Friday, March 5, 2010

Crickets Chirping


Bring me the head of the man who said that silence is golden.  Or Alfredo Garcia.  The silence is killing me.  I've waited months for this day and my reward is a big fat plate of nothing and a cup of empty promises to wash it down with. 

End rant.

Julius Peppers wasn't my first choice.  Still, I would not have been upset to see him sign.  Now he's all but locked up in Chicago.  I just hope he's ready for the Windy City Heat (best unknown comedy ever). 

Jay Glazer got us all excited when he announced that Aaron Kampman was headed here.  Then he backtracked.  I'm sad to say that I'm hearing Kampman will not be an Eagle.  I'm not sure of the details, but you can bet his ACL injury is a major issue. 

And then, depression set in. 

It doesn't sound like we're going to be able to make an impact move in free agency.  Part of it is due to circumstances.  A lot of good targets are RFAs this year.  That limits the pool of choices.  We can sign an RFA or obviously make trades.  I'm sure Joe Banner, Howie Roseman, and Andy Reid will exhaust every possibility prior to the draft so that we can address needs in Pro Personnel and then be free to draft for talent. 

Possible RFA targets:

DE Ray Edwards - would MIN take a 2nd rounder for him? 

FS OJ Atogwe --- is he a player the Eagles have interest in? 

CB Richard Marshall --- only got a 2nd round tender. 

The Eagles really wanted Peppers.  Now that Plan A is out the window we'll see how the boys regroup and where they go from here.  Get ready for a quiet weekend. 


Kevin said...

If Kampmann doesn't want to come in for a physical, I wouldn't sign him either. That's one heck of a risk to not check out his knee.

So no Taylor, no Kampmann. What a great day.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I am happy about Weaver's extension.

Maybe we'll get something done with Avant and/or Nick Cole now that we don't have to focus on outside players this weekend.

Kevin said...

Siging Avant long-term would give us an excellent trio of WR for the near future for Mc...Kolb to work with :)

I'm still holding out hope we make a run at Mike Bell in FA so we can focus the draft on the defensive side of the ball.

Cliff said...

Weaver was the #1 priority on my list, so I guess I have to be happy.

nicolajNN said...

I'm reading eagles are about to make an announcement, any inside Tommy?

Kevin said...

Witherspoon, released per Dave Spadaro. If that means Jordan-Bradley-Gocong, I'm all for it.

Edward said...

Wow i did not see that coming!

They have to see either Jordan or a Rookie there, are there any RFA's or free agents for Will?

Chris said...

I didn't think Witherspoon did a bad job. With Bradley back, I thought he could be a decent contributor. On Gocong, try him at DE or let him go to a 3-4 team. He wasn't making many tackles or plays for us.

Guess they are going to target a LB early...

Cliff said...


What was D'Qwell Jackson tendered at? I think he's a SLB anyway...

ZackISM said...

I mean I understand there isn't a ton out there that would upgrade our team, but this seems a awful lot like the Eagles are keeping their pocket books tight incase of a new cap being put in place.

Why release Will Witherspoon? Barring we sign Karlos Dansby, it's not like we're upgrading in free agency. So seems to me it was a cost cutting measure.

aaron said...

It seems as though to this point the eagles are lacking a plan or direction which baffles me. Per a pretty reliable source there is diagreement between Reid and "the brass" who I assumes means banner and roseman in regards to trading mcnabb. Apparently this isn't a new rift either.

Any comments on whether that is playing a role in the direction (or lack there of) Tommy?

Unless they have a trade partner which includes a starting caliber LB I don't see how cutting Witherspoon makes them better. It actually adds another high priority need in the draft.

Also as a value driven team, why not trade Mcnabb now, when his value arguably will not be any higher.