Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quiet Weekend


Not much going on this weekend for the Eagles.  I'm just going to offer up some thoughts on subjects that people are talking about.

RE:  Ray Edwards

Sounds like this will not happen.  The Eagles must feel that Edwards is good, but just not worth pick #24.  There is a possibility that Edwards will only sign a 1-year deal with the Vikings and then hit the open market next year (assuming a new CBA is in place with old FA rules).  We could then make a run at him without having to give up any compensation. 

We don't want to make a move for the heck of it.  Find players you believe in.  If the Eagles have any doubts, leave Edwards out. 

RE:  Andre Carter

Interesting idea.  He doesn't want to play LB in the 3-4.  That might put him on the market.  The problem is that he's more of a RDE.  We're looking for a LDE.  I don't know if Andre would be a player we would pursue for that role.  I've always thought of him as more of a pure pass rusher.  We need someone who can be an effective run defender and solid pass rusher.  Carter doesn't seem like a good fit to me. 

RE:  McNabb overrated?

This is a tricky notion.  You have to figure out who you're comparing Donovan to.  I think McNabb is in the 2nd tier of QBs.  He clearly isn't as good as guys like Brees and Peyton.  There are a handful of QBs in the top tier.  McNabb is below that, with players like Eli and Romo.  Donovan is still a good starting QB.  He can be great at times.  He can be...not so times.  I do think he's still got 2 or 3 strong years left.  I also think he could be a perfect fit on a team that uses a more balanced offense.  That would take pressure off McNabb and he could actually thrive in that situation. 

RE:  Big moves coming?

I think Spadaro just made that comment in trying to make a point.  This isn't the typical offseason where we knew what would happen.  Peppers to Chicago caught a lot of people off guard.  Think about some of the trades.  Who saw Chris Houston, Kamerion Wimbley, and Antonio Cromartie being dealt back in January?  Who thought Shaun Hill, Brady Quinn, Seneca Wallace, and Charlie Whitehurst would be on the move prior to Mike Vick? 

This is a weird offseason.  I can see the Eagles making a small signing or two in the next 5 weeks or I could see some big trades.  It really is hard to predict what will happen because there are just so many strange circumstances (odd FA rules, coaching/GM changes, major cuts, changing to 3-4 D, big players being on the trade block, etc.). 

RE:  DE move? 

All things being equal I'm fine with signing Derrick Burgess and going with the band-aid approach.  There isn't a great choice left in Pro Personnel.  Edwards is tempting, but pick #24 is a steep price.  There are some talented players in the draft, but we've also got to address CB and would like to still add help at FS.  We could sign Derrick and then go for a DE in the 3rd if the right guy is there.  We could also pass on a DE and see if Abiamiri shows us anything at LDE.  Most likely we're just putting the LDE question off a season, but that might be okay.  The FA class next year should be much stronger.  It is way to early to even speculate on the draft. 


Pitmanite said...

we're not winning a SB w/o a much improved defense (i.e. impact playmakers), so if it doesn't look like much is out there this year for pro personnel, i'm fine with keeping the draft pick and looking to next year for a stud FA.

it would be nice if we could get a 1st round pick for donnie this year and maybe add 2 solid pieces to our defense.

Brendan said...
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Brendan said...


Do you think it says anything about the FO's thinking towards the upcoming draft that they aren't willing to trade pick 24 for a DE? You would think that if they were going to go DE in the first round they would make that deal because he is young and would likely start immediately…exactly what you're looking for in your first round draft pick.

Myron said...

The Eagles need to do whatever is necessary to get Brandon Graham! Trade up if you must.

Unfortunately according to "Daniel Jeremiah" on twitter 3 teams have Graham ranked even higher than Derrick Morgan on their big board, and he thinks there is no way Graham falls past #20. So if the Eagles want to get him, they have to trade up.

Edward said...

Do you have many thoughts on Corey Wooten Tommy? I think he could be an absolute steal in the second. Earl Thomas or Kyle Wilson in the 1st and Corey Wooten in the 2nd would be a cracking first two rounds.

T_S_O_P said...

I think McNabb is in the 2nd tier of QBs. He clearly isn't as good as guys like Brees and Peyton.

Tommy, I raised this earlier, like a few months earlier. But the Saints weren't winners until they rebalanced their attack. Though Brees is an elite QB, in a system that didn't help him, his team went 8-8 and 7-9. Sean reverted to a balanced attack and hey ho bingo, the Saints were back in the playoffs. Moreover, the were champs.

As you stated here, the Saints D was nothing special in terms of pass or rush D. Yet, the O was such a weapon the D had the luxury of playing against teams that were often in a hole.. a big hole. That leads to turnovers, where the Saints excelled.

My point is, regardless whether Brees is a better QB than McNabb, as I have shown, I wouldn't help him have any more success here under a consistent pass first, second and third system. Therefore, whether McNabb or Kolb are upper or middle or low echelon QBs, it doesn't matter until we get back to running the ball more consistently a la 2001, 2002 and 2003!!!

Marty in not helping. Am I mad? Is it just me? It seems so, as every day the back and forth of posters on TATE volley their arguments for and against McNabb/Kolb, yet Marty posts are nowhere to be found unless you look real real close. D20 is the oracle, he even knew I was going to break that vase!

NB. Peyton is in a different class as a QB to everyone including Brees. I'll concede that we may have more success with him in such a heavy pass oriented system, though I personally wouldn't like or trust it. Too much depends on 1 player, and look who he blames when it goes wrong. And look who we blame when it goes wrong.

Kevin said...

Myron, as Morgan is a better prospect than Graham, I hope teams overvalue Graham's Senior Bowl and target him early. It would be great news for us as it would drop Morgan down and hopefully put him within "It takes only a 3rd to move up and get him" range.

I'm still holding out hope for a first rounder for Donnie. My dream draft is Berry, Morgan and Witherspoon. Oh well...irrealistic dreams are the best kind :)

T_S_O_P said...

@ Kevin

irrealistic dreams are the best kind :)

As are irrealistic words ;)

Any dream that includes the words Berry and Eagles, is a good dream.

Pitmanite said...


You are not mad and it's not just you. It doesn't matter who we have playing QB, we won't be winning a SB with our pass happy offense. Kolb may give us a better chance because he'll be more accurate, but we won't win unless we can control the ball and be balanced.

I've been trying not to get myself worked up about this, since we know it won't change and complaining about it is just an exercise in futility; however, you almost sucked me back in. I now need to give myself a 10-count to clam down before i find andy and marty and go marsellus wallace on their asses.

T_S_O_P said...


Thanks for the empathy. I'm not sure Kolb's accuracy will overcome much. Jeff Garcia (with whom many compare Kolb for accuracy and quick progression of reads) never attempted more passes in a season than he did under his first full season in SF under Marty. He set personal records, much like Brees in '07 and '08. The team was top 5 in all passing catagories. The running game with the talented LeSean-esque Charlie Garner was 21st in attempts and 18th in yards. They finished 6 - 10.

It goes on; every QB who has had a coaching relationship with Marty has set personal records for attempts per season or per game. They are like toys to him. Soon enough he will find his Peyton Manning. Personally, I think he should be banned to the CFL or AFL where his pass happy ways will be welcomed

Edward said...

Mike Bell coming in for a visit tomorrow. Think he'd be a pretty good pickup, rather not be forced to take a back in the draft. No qualms in taking one if the Eagles like him but a vet would be a good idea.

Cliff said...

Just as a quick reference to those wondering... Mike Bell's stats:

172 carries, 654 yards, 5 TD's

Receiving numbers aren't even worth mentioning with Bell, who was #3 behind Bush and Thomas.

Ben said...


On Eagles Live Caplan said that last year, had Maclin been taken, the Eagles were looking heavily at either Pettigrew or Harvin. Supposedly they loved Harvin and Caplan thinks he very well may have been the pick. The name we were mostly targeting was Hakeem Nicks.

Just thought this was an interesting thing to note.