Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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I wrote about the LBs for PE.com.



RE:  Marlin Jackson at RCB

He absolutely could be the answer.  He's got good size and ability.  He's been a quality starting CB in the past.  I don't think we can count on him because of his knee issues.  Will he be 100% for 2010?  Can he stay healthy for the whole year?  He started all 16 games in 2007.  Since then he's only played in 11.  Playing CB isn't easy.  That position requires speed, quickness, skill, athleticism, and the right mentality.  If Jackson has lost anything in those areas he might be ineffective.  The ACLs could really affect his speed, quickness, and agility.  It could also affect the confidence he has in his legs and coverage ability.  We'll see how he does at Lehigh, but don't start counting chickens quite yet. 

One way to look at Marlin is as a lottery ticket.  If he can be a starting CB, we got a huge prize.  If he can be the starting FS, we got a good prize.  If he's able to be a role player, we got a prize.  If he busts...we're out our money.

RE:  Eagles draft board

The Eagles are too secretive to let that pictures of that thing get out.  I hear some things about past draft boards and share them when I can, but info on the current board is hard to come by.  The Cowboys board has gotten out a couple of times in the last few years.  At some point you have to start wondering if they are letting it out intentionally for a reason.

RE:  OJ Atogwe

He is not in a normal situation.  He was given the Franchise Tag last offseason.  That makes his situation unique.  It is complicated due to all of  the rules that govern RFAs, tenders, and Franchise players.  Most RFAs have a simple tender situation and they must sign.  Atogwe is an interesting situation.  I was surprised that no one talked to him earlier in the offseason.  If/when he becomes a true UFA it will be interesting to see if anyone goes after him or if there is an injury or some other issue that has scared teams away.  I think he's a pretty good player.


Myron suggested we could have gone after Dunta Robinson.  Maybe.  However, the Falcons were desperated for CB help.  They overpaid to get him.  We'd have had to outpay them to steal him away.  Dunta was terrific early in his career, but hasn't played at the same level in recent years.  I understand that the Falcons felt like they had to do something drastic and thusly went after him.  I don't think we were in the same situation.  Plus, as we've talked about many times in the past you want to avoid big dollar free agents as much as possible.  Those guys work out probably less than 50% of the time.  You need to make sure you're getting an elite player if you pay elite money.

As for staying at 24 and getting Kyle Wilson....we absolutely could have done that.  What pass rushers would we have been able to bring in?  There were only a handful of 4-3 pass rushers in the entire draft that were of any quality.  If you pass on Graham or someone in the 1st round you are going for a project later on.  I come from the school of drafting that says always take the pass rusher over the cornerback.  The DE can have significant impact on any given play.  He's there vs the run and pass.  The CB won't have that same impact.

As for Owusu-Ansah...he is a major project.  Myron says "the only thing really keeping him out of the first 2 rounds was the fact that he played in a small school against poor competition".  That's HUGE.  The only thing keeping Megan Fox from falling in love with me is the fact we've never hung out and listened to Jan Hammer together while drinking PBR.  Okay, maybe that's a poor analogy, but you get the point.  Sure AOA tested well and has a lot of potential, but he's never once in his life faced a legitimate NFL player.  Had he been able to play in the Shrine Game or Senior Bowl we'd have gotten to study him.  Watching him dominate at the D2 level is great, but doesn't make him a legit RCB target.  I thought AOA looked more like a FS from what I saw of him.

RE:  Howie's grade

I think you can give him a grade based on the moves he made.  Clearly we don't know how they will work.  We're judging his ability to handle the offseason and acquire players.  Howie was faced with some tough situations and circumstances, but came through it well and really impressed me.  We'll sit back 10 years from now and see how things worked out long term.  Do any of the draft picks become regular Pro Bowlers?  Does Ernie Sims thrive in our scheme?  Is Alex Hall the next Carlos Emmons or is he just a short term backup?  Who did we pass on in the draft?  And so on.

I like the moves Howie made.  We'll find out if they worked and how well they worked over time. 


bthackra said...

Thanks Tommy,

What is your take on McCoy? From what you have seen, what should we expect from him this year? Is he a piece of the puzzle, or a key cog?

Looking at some of the external metrics from Pro Football Focus, Football Outsiders, etc, (insert grain of salt here) it seemed that data indicated he was better than Westy, but nothing special, especially compared to other rookies. Obviously there is a jump from year 1 to year 2, but you can say that about all the rookies. Is that the right way to think about him this year?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I need to write a full piece on McCoy. Maybe I'll do that for PE.com next week. Honestly, I need to re-watch some tape on him to make sure I give a good evaluation.

Edward said...


Another appalling article about the McNabb - Jackson little tiff. Am I alone in despising writing like this?

Edward said...


As you acknowledge, those articles are so subjective that they tend to constitute simply an interesting take on something rather than the hard fact they can sometimes make it out to be. The profootballfocus article on 'Elusiveness' completely ignores plays when a player beats a defender by avoiding contact, not simply breaking through it. That is more shadys style and from what he's said in interviews about dropping weight and improving his quickness he'll only be better at that this year. Its certainly interesting stuff mind, especially the westbrook stats.

Adam S. said...

While I understand your lottery ticket analogy I don't like it. I sell lottery tickets for a living, I don't like those odds.

After watching all those clips of Kolb from the NO game, McCoy stood out whenever he caught the ball with space. I'm excited for this kid, if he gets that swinging arm under control I'll be even more excited.

As someone who plays Madden way too much I catch myself looking at this roster with a Madden eye. Seeing all this youth and potential I get over excited at times and have to remind myself that players, you know the breathing warm blooded kind, don't progress like their virtual counterparts.

Which reminds of a thing I found interesting in Madden. I'm on season 6 and Maclin is now higher rated than Jackson by 2 points (92 to 90). Jackson has broken the recieving TD & yards records every year for 5 years straight bettering his ow nrecords. Maclin meanwhile meddles around 800-900 yards with 7-10 TD's yet has progressed higher than Jackson. Seems the Madden ratings guru's see Maclin as a better reciever in the future. That or they based it completely off of where they were drafted.

Sorry bout the Madden rant.

Eddie said...

RE Madden
i play madden too much also and its because our maclin's physical tools. he is tall and weights more than desean without losing too much speed. both players as good in the game.

Netherman said...


I am with you. NFL network and so many other media outlets have turned this non-story into quite the spectacle. I used to respect NFL network analysis, but it is getting plain awful...if I hear Jamie Dukes say "Fraction Jackson" or hear Woodson lament on the disrespecting of "Super-five" one more time, I may just hang myself with my mouse cord...I should have seen it coming the second they started putting a buffoon like Deon on there. Mayock is the only person left on that station with any analytical integrity and we won't see much of him for another 9 or 10 months. Sirius and sites like this are my only refuge these days.

arby said...

This is a post for the Roseman column: Last week I made up an alternate draft based on where players got picked. I usually have a dissatisfied feeling after the draft wondering why we picked some guys and not others. This is not a
complaint about what the team did (I like the fact that we moved up to
get who we think will be a "difference maker") and I certainly don't pretend to be any kind of expert when it comes to the draft. I guess part of my uneasiness has to do with feeling left out - I get an appreciation for the Top 100 players or so and make my wish lists
based on that but a lot of our picks ended up coming later because of all the trade backs and we end up drafting more obscure players. I hope they all make the team and are contributors. Mind you, I know
this exercise in 20/20 hindsight is unrealistic - one can never know
in advance where a player will fall. For example, I'm pretty sure no one expected Kyle Wilson to fall so far in the 1st - I thought for
sure he'd be gone by 20. The Eagles made a choice that a pass rusher was their #1 priority this off-season (makes you wonder how the draft might have played out if they got Peppers...).

So what if the team didn't trade up and just kept our original picks?
Could it have played out like this?:
#24 Kyle Wilson (1)
#37 Nate Allen (3)
#55 Sean Lee (2)
#70 Corey Wooten (7)
#87 Navarro Bowman (6)
#105 Geno Atkins (10)
#121 AOA (9)
#200 Charles Scott
#243 Zac Robinson (9)
#244 Kurt Coleman (9)

We miss out on:
Brandon Graham (2)
Teo (13)
Mike Kafka (6)
Keenan Clayton (21)
Clay Harbor (15)
Ricky Sapp (4)
Riley Cooper (11)
Jamar Cheyney (6)
Jeff Owens (18)

The numbers in parentheses are positional rankings from some website called Scouts Notebook. In my post-mock, the emphasis is on the secondary not the pass rush. I've chosen 10 players as opposed to 13. Except for the DE & QB, the mock has mostly higher ranked players at arguably greater need positions but we don't get our great pass rusher or our 5th WR or 4th TE but then I don't care about those 2 positions with what we already had. Yes, we need to rush the passer better but Atkins was giving Iupati fits during Senior week and Wooten if he returns to form was one of the top DE's of the class. DE & QB are 2 of the highest priority positions for all teams and we got quality players at
those positions - hard to fault the team for that. I started to post
this last week but decided not to, thinking it would be read as a
complaint; now that the conversation has turned back to the draft, I thought I'd throw this out there. I understand why we did what we did - we wanted a game-changer type of player and I hope Graham is that. Then we went for quantity with the hope we get some winners and Sapp, Cooper, Scott and Coleman are all great value picks. I'm happy with
our first 2 picks and happy with our last 3 rounds. But the 3rd and
4th produced some head scratchers IMHO. It seems the Eagles like to use the 3rd round for a little gambling which hasn't been very successful (except for Disco Stew). Obviously the Graham pick is key to this draft - giving up #70 & #87 and "forcing" us to trade out of #55 to "make up" for the lost picks. Overall I'd say Roseman has done a good but not a great job and one way I measure that is with your rankings Tommy.

Edward said...

What do you all think about Deseans comments about Marty questioning the toughness after the concussion? I think there's more to that comment than the completely benign comment about Donovan.

Edward said...

Jamie Dukes: "Every time (Jackson) turns around he's flapping his gums and making a spectacle of himself" One interview!

This next month or two is going to be unbearable isn't it.

Steven said...

@ Edward

This one is a lot worse