Wednesday, March 24, 2010

QB Update


I'm hearing that something could be going on with the Bills.  The info comes from a new source so I don't know how well connected he is.  He feels strongly that the Bills are going to land McNabb for a few reasons.  First, they have very little at QB.  Trent Edwards flat-lined after suffering a nasty concussion vs Arizona in 2008.  Yes, 2008.  Despite this fact, the Bills did not try to sign any free agent QB.  They didn't try to trade for anyone.  Not a peep.  Either they love Jimmy Clausen at pick 9, think that Tim Tebow is the answer in the 2nd round, or they have something else lined up.  McNabb would make sense. 

The Bills have not made the playoffs since the Music City Miracle.  That was back in the 1999 season.  Owner Ralph Wilson is in his 90s and is desperate to see the team get back to winning.  Finally, while Bills fans are as rabid as any in the league, the organization has to fight the battle of people becoming apathetic about the team.  They signed TO last year partially for the allure he brings and the extra media attention.  McNabb would give them immediate star power and would help with maintaining good will with the fanbase.  The team is coming off another losing year.  The team hired Buddy Nix as GM and Chan Gailey as coach.  Neither guy is "exciting".  Buffalo is in the same division as Bill Belichick, the Tuna, and Rex Ryan.  The Bills might feel the need to do something in order to make the fans feel like the organization truly is committed to winning. 

What kind of trade could we be looking at?  I guarantee you that pick #9 is being talked about.  I do wonder if we would settle for their 2nd round pick if the Bills included FS Jairus Byrd, who had 9 INTs as a rookie in 2009 and looks like a star in the making.  Stay tuned...


There is a ton of talk about the Rams.  I just don't buy it.  Pick 33?  The Eagles want more.  The Rams could toss in the rights to O.J. Atogwe, but he doesn't require compensation as it is.  I think STL is going to take Sam Bradford with the #1 overall pick.  Adding him and McNabb makes some sense, but probably isn't likely. 

Oakland is a wildcard.  I'm looking into that situation, but don't have anything to pass on right now.  Owner Al Davis will do anything it takes to get a player he wants.  We could talk to them about pick #8 or we could see if Namdi Asomugha is available in a deal. 


Kevin said...

Thanks for the update.

Personally, I'd rather have Jarius Byrd & Buffalo's 2nd rounder than #9 overall straight up(even if it's Eric Berry). If Jauron, who knows DBs, loves Byrd, than it only makes sense. It's not like Byrd benefited from a monster Buffalo pass rush last yea.

mcud77 said...

Any truth to the rumor that McNabb would sign an extension with St. Louis, but not Buffalo or Oakland? Seems like that would be a pretty important component. If I am Donnie, I take the $ wherever I can get it, but I'm not Donnie.

mcud77 said...

If the Rams are taking Bradford, I think Vick makes more sense for a 4th rounder than McNabb does for a 2nd + OJ Atogwe.

izzylangfan said...


Some Questions.

If Atogwe does not require any compensatory draft picks, one wonders why the Eagles have not gone after him. Could it be that they do not like him? Or could it be that Atogwe is part of a McNabb deal? The latter seems a bit strange given as you note that the Rams only have the right to match.

Would the Eagles really trade Sheldon Brown and then install Hobbs as the starter? I like having Hobbs on the team but he is relatively unproven in the Eagles system not to mention the risks associated with the recovery from that neck injury.

The Eagles have a lot of needs to meet. Safety, corner back, linebacking, offensive line, defensive end, defensive tackle perhaps (is Trevor Laws really the answer for nickel now that we know he is such a great pass rusher. How many of these needs can they legitimately satisfy in the draft? It seems to me for 2010 the answer is one or none. So how many pro players do they have to sign and trade for to fill in all these gaps. Are the personnel really out there?

Netherman said...

I would hire a dozen strippers, dip 'em in raspberry sauce, and ship them with McNabb for Nnamdi. Would Reid really do something that downright cold to McNabb though? I would do the 2nd and Byrd in a heartbeat too, but is McNabb really a fit in Buffalo under Gailey?

Tommy Lawlor said...

RE: McNabb & an extension

I'm sure he wants to go to a contender. The problem is that option doesn't really exist. McNabb can probably be swayed by the right amount of money. At least that's what we have to hope.

Oddly, his best chance at making the HOF might also be helped by going to a lesser team. If Donovan can pull a Kurt Warner and lead some regularly bad team back to contention, that will wipe away the crazy notion that he was carried by the defense during his time in Philly.

RE: Atogwe

Forget the Eagles. Why have none of the 31 teams talked to him? Might be an injury issue we don't know about. Or maybe there is bias against Canadian guys trying to play FS.

RE: Sheldon / CB

I think the hope is to take a CB early in the draft and have that player compete with Hobbs for the job.

I do think Sheldon is going to be dealt.

RE: holes on the team

I'll put together a depth chart tomorrow and we'll talk about things.

Cliff said...

I officially approve either trade scenario (Bills or Rams).

Pitmanite said...

I second that motion.

I'm dumbfounded by the fact that teams like the seahawks and niners would choose charlie whitehurst and alex smith over mcnabb for the next 3 or 4 years. they each have 2 first round draft picks. they both have talent on their teams and could get a high/mid first round pick and add a proven QB in mcnabb. look at the #14 and #17 picks over the last 10 years. there's a lot of just okay-to-solid players. the 49ers w/ mcnabb be so very very dangerous.

what the hell is going on with these teams in the nfl? i want a damn first round pick for donnie!!!!

Tommy Lawlor said...

The only way we take less than a 1st is if we add a good veteran player in the deal or additional picks.

Trust me on that.

Myron said...

Um, sounds like no deal is in the works at all. The Rams GM vehemently denied any interest in trading for McNabb.

And there are reports that McNabb has refused to play in Buffalo or Oakland.

Sounds like #5 will still be here by the start of the 2010 season.

Tommy Lawlor said...


Rams were a rumor. Never made good sense to me.

Other teams are in the mix. Eagles are actively talking to at least 3 teams.

Be patient. Don't fully trust national media.

Jason said...


If something is going to happen, what do you think the timetable would be? It seems like rumors were coming all over the place today which may mean something is close, but could also just be a lot of buzz surrounding AR's comments the other day. I imagine at the latest, this would still be done before draft day but that's just my gut feeling.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Not too long.

I'll cover that better in the Thursday AM post.