Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gameday - SF


SalPal just made his first relevant point in probably a decade. The fact that kickoff is pushed back to 4:15 helps SF. They are a West Coast team. They are used to playing 4pm games. One of the reasons that those teams struggle when coming east is having to deal with a kickoff that comes at 10am based on their body clocks.

The weather could hurt their passing game. Alex Smith doesn't exactly have a cannon for an arm. It is supposed to be windy. You can bet we'll focus on short/intermediate routes. Donovan has a good enough arm to throw in any conditions. We have the better running game (statistically), but they have the better RB. It will be interesting to see which team can have more success on the ground.


Today's game feels a bit like the recent matchups with CHI and WAS. We needed comebacks to win each game. The problem in CHI was turnovers (2 fumbles, 1 INT). In WAS we were only 1 of 4 in the Red Zone.

We've gotten better in the RZ recently. We're running more and Mike Vick has hit his stride in our RZ packages. The problem has never been moving the ball. Scoring TDs was the hurdle. Now that situation seems much better.

We don't turn the ball over with great regularity. When we do, we struggle. That killed us in the loss to the Saints. I think people may forget that because of the 48 points allowed. 7 came on a long defensive TD. 14 points came on a short field due to turnovers.

If we can limit turnovers and convert in the RZ we could deliver a blowout win today. The offense is starting to really click. The defense will be fired up after last week. I'm very curious to see how the guys will play. For some reason I'm thinking of the GB game from 2004. They came to The Linc and we beat the crap out of them. That was a December game that followed some close wins. We piled up almost 600 yards of offense and 47 points. With the weather I don't see anything quite like that happening, but I can see us winning big if we play a complete game.



I think LDE and CB are the two priority positions. We need a pass rusher to play opposite of Trent Cole. We need a CB for the future. Sheldon is playing well, but he's getting up there in age. Jack Ikegwuonu didn't pan out. Joselio Hanson is purely a slot guy.

I know many people think we need a FS. I have mixed feelings. I still have hopes for Macho Harris and Quintin Demps. I'm fine with adding another player, but only if the guy is a clear upgrade on those two. Eric Berry will be a Top 10 pick. I don't think we have much of a chance to get him. He would be ideal. Taylor Mays has the size and speed, but he's not an instinctive playmaker. There are other guys, but no one that feels like a "sure thing". I do like ECU's Van Eskridge quite a bit.

We could address DE or FS via trade or free agency. CB really should be a draft target. We're looking for a young guy to develop.

The problem with DE is that you are hit and miss with those guys offering immediate impact. Trent Cole had 4 sacks as a rookie, but they came in a couple of games. Jerome McDougle never developed. Derrick Burgess played his best football for us as a rookie. We've also seen that FA can be tricky with DE. The situation will be decided as the Eagles see who the prospects are in each area. The draft looks pretty good. I'm not sure about FA because of the CBA situation and not knowing who will actually be available.

I'll get into specific targets down the road. I'm still studying tape and trying to figure out who I like.


Boyboy said...

I'm not too worried about the late kickoff helping San Francisco. They arrived on Friday...maybe it helps them a little..not sure it should be a factor though.

I'm really curious (and kinda scared) to watch Fokou matched up against Vernon Davis. An aggressive rookie against one of the best TEs in the league...I'd be shocked if Moses doesn't get flagged in coverage at least once.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I can live with 1 penalty as long as Moise has at least 3 INTs. That seems like a fair trade.

Boyboy said...

Haha. I'm with ya there. I like the attitude and aggresiveness that Fokou brings. I'll take a penalty here and there if he's making plays on the field. He was very active in that San Diego game...I've been waiting to see him on the field again.

Also...give Gocong some snaps at DE on passing downs. Rush him or drop him into coverage. He hasn't been an ideal fit at SAM, but he's versatile. It's not like anybody else is giving us a consistent pass rush opposite of Cole, and he's shown in the past that he can do it.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'd be willing to try Chris at DE in some passing situations. I'm sure he'd love that.

Joe said...

any thoughts on the FO's hit/miss rate with drafting DE? They seem to do better with DT...

Cliff said...

Notable 2010 DE Free Agents (if CBA done):

- Elvis Dumervil (3-4 OLB now?)
- Kyle Vanden Bosch (31 years old)
- Leonard Little (35 years old)
- Adewale Ogunleye (33 years old)
- Jarvis Green (31 years old)
- Darryl Tapp (25 years old)
- Mark Anderson (27 years old)

As you can see, the free agent group isn't very young. Anderson and Ogunleye both play for the Bears, so I have to think they'll win try to sign at least one of them.

I like Tapp. He reminds me of Hugh Douglas, which means he's undersized. Another positive: he's a Hokie. Hell yes.

Vanden Bosch and Kampman might be good veteran signings, but I think Kampman was converted to OLD in Green Bay's new 3-4 (?).