Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Game Review is Posted - NYG


Here it is:


I felt better about the defense after re-watching the game. The defense was sloppy. That can be fixed. We still have some talent.


Boyboy said...

I'm commenting w/o reading DGR first, but what exactly doesn't concern you about the defense? Lol. That was bad. And history says it won't be better against the Saints or the Cardinals.

izzylangfan said...

Thanks for a great review. I copy it to Word so I can print it out. Eighteen pages - prodigious.

The highlight of the review for me was noting that LeSean McCoy had his best game as a dump-off receiver. With Westbrook hurt I have missed the Eagles using dump offs and called swing passes to the backs. This has been an important part of our offense in the recent past and can be an important way to jump start an offense when it is out of synch or the defense is playing well. It also probably indicates that McCoy is learning fast. I didn't really notice the shift during the game so I was glad you called it to our attention.

Cliff said...

The DGR is a beast as usual, so I'll finish it later, but I saw this on Philly.com and had to share it:


They say pictures are worth a thousand words, well this picture sums up Sunday's game perfectly.

Myron said...

Cliff: That's a REALLY funny picture. DeSean leading the "parade of chumps".

Tommy: Sloppiness can be fixed, but we've been seeing sloppiness this whole season. It's now week 14 and we're still concerned about sloppiness? That's a coaching failure and there's no real indication that, if it hasn't been fixed by week 14, it will get any better.

Cliff said...

I agree with you somewhat, Myron, but I'm holding out on going as far as you because I hope to God our veterans on defense can help McD right the ship.

Mikell had an awful game, but his character is such that he will be extremely focused on playing better and that type of leadership could be infectious. Trent Cole was held in check for the most part, too. If he comes to work this week with a chip on his shoulder, that intensity might radiate to the rest of the crew.

Dollar Brand said...

Why would the Eagles sign Rucker to deal now? Is Celek that banged up? I know he took a pop on the play where a Giant twisted his head around but he seemed ok the rest of the game.

Cliff said...

Maybe the Eagles aren't happy with Alex Smith? Smith hasn't really been "involved" enough for me to say either way, but maybe that's the point.

Dollar Brand said...

Could very well be. As you say, A. Smith hasn't stood out either way to me. Contrary to a Mr. Schobel's infamous blocking, which was painful to witness.

Tommy Lawlor said...

quick answers:

RE: Rucker

I don't know why they went with him instead of adding a WR. I'm told that Curtis will play, but he's strictly a role player right now.

RE: sloppy all year

Yes and no. Even with that game we're still 10th in the league in defense. We had bad games vs NO, SD, and NYG. We've generally played pretty well on defense.

The problems are mostly instability at FS and LB. Sean Jones is the answer this year at FS. He has bad moments. We have to hope his mistakes are balanced out by his playmaking.

LB can be solved if Akeem will get healthy and handle MLB. If we go into the playoffs with Trot as the starter I think we're in trouble.

RE: Cliff's pic


Pitmanite said...

To have the 10th ranked defense you've got to believe they are better than what they showed on Sunday. Sometimes you just have those games where both offenses are on fire, and the defenses have a down game. I think and hope that as Jordan and Hanson round into form we'll be better.

Still not a championship defense, but if we can get a consistent group of linebackers on the field, along with our secondary together on the field for the rest of the year (remember s. jones didn't start a good portion of the year), I think we can be a pretty good D. I just hope Andy doesn't revert back to outsmarting himself on the offensive side of the ball.

Cliff said...

The national media is starting to fall in love with our team. This week's ESPN Power Rankings has us at #5 and Merrill Hogge has picked us to win 3 weeks in a row - a rarity for those of you who don't follow ESPN's Hogge.

Of course, the Philly media still thinks the Eagles suck.

Pitmanite said...

just read don banks' revised draft, where he re-picks the first round. i like playing this game. banks showed some love for the eagles with maclin going 10th and shady going at pick 13.

tommy - i'd be interested in what your revised first round would look like.

i thought he had tommy's boy from before the draft, hakeem nicks, a little low. nicks has really impressed me this year and he had him going after austin collie.

orangecrush007 said...

Is Trent Cole going to get suspended? Sometimes he makes the dumbest mistakes although I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Who's better...Hugh Douglas or Trent Cole?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I checked with a source and they indicated Trent wasn't going to be suspended.

Myron said...

Tommy, you follow the draft and the free agent stuff alot more than I do, and you generally seem to have very in-depth knowledge about the strategies these teams employ when they look for talent among the free agents and the college players.

According to this article: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/121409-nfl-biggest-bargains, Darren Sharper was sitting around for weeks in free agency at the start of this year just waiting to be picked up. Now, why couldn't the Eagles have signed him to a 1-year contract instead of the Saints? In retrospect it seems so obvious - a Pro Bowl talent just waiting to be scooped up for a pittance, and our own Pro Bowl safety leaving for the Broncos thus leaving a vacancy in the roster. Why didn't the Eagles make that move? Did you, or anyone else, take notice of this back when Sharper was in free agency?

Cliff said...

The Eagles signed Sean Jones before the Saints signed Sharper. I assume age had a lot to do with it. Remember: the Eagles weren't the only team who didn't go after Sharper, 30 other teams didn't like what they saw either.

Boyboy said...

Also keep in mind that Sharper may not be having the same type of season if he were with the Eagles. I don't know much about the scheme that Gregg Williams employs, but I do know that safeties in JJ's (now McDermott's) system don't get a lot of INTs. Dawkins, for example has never had more than 4 in one season.

In fact, Mike Zordich in 1996 was the last Eagles safety to have that many INTs. Greg Jackson had 6 picks in 1994. As you see, our safeties during the Reid era aren't exactly ball hawks. Maybe Sharper would be an improvement over what we have now...but we can't assume he'd be duplicating his production in New Orleans.

Cliff said...

Not to mention it wouldn't make much sense to replace old Dawkins with old Sharper.