Monday, December 28, 2009

Game Review is Posted


Here ya go...



Jamaal Jackson
tore his ACL yesterday and is done for the year. I'm sure we'll stick with yesterday's look, Nick Cole at C and Max Jean-Gilles at RG. Stacy Andrews may or may not be ready. I'd rather go with guys that are comfortable in the offense.

Hopefully JJ will heal up before August. However, this is about the time last year that Stacy hurt his knee. The big difference is that JJ knows our offense and style of blocking. All he has to do is rehab. This does open a door for Cole and Mike McGlynn next summer.

Bad news for JJ. He was having a good season.



Cliff said...

These DGR's kill me: "Perfect Red Zone execution just like we drew it up."

You missed something big when talking about McNabb's 2nd half performance. As the 3rd quarter began, Phil Simms was really talking up Donovan. He was laying the love on thick, talking about how hot McNabb was and how great his throws were. Then, as we all recall, Donovan went ice cold.

Donovan's 2nd half play was unquestionably the result of the commentator jinx.

More evidence: In the 4th quarter, on the 3rd & 25, Simms was in the middle of talking about how ugly the Eagles offense was and how bad McNabb looked. He even said - and I quote - "they might as well punt here." At that very moment, Donovan took off and converted the third down with sexiness rivaled only by Padma Lakshmi cooking chocolate pudding (you know you like it).

The commentator jinx was broken, thus allowing the Eagles to thwart any chance of a Denver comeback-win. As Akers lined up to kick the FG, I put my TV on mute...

Cliff said...

One more note now that I've read the whole DGR: I think Winston Justice deserves some sort of award for this season. Is it safe to call him our "most consistent" lineman?

Most of us were ready to drop him off at the McDougle House in August, but since then he has really been outstanding. I'm so glad we found a spot for him at RT. Justice's emergence makes thst 2006 Draft look really good.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Great stuff, Cliff.

"The McDougle House"

Hadn't even noticed the broadcaster jinx. I promise I'll listen for that in the future.

Winston has been our most consistent OL. He's made me eat more crow than any other Eagle I can think of.

Ben said...

Who makes you eat more crow:

Winston Justice Part Deux (the revived), or your beloved London Fletcher?

Tommy Lawlor said...

London is the all time leader. That man makes Rasputin look like a quitter.

Cliff said...

*crossing fingers*

Bears are pouring it on right now against the Vikes.


Tommy Lawlor said...

I am loving the Bears right now. Let's hope the boys can keep it up.

Tommy Lawlor said...

The Bears are starting to make me nervous. Big lead is down to 7 with about 10 minutes left.

Baloophi said...

Two dropped Favre INTs on the game-tying drive. Thanks, Bears!

Baloophi said...

Bears win!

Thank the maker!

Tommy Lawlor said...

One of the games of the year. Great finish.

The Bears defense was great in OT.

Now Sunday is a HUGE game for us. I'm stoked and scared poopless at the same time. This is going to be an interesting week.

Myron said...

Wow. As if pressure to beat Dallas wasn't great enough already.

Best MNF game I've seen in a looong time though. Jay Cutler could be one of the top 5 quarterbacks if he could just improve his decision-making and his consistency. Adrian Peterson is overrated, also.

Damn. I'm going to go nuts watching the Dallas game this weekend. So much at stake.

Tommy Lawlor said...

The Bears owed us for the close wins of 2007 and 2008.

Great win for them. Bad loss for the Vikes. They've now dropped 3 of 4.

Getting a bye would be huge for us. We have some vets that could definitely use a week off. Now all we have to do is beat Dallas. Any chance Romo and Ware retire this week so they can spend more time with their families. Or Urban Meyer's family.

Pitmanite said...

wow, that really was a great game. pissed i had to drop my gf off during overtime and had to listen to the finish on the radio!

great post cliff, i was dead wrong on winston, and i wonder what hugh douglas is saying now. he made some of the same harsh comments we've made about winston the last couple years, except that his were on the radio. i'm curious if he's admitted that he's had to take down a footlong crow sandwich like the rest of us.

the cowboys game is so huge. we could go from the #2 seed with a win to i believe a potential #5 or #6 seed if we lose (i could be wrong on this last point).

Myron said...

Damn, why did we have to lose Jamaal?

I have a bad feeling that his absence is going to make the difference between a win and a loss this week.

I'm really afraid of Jay Ratliff and DeMarcus Ware owning our O-Line more than anything else.

Baloophi said...

@ Myron

Here's some silver-ling styled hope re: OL vs. Cowboys:

RATLIFF - If I'm not mistaken, Ratliff is a "speedy" nose-tackle, more prone to side-step rather than bull-rush. Maybe Cole will be okay in that he's more athletic than Jackson (though obviously smaller... height-wise anyway). I think he'll need help no matter what.

WARE - He's played well recently, but we only had Peters for the 1st quarter (and 4th?), so he had Todd for half the game. Even with J-Jack's injury, the line has come together of late, we've got Westy back (for blocking purposes), and even McCoy is learning to chip... I'm sure Ware will get his, but maybe we won't get eaten alive by him.

Frankly, I'm more worried about our own pass rush in this game. Too much Romo time = Witten yardage.

Stephen said...

Eff the Vikings and Brett Favre.

Edward said...

Miles Austin is 5th in the league in receiving yards and he's only played 2 thirds of a season, thats the guy i'm worried about!

We've done pretty well with TE's recently with Fokou and Dj Spoony so i'm less worried by Witten.

If the o-line is out of sync you can almost guarantee Don will be too and thats when we've gotta worry.

Cliff said...

@ Edward

Austin has only started 8 games this season, but he's played in all 15, if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, I agree. Austin is scary,

Edward said...

I think i'd give my left nut to win this game on Sunday. Cowboys fans will be beyond unbearable if we lose and the #2 seed would mean so much!

In other self centered news, i'm now a double fantasy football champion (thats 2-0) in my first year playing. Beginners luck or what!

Ben said...

I have a terrible feeling about next Sunday. My brain tells me that we're 0-1 and we need to prove we can beat them in '09. We're also playing for a bye week which is huge. But the way we finished the last game I can't feel too good. Dallas knows us so well and vice versa. Losing JJ makes me less comfortable with our offense. At least we'll still have the same 5 guys practicing together all week. My gut just doesn't get that confidence it usually does. At least we're playoff locks, but I wanna know that we can beat a playoff team before the playoffs begin. How many playoff caliber teams have we defeated this year? None? (Lost to SD, lost to Dallas, lost to NO)

Myron said...

Trent Dilfer on ESPN is predicting that the Cowboys will "rock the Eagles" this Sunday, and he thinks that Dallas is the best team in the NFC right now.

Of course, the Eagles could very easily lose this game on Sunday night. But if the Cowboys somehow do well in the playoffs and even win the Super Bowl this year, I am literally going to stop watching football forever.

Edward said...


The way the finished the game?

They shutdown Denver, turned around field position and drove down the field to win the game. I'd say they ended it pretty well.

The problem was the third quarter..

Not being from the states the Cowboys seem like such an odd team. Playing the Giants or Redskins there isn't much hate involved, you just really really want to beat them. With the Cowboys you want all their players, coaches and fans to suffer catastrophic injury. It seems so at odds with all the people who view them as 'America's Team'. Thank god neither Jerry Jones or Tony Romo are the president of a certain more important 'America's Team'.

Cliff said...

I like that Dilfer picked the Cowboys. The Cowboys are the type of team that loves their own press clippings. I think it helps us that Dallas is becoming sort of a "sexy" pick for the Super Bowl.

ESPN and NFL Network seem to be in love with the fact that Dallas could still get a #2 seed and host a playoff game.

With that said, I'm trying to taper my excitement by resigning to the fact that we're in the playoffs - no matter what.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Now this is awesome:

"With the Cowboys you want all their players, coaches and fans to suffer catastrophic injury. It seems so at odds with all the people who view them as 'America's Team'."

Well said. It does seem so much more personal with Dallas. I respect WAS and NY. I feel nothing but hatred for Dallas.

Adam S. said...

Right now I'm very confident the Eagles can take of business in Dallas. Like Tommy said they have shown a lot of resiliency the last month or so and I think that helps a lot for this game. My main concern is that we fall behind early and Reid and Marty completely abandon the run. We need to be able to dictate how our offense is going to be called not allow that front seven to pin their ears back and rush Donovan.

I am going to be a complete mess on Sunday. Thankfully my wife will be at work so I can't yell at her for getting in front of the TV, now I just need to find somebody to take my kids. I may be a little to vulgar for them on that day.