an agreement Tuesday on a one-year, $1.7 million deal that includes $500,000 guaranteed and could be worth over $2 million if he hits his incentives, according to a source.

The Saints will have a week to match the offer.  We don't owe them any compensation if they refuse to match since Bell is strictly a right-of-first-refusal player.

Good move.  Now we sit tight and wait for the Saints to officially let him go.


I wrote some thoughts on possible Eagles prospects.  You guys have asked about some of the players. 


I wrote a column on some of the FA moves so far. 



ZackISM said...

No offense tommy this is a non-move. We don't run the football. Mike Bell would be a okay (okay - not good) signing to a team that used it's running backs. This is a joke.

The team has average or below starters at:FS, LDE, SAM, Center

And it chooses to first address a guy coming off two ACL tears as it's "choice" for FS (or at least competition) and then adds a 2nd/3rd string RB. No offense, good isn't how I feel. Underwhelmed. Pissed. Angry.

The 2010 Philadelphia Eagles are going to try and tell us that the draft will solve all the problems, when our coach does have a history of not playing rookies right away (changing a bit - largely due to injuries). And has been hit and misss in the draft.

This team needed a splash and Marlin Jackson and potentially Mike Bell don't qualify IMO.

nicolajNN said...

Jay Glazer has just reported that we have traded Clemons and late round pick for Darryl Tapp, do you know if this is true Tommy, it didn't go well last time he reported about us and a DE. If it is, what do you know about Tapp.

ZackISM said...

Darryl Tapp - What's the thoughts here? If it really only cost us Chris Clemons this is the first move I consider positive, despite his decling production. He had 7 sacks 2 years ago - and has the build that could possibly hold up on the leftside and has played LDE (although I think it's possible his best season came from the right side - if my memory serves, but I could be wrong).

Edward said...

Chris Clemons + a fourth. Seems like a lot for a player who's stats look extremely average. Please tell us otherwise Tommy!

Myron said...

Zack: the Marlin Jackson signing is mostly a risk/reward signing. If he contributes, great, but if he doesn't, they don't lose much. Don't fault them for such a signing. They know they haven't solved the FS issue, they're simply increasing the pool of competitors for the position.

I just hope that trading for Tapp was purely a depth trade; I don't want the Eagles to now think that they can afford to pass on a DE in the first round if an elite one falls into their lap (i.e. Brandon Graham dropping to the #24 spot)

Cliff said...


Tapp is one of my all-time favorite Hokies!!!!! I haven't followed his career as a Seahawk, but he was relentless at Virginia Tech. He was one of those high-motor, undersized guys who gave tackles nightmares.

I'm sure I think he's a lot better than he really is because of my alma mater, but I really like this. We got a young player with lots of potential. Essentially, this frees us from having to take a pass-rusher early in the draft this year at least. Now we can focus on S or LB.

Edward said...

Reading some good stuff about Tapp.

Extremely high motor guy, great in the lockeroom and i've not seen a post anywhere by a seahawks fan who didn't want him to stay a hawk.

izzylangfan said...


Last year about this time we were all discussing the potential to bring in a new LDE. But when I noted that DE's often take a longer time to develop and questioned how that affected the Eagles risk reward situation as it related to Victor Albiamiri and the Eagles LDE situation you opined that the Eagles would give Albiamiri 2009 to develop without new competition, then if he didn't break through - they still wouldn't get rid of him, but would bring in someone to challenge him in 2010.

It looks like Trapp is that guy. I guess they still might go for an elite DE in the draft - if everything falls right. But they don't have to. At any rate - GREAT CALL on your part!

Myron said...

This is a great move by the Eagles.

Tapp may or may not be the LDE of the future, but this trade comes at very little cost. Clemons was probably never going to be an impact player on defense anymore, and a 4th round pick for a young, productive LDE is a great value.

So far I'm actually liking the Eagles moves more and more. Low-risk, high-reward type of signings with Marlin Jackson, Mike Bell, and now Daryl Tapp.

One question for Tommy regarding DEs in the draft: Did you follow the 2002 draft prospects? If so, what did you think of Dwight Freeney before he was drafted? As in, did you ever have concerns about his size or were you very impressed by what he did in college and thought immediately that he would make an impact in the NFL? Are any recent DE prospects comparable to Freeney or was he truly a special, athletically gifted player without peer?

Adam S. said...

I like both of these signings. Tapp is an improvement over Clemons, and if I'm not mistaken Clemons was due more $$ than he was worth to keep around(I may be wrong on his). I have no idea what Tapp's contract looks like or if they will restructure it.

I have this feeling that the Eagles are looking to move up in the 1st round. They may not like any of the players they forsee being there at #24. They package some picks, if nobody blows them away from McNabb, to move up and grab somebody. Then to make up for the lost pick, or two, they are working the pro personnel to create competition at spots they feel have adequate, yet not spectacular, starters in place. They get an impact rookie plus a potential starter or good rotational guy at LDE, good solid #2 RB, and possibly a great find at FS.