Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trust & Some Sixers News


Football players are liars.  At least that is true much of the time.  I love the game and I love players, but they are generally the worst source of info.  Players exaggerate, good and bad.  They tell you what they think you want to hear.  Half the time I think they are trying to convince themselves that something is true. 

I mention this in regard to things we'll hear this summer from players about where they are.  The Eagles have several guys coming off injury.  All of them are fine.  Actually, awesome.  They will all start and feel the best they ever have.  Super Bowl, here we come. 

Okay, I'm exaggerating a wee bit (I use the word wee to honor Craig Ferguson.  He now has the best sidekick in late night history - Geoff Peterson).  Some players are doing well.  It sounds like Stewart Bradley is in excellent shape and will play at a high level.  Other players I'm less certain about. 

Marlin Jackson talked to the media on Wednesday about how good he felt and how well he moved.  Les Bowen said that "He ran with a noticeable limp...".  GCobb mentioned something very similar.  Another beat writer used the words "still hobbling".  Marlin feels great that he's on the field and running around.  We can't confuse how he feels with how he looks. 

Cornelius Ingram is back.  Expect him to be a little rusty.  He tore his ACL last August.  That's plenty of recovery time, but the Eagles have moved him along slowly to make sure he heals right.  I'm sure his body will have an adjustment period as he gets re-accustomed to running around and making football moves.  Jogging is one thing.  Running a pass pattern is completely different (unless your name is Moss or Owens and you decided to take the play off).  Ingram said all the right things to, but he's nowhere close to 100%. I think he'll work into pretty good shape and I expect him to be the backup TE this year.  He still has about 8 weeks until the pads go on at Training Camp.  He'll improve quite a bit between now and then. 

Very few people in society like to be critical of themselves.  Football players are no different.  There is no game film to study so guys can say whatever they want.  Of course most will be overly positive.  I'm not trying to pick on these guys, but the reality is that you can't trust what most players say to the media, especially what players say during the spring and summer. We have to listen to and read what they say because there isn't any game action and we're all dying for any decent football talk.  Just keep in mind who the messenger is when taking in stories and interviews.  


* Jamar Chaney got snaps at WLB.  He played there as a Sophomore so the position isn't entirely foreign to him. 

* Quintin Demps spoke to the media and said all the right things yesterday.  He got a big piece of humble pie last summer when Macho got his starting job.  Actions speak louder than words.  We need to see Q back up his talk with what he does on the field.  The fact we drafted 2 Safeties tells you that the Eagles don't fully trust him.  Q is a good KOR and still has the potential to be a starting S.  He's got to convert talent and potential into work and production.  Both Q and Max talked about their wife and family affecting their more serious approach to the game and their careers.  Let's hope that is true and both players play accordingly. 

* I mentioned yesterday that Nate Allen is fully healthy and practicing.  This really is great news.  We need him and Marlin Jackson to fight for the FS job.  Allen is the complete package, but only a rookie.  Marlin is the talented veteran, but has the bum knee(s).  I want Nate to get as many reps as possible so that he's can win the job or at least make it tough for the coaches to choose between him and Jackson.  Macho somewhat got the job by default last year.  We need someone to outright win the FS spot this time around. 


The basketball gods are confused.  They screwed up and somehow gave the Sixers the #2 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.  This is sort of exciting, even for a passive NBA fan like myself. 

My first sports love was Dr. J.  I have been a Sixers fan since 1976 (ironically, I guess).  That was the year that Doc moved from the Nets to Philly.  Listening to Dave Zinkoff do the pre-game intro for Erving used to give me goose bumps.  Still does, actually.  The team added guys like Bobby Jones, Mo Cheeks, and Andrew Toney.  What wasn't to love?  Then came Moses Malone and a title.  Life was good. 

Harold Katz broke the team up quickly enough.  The Sixers managed to remain pretty good in the late 80s with Charles Barkley.  Once he was gone the team fell apart.  I kept my interest as long as I could, but football became my passion.  The team drafted Allen Iverson and things began to look up when he and Larry Brown got together.  The trip to the Finals in 2001 was magical.  I loved over-achievers like Aaron McKie and Eric Snow.  That group fell apart quickly and the team has been pretty mediocre ever since. 

I'm not going to pretend that I know a lot about the Sixers.  I don't.  My love for the NBA was huge in the late 70s and early 80s.  That all went away in the age of Michael Jordan and NBA expansion.  I never liked Mike, for a variety of reasons.  The NBA watered down the product and I haven't cared a whole lot for the league in the last 25 years. 

Now the Sixers have a chance to land an impact player with the #2 pick.  That is part of the basic equation for turning a franchise around.  You must draft a stud, sign a key FA or make a trade, and add a key foreign player in order to become a top team.  The first move is getting the pick right. 

Several of you want Evan Turner, the G from Ohio State.  I watched him play a bit this year.  He can defend really well.  He looks like a solid shooter.  Good size, tough guy.  He hit some real clutch shots to win games or keep OSU in the mix.  That sounds like a pretty good prospect to me. 

I am in no way, shape, or form an NBA draft expert.  I'll defer to you guys.  Anyone here watch a bunch of OSU games this year?  What's the book on Turner?  No matter what, this is the most exciting thing to happen to the Sixers in a while.  The last entry that I know of in Great 76ers Moments was the halftime booing of Destiny's Child in the 2001 Finals. Time to replace that. 


Adam S. said...

Wouldn't know anything about the Sixers, or high draft picks for that matter, because my team is still in the playoffs and looking to sweep Orlando!!

sorry I couldn't resist.

Adam S. said...

I actually watched a lot of the Sixers the year they went to the Finals. The only thing I can remember about them is that they had the ugliest dude to ever play in the NBA on the their team, Tyrone Hill.

Originally I was just gonna post an image of him but this article was too good not too post the wholet hing.

Edward said...

I cannot wait! June 11th here we come!

I've adopted the Magic as my NBA team, Rashad Lewis is stinking it up! Rondo may also be my favourite player which is making these games confusing to watch..

Prem Prakash said...

It's great that the Sixers got Collins as Coach. I liked him as a player. Maybe he can get a spark under them.

Even though my passion for sports teams runs Eagles, Phils, Sixers (I hear there's a team that plays a game on the ice, too, but there's no ball so I'm not sure), Dr. J is #1 on my list of all-time favorite Philly athletes. His play was a thing of beauty, and he was a class act on and off the court.

One time there was an on-court fight between Dawkins (I think) and a player from the opposite team. The guys were throwing punches and I remember the refs backng away from the two giants swinging at one another. At one point the tv camera panned the court and way off to the side, away from all the drama, Dr. J was sitting and chilling, calm and unruffled.

nehal said...

haha i just watched craig ferguson today for the first time in months.

Geoff Peterson---- HAHAHAHAHA

youre right he's the best of all time...

Myron said...

Quick question: I just saw some footage of Brandon Graham at training camp on TV, and I was wondering - seriously, does this guy even crack 6'?

It's kind of unsettling to see him out there with the other players - he literally looks like a midget. No way is he 6'2", and I'm beginning to seriously doubt if he's much taller than 5'11".

Can someone make me feel better about the Eagles drafting this guy? I have visions of him being pushed around by 6'6" OL in every game.

Edward said...

I think the fact he's been professionally measured at over 6'1" kinda disproves your point Myron. He looks squat but not that small plus he's wearing a pretty massive helmet. Just wait until training camp and the preseason when he gets to do what he does best, hopefully that'll stop you whining about him.

Jonathan said...

Dr. J is my favorite of all time as well. Wilbert Montgomery being 2nd and Mike Schmidt being a close third. "Julius Eeeeeeeeerving.." Still gives me chills as well. The day they signed Moses was a highlight of my childhood.

Eric said...

Everyone gets measured at the combine. Those numbers can't be faked.

Jason said...


I am convinced at this point that no one is gonna change your mind about Graham. You have reiterated your hatred of the pick over and over again to the point that it is hard to read what you write about him without assuming you have an agenda against Graham. At this point, the only thing that will change your view of the pick, or for that matter, your ability to change anyone else's view on the pick will be to see how he plays this year, and more likely, over the next few years. I just hope that you are able to be open minded enough that if he does indeed play well, you are willing to recognize it, rather than continue to hate on the pick.

arby said...


I was going to mention that fist fight also and then I saw you already did. A great class moment by the Doctor. He actually just sat down on the court and wrapped his arms around his knees and ignored the fight. A wonderful act and gesture.

I guess I put him at the top of my list of Philly sports heroes too. Steve Carlton's 27 wins for a doormat last place team ranks pretty high also.

Cliff said...

Dr. J was no saint though...

But really, I've always had a soft spot for Dr. J because - legend has it - he played his best ball as a member of the Virginia Squires... before the Nets, before the 76ers. And I just so happen to live in Hampton Roads, VA where the Squires played their games.

Prem Prakash said...


I also remember Dr. J sitting at the side of the court in that position, the image of cool.

One of my top athletes is Mike Schmidt. I worked at the Vet selling souvenirs during his glory days and I was amazed at how much crap he had to put up with from the fans. Another class guy.

Another favorite, alas, was Dawk...