Monday, December 21, 2009

Game Review is Posted - SF


Not the most exciting game to re-watch, but a good, solid mid-December win.


The Vikings loss last night really helped us. We can earn the #2 seed in the NFC if we win out and MIN loses once more. They play at CHI and then host the Giants. I'm sure the Vikings will be favored in both games. Still, there is some weird stuff going on with them. Last night Childress tried to bench Favre, but Brett wouldn't leave the game. And Brett hasn't been Mr. December in the last 4 or 5 years. At least we have hope. Getting a bye was a crazy longshot 3 weeks ago. Now it is an attainable goal.



Dollar Brand said...


Tommy Lawlor said...

If at least one person got the reference then I'm happy.

Dollar Brand said...

Re: Demps
I believe Reid mentioned he had an ankle injury and was replaced for that reason.
Also, the rotation on the D line seems to have kept Parker from wearing down as he has in past years.
And no personal fouls for Fokou has to be some progress right?

Cliff said...

I would've loved to be on the sidelines during the Weaver incident. I'm picturing sort of a slow motion "whaaaat theeeee fuuuuuuu" momement out of Andy Reid before he absolutely blows his top.

But see... there's the difference between Reid and some of these younger coaches. Reid handled it by pulling Weaver to the sidelines, gave him an earful, and sat him down. Josh McDaniels would've jumped up and down like Co-Co the Monkey, or George Costanza.

Boyboy said...

Re: Weaver incident

At the time, I was thinking that Don should have just snapped the ball. Until Reggie ran back to Weaver, everyone was set. We had enough people on the line and Weaver wouldn't have been moving at the snap. He would have simply been at an odd location in the backfield. Wouldn't that just have made it an offsides?

Maybe I'm way off base...

Tommy Lawlor said...

Weaver was okay being still or moving away from the line. He would have drawn a penalty had he moved toward the LOS.

Ideally we'd have him stay still and snap the ball with Brooks back there, but that is a rare scenario and I don't blame the players for getting everyone to just line up correctly.

Cliff said...

Wait a second... did I just read Jason Babin looked like Reggie White?

I've had too much Diet Pepsi today.

Cliff said...

What do you think about Spoon? I was excited we traded for him, but in most of your DGR's I read that he's had an "up and down" game. I noticed some of that with my own eyes, too.

Is that because he's new to the system or is inconsistency his modus operandi?

Cliff said...

Sorry for all the comments, but I keep finding little nuggets in the DGR...

Asante "scared Gore out of bounds" in the 3rd quarter."


Ben said...


Spoon isn't really in a new system. Spags was his coach in St. Louis... Different wrinkles, but it's gotta be pretty similar. Him and Sean both run their own (similar) modifications of what JJ did.

I thought Spoon had been better in the middle for us. I like Akeem a lot at WILL, but for some reason the coaches like it the opposite more. Gotta assume they know more than I do.

Stephen said...

Who's psycho Sammie? Sounds tough if he scared Gore into submission.

Tommy Lawlor said...

RE: Spoon

I think the problems at MLB have hurt him. LBs do need each other to play well in order to function smoothly as a unit.

Spoon has been good on TEs. His run D has just been up and down. And the one missed tackle vs NYG hurt.

I still like him and his instincts.

RE: Psycho Sammie

His violent tackling is so infamous that it clearly had an effect on Frank Gore and caused him to run out of bounds.

Unfortunately, Federal law prevents Psycho Sammie from showing up more than 10 times a season. Apparently it's an OSHA thing. Stupid work safety rules.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Psycho Sammie is Asante Samuel's alter ego. Asante, the ambivalent tackler.