Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Stuff


First, quick follow-up to yesterday.  I was wrong with my comment about Drew Brees in relation to the Vikings game.  I was in a rush to leave for a family get-together  and checked the score (31-28), but didn't look at the stats.  Drew was 17-31-197.  He threw 3 TDs.  Those are okay numbers, but hardly great.  I should have checked the stats before making my comment that he "ate up the Vikings and their outstanding D-line". 

It doesn't really change the basic point of what I wrote.  The NFL is unquestionably a passing league at this point and teams are getting better at it year after year.  Our defense has been adjusted during the offseason.  We got younger and deeper at the DE spots.  At the LB level we focused on adding speed and coverage skills.  Don't expect dramatic changes, but you can see that we are adjusting our personnel to the passing attacks we'll have to go through in key games and the postseason (whether 2010 or the future). 


* Andy Reid said that prior to the draft he and Howie Roseman re-watched Macho Harris' college tape to compare how he looked at CB to what guys in this draft class looked like.  Macho mostly played FS this weekend, but it sure sounds like he'll be playing CB down the line. 

* WR Riley Cooper got some time with the 2nd string offense.  He impressed the coaches. 

* WR Chad Hall made a great Red Zone catch.  Adam Caplan spoke highly of Hall and how he looked this weekend.  Prior to the draft I saw a report on him on the Mountain West Network.  Hall caught me off guard with how thick and muscular he looked.  He's still very quick, has great body control, and catches the ball real well.  I'm interested to see what he looks like up at Lehigh. 

* MLB Stewart Bradley moved around really well and impressed everyone.  Reid spoke highly of him.  Caplan was very impressed by what he saw.  This is great news.

* FS Nate Allen was dealing with a quad injury.  That kept him from the team sessions.  Nate did practice in the individual drills.    I was hoping to come away from this weekend with him as the starting FS or pretty close to it.  That didn't happen.  Nate needs to get healthy so he can push for the job.

* Multiple players referred to strength coach Barry Rubin in interviews.  He must have made a real impression this spring.  I've heard good things about him from behind the scenes, but I'm encouraged when so many players have spoken about him.  It isn't like they are being asked either.  These guys are eager to sing his praises.  Macho Harris was actually excited to have another 7 to 8 weeks to continue working out before Training Camp. 

* Big Red and Sean McDermott both talked about SAM linebacker Moise Fokou.  While he isn't a huge guy, Fokou does have some important physical attributes for the spot.  He has long arms.  That helps him to get a good jam on TEs.  Fokou also has a strong punch.  That allows him to really jolt TEs and it helps him to shed blocks.  Reid talked about tough and physical Fokou is.  That's important for someone who has to mix it up with blockers at the line of scrimmage.  He might lack ideal size, but he has a strong upper body.  I know plenty of fans are worried about Moise, but the Eagles really seem to be excited to see what he can do now that he's in his 2nd year.  I was very encouraged by what he said in an interview.  He's not taking it for granted that he's the starter.  He seems focused on the fact that he must prove himself.  That is what you want to hear from a young guy.  Quintin Demps was just the opposite last year.  He got very complacent and lost his edge. 

* Brandon Graham practiced on Friday then went to his graduation ceremony at Michigan and then returned for Sunday practice.  Excellent.  That's the kind of dedication I want from a 1st round pick. 

* Akeem Jordan took some reps as the backup SAM.  That's good.  We don't have a clear backup at that spot.  Akeem will likely be the top backup OLB this year. 

* The QB play got better each day.  Kevin Kolb had a good camp.  Mike Vick improved and looked like he threw the ball pretty well today.  Mike Kafka opened some eyes with his Sunday performance.  He did well in the Red Zone.  This setup is ideal for QBs so you can't make too much of what went on, but it is still encouraging to see the backups doing their part. 

* I loved McDermott's comment on Ernie Sims..."There's a shark in the water."  Sims ability to run and cover ground was very obvious in this type of camp. 

* Watch the Bobby April PC if you get a chance.  I think I"m going to love having him as our STs coach.  


Eric said...

I think the bad press Macho gets is his slow 40 time at the Combine, but he improved at his Pro Day (4.5). I don't know, but that's fast enough for me in this defense. I highly doubt Sheldon was any faster than that ever.

I wouldn't have a problem seeing him start at corner. He was a ball-hawk on a college team that churns out quality defensive players.

Adam S. said...

After watching the videos over at a couple things became obvious.

*Jason Peters is obviously quicker, stronger, and more athletic than the rest of the Oline. His footwork is faster, his hands moved so quick, and his punches were noticably stronger.

*I also loved the Ernie Sims comment, I will think of it everytime I watch tape on him throughout this TC.

*Actually I enjoy the Sean McDermott PC's quite a bit. He speaks very fluent and confident. He clearly believes in his(JJ's) system and what they are doing to build upon last year, which is fantastic.

*As far as Booby April goes, anybody that relates special teams to karate is OK in my books. He really fantasticly likes Ellis Hobbs the KOR.

Benjamin said...

what is the best place to keep up with mini camp information? i know but are there any other reliable sources. i want everything i can get.

Eric said...

GCobb gives some insider info.

Cliff said...

Bobby April, I have a feeling, is going to give us some great "sayings" this season... Aprilisms, if you will.

Edward said...

Anyone else very worried about the Cowboys WR's this year?

Our completely unknown and likely inexperienced secondary against Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Patrick Crayton. Could be painful.

izzylangfan said...

The way to beat the Cowboys is to get to Romo. What is the other choice?

SRC said...
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Ben said...

Interesting how we compared Macho's college tape to this years CBs. Macho was a phenomenal college corner, but there were/are concerns about his top speed.

I LOVE having a front office who's that smart. He was a very physical corner in college.

At minimum I think he could be very good as the slot corner. He has more big play ability than Hanson too (unfortunately he dropped at least 1 pick 6 in his rookie campaign). I also think he could be an effective FS given time, but I do want Nate Allen to win that job. We'll have to see how he does at RCB but he's one of my favorites to root for.

So Cal EaglesFan said...

Hey Tommy,

Anthony Montgomery was released today. He goes 6'6 330. Would he be similar to Anthony Dixon and possibly be an option the Eagles could look at to add another mammoth DT inside or is he just not that good of a player and not a fit for us?

Cliff said...


Adam S. said...

Ya Cliff!!!

I was thinking the same thing! I love the Kelly Green jersey. I would much rather they wore that green instead of the midnight green. I still like the dark green but having kelly would make painting the sports room in my house a hell of a lot easier (I'm a huge Celtics fan, but hate every other Boston team).