Friday, March 5, 2010

Early AM Update


Peppers to Chicago.  He could visit us if the deal falls apart in Chi-town. 

Kampman to SEA?  Just a rumor at this point. 

The Eagles were hoping to have a star FA visit on Friday, but that may not be happening.  As of 3am I'm not hearing anything and Peppers will be in Chicago.   It sounds like CB Dunta Robinson (possible interest) is going to be a Falcon.  No word yet on Kampman. 


I finally put together my offseason wish list.  Here it is:


Is there any move that I dread?  Not really. 

Most potential shocking move?  Bringing 81 back to town. 

Any under the radar moves?  LB Rashad Jeanty, WR Derek Hagan, DE Jason Hunter


What do the 2nd round tenders to some guys mean?  Do the Eagles like the players? 

The Eagles love Jason Avant.  They like Nick Cole.  Akeem Jordan is a player they seem to go back and forth on.  There are times when they love him, but there are other times when they hate his inconsistency.  I think the 2nd round tenders are simply the Eagles being value-oriented.  They don't expect any team to pursue these guys, especially at the cost of a 2nd round pick in a good, deep draft. 

Gocong only got a 3rd round tender.  This is a case where the Eagles are fine with a team signing Chris away.  The Eagles still have some hopes for him, but they no longer feel strongly that he'll be the SAM of the future.  Omar getting a 5th is partially due to his play and partially to his foot injury. 

Avant is a pure slot receiver that teams would love, but not at the cost of a 2nd.  Gocong could be of definite interest.  The Browns and Patriots are teams to watch.  I don't know if anyone will have interest in Gaither.  When healthy he can be an effective MLB.  He's just not ideal for us.  Some other team could take a chance on him.  Omar won't be getting the payday that he hoped for. 


We traded for Mark Simoneau, who was an RFA.  We also tried to sign Ryan Fowler a couple of years ago.  He was an RFA of the Cowboys.  There were some odd circumstances and the Titans ended up getting his services.  We then had to draft Stewart Bradley to fill that spot.  Thank you Titans. 


Chris said...

I'd do that Buffalo deal in a second but I'm not sure they'll be able to pry away the #9 pick. I'm not sure what McNabb's value is but what I've seen has been late 1st / early 2nd. You'd think he'd go for more but I guess his age and expiring deal brings his price down.

I don't think Berry will last that long either as he was listed as a top 5 pick before the combine and then he really helped himself at the combine. I'd love to take him but just think he'd be gone.

What about Joe Haden? He might be around due to his 40 performance.

Michael said...

Quick fix for you Tommy, Starks went to Buffalo, not Ohio St. I'm sure you know that and it was just a slip up.

Edward said...

Uh oh, really not the sort of thing you want to see. It makes perfect sense though.

izzylangfan said...

This Fox repot is the kind of thing the Eagles would leak to help confuse the issue. But whether or not the Eagles leaked it it does not ring true to me. If Reid does not want to trade McNabb then the Eagles do not want to trade McNabb - END OF STORY.

Cliff said...

If Peppers does sign with Chicago, that might give us a low-price target with one of the Bears' DEs. Don't we expect Mark Anderson or Ogunleye to be available?

I actually wanted Kampman more than Peppers, so if he is signing with Seattle today I'll be disappointed.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Sadly, all is quiet on the Western Front.

Cliff said...

The good news is that it's "all quiet" on every team's front right now. If you woke up this morning as a Jets, Bears or Lions fan, you might be excited, but any of the other 29 teams and you're probably just as ho-hum as us.

arby said...

When was the last time you heard of a statement come out of a divided front office of the Eagles??? Right, never, or at least pre-Andy Reid. To me, this says Donovan is available but you'll have to up your offers. I HOPE it doesn't mean Joe Banner has won the so-called power struggle the Philly media likes to pretend....

Tommy, I love your ideal scenario. The FA pick-ups are great and also realistic. The fantasy comes in with Eric Berry. But I love the draft too - my only addition would be AJ Edds instead of Coleman just because I think SAM is more of a priority at this point than SS.

Cliff said...

From Leonard Weaver and the Eagles agreed to a three-year deal worth $11 million, with $6.5 million guaranteed, according to a league source. That makes him the highest-paid FB in league history.

Now I can check that one off my to-do list!

Mr_Boomy said...

FS Gibril Wilson anyone?

Cliff said... reports that the Patriots are bidding on Peppers now, too.

Also saw that the Rams are pursuing AJ Feeley. That could screw up our back-up QB plans if we trade McNabb and/or Vick. Even before reading Tommy's "ideal scenario" article I considered it a given that we'd get AJ back once we traded a QB. Haha.

nicolajNN said...

Eagles expecting Peppers to sign with Bears. Glazer is reporting that Kampman is on his way to Philly

Cliff said...

Best news I've heard all day!


nicolajNN said...

Btw Tommy you are like the only non-regular fan who sounds positive/optimistic about Kampman and his injury. But definitely good news.

mcud77 said...

Now, word is that Aaron Kampman is NOT visiting Philly.

No Peppers. No Kampman.


I want Eric Berry.

Ben said...

I feel like we really suck on the first day of FA. Why don't we tamper better? Everyone else does it and no one gets caught. Let's hope Jay Cutler tries to attack Julius Peppers and runs him out of the windy city.

Tommy- Glad you've devised a scenario where we can get Eric Berry! When are they gonna start letting you in the draft room?

We needed a LE in FA. I don't trust anyone in the draft to be there at 24 and be an instant upgrade over Juqua. Let's trade McNabb for a stud LE and a 3rd? Has that idea been thrown around?

Ben said...
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mcud77 said...

Although, I have my doubts about Aaron's knee. We don't even know if he'd play in 2010.

Cliff said...

It's interesting that Peppers - believed to be the hottest player in free agency - signed almost immediately with the Bears, but Kampman is causing the biggest free agency battle.

National Football Post said Kampman "decided not to visit" the Eagles. What would make a player do that? I assume another team offered a much better contract than the Eagles?

mcud77 said...


I highly doubt that if the Peppers is, in fact, the Eagles #1 target, that they'd be prepared to offer Kampman a contract until they know for sure that Julius actually signed one with Chicago.

I'm speculating, but it could mean that Kamp was ready to visit, and the eagles said, "we'll let you know".

Cliff said...

Uh, they should know for sure. ESPN is reporting the deal is done.