Sunday, May 9, 2010

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Here is the link to Part 2 of the podcast I did with the guys from EaglesFanCast. 



There was a discussion in the last comments section about players the Eagles might like that are fringe players on other teams.  You can bet the Pro Personnel Dept has a list of players that they'll watch closely this summer, but really the guys we will focus on are players who stand out in preseason games.  Antonio Dixon had a great showing in Week 1 or 2 last summer and opened a lot of eyes.  He tailed off and that led to his getting cut.  Thank you, WAS.  Pago Togafau was the same way a couple of years back.  He didn't work out quite so well, but did spend a year here.

Watch the 3rd and 4th quarters of preseason games the first couple of weeks this year and you might find a guy that will be a future Eagle. 


Cliff said...


From the last thread's comments... I am totally fascinated by what's going on in the UK. I have no link to the UK whatsoever, but I've been reading the UK papers online every day to follow the elections and now the aftermath, haha.

At least it appears your country's major parties are willing to work together to reach a government, even if it is for self-fulfilling reasons. That would NEVER happen in America. Not the way our political culture is today.

Edward said...

Florio has been really quite pathetic recently. His quoting of players and ex players like Tommy Mcdonald has been so misrepresentative of what has actually been said it could be classed as libel. Really awful reporting.

T_S_O_P said...


Don't be to sure that it will happen here, though that may be changing as I speak (write). Every other hung parliament has resulted in a minority government rather than a coalition. However when the parties put the country rather than themselves first, coalition government is the most effective government there is as '40 - '45 can attest. The minority in the Conservative party now have a lot of power, if coalition doesn't happen or breaks down, the LibDems will be blamed, so they (back bench Tories) can meddle even more.

That the Tories don't wan't some form of proportional representation shows how much the 2 party system must favor them. How crazy is it that the got 1 million more votes in 2010 than Labour got in 2005 yet can not form a majority. Mr Cameron let himself down somewhat by relying on the Brown vote to collapse rather show that his party has moved on from that of the 1980s and early 90's.

I feel I might be getting my marching boots out for in order to straighten out our politicians before it is too late. Parliament should not resemble the Rikki Lake Show!

In other news... LEEDS UNITED were promoted. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Cliff said...

Thanks for the UK update.

I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN Radio and they played up the DeSean Jackson "comments" and McNabb's reaction, which both Mikes said was a perfect response... Uh, no.

First of all, McNabb should not have responded to comments taken out of context by the press. To me, he came off as an overly defensive baby than a "man" like he alluded to In his response.

Second of all, DeSean didn't say ANYTHING about McNabb. He was talking about Kolb! I guess he should've alerted the world of the Eagles certain decline now that we have a new QB.

Geesh. This is ridiculous.

Netherman said...

It is a shame that McNabb reacted the way he were Jackson's comments any different than the many times McNabb basically said the same thing when a key player went down. I kinda dismissed some of the comments coming out of the Eagle locker room, but now I am starting to believe there was major dysfunction under the radar (where there is smoke there is fire?).

Netherman said...

Really great analysis here on Kolb's game against the Saints:

I have heard the criticism by so many discounting Kolb's stats that they came against a prevent defense in "play not to lose" mode. I did not remember the game well, but felt better reading this play by play analysis.

Cliff said...

@ Netherman

Thanks for the reading material!

Also, I just saw Brent Celek tweet in defense of DeSean Jackson's comments. And I bet McNabb didn't know the whole context of the comments either. I'm sure a reporter just shoved a mic in his face and asked for his opinion.

Oh well, the 24-hour "news" cycle is a beast that needs to be fed. Jackson will probably provide plenty of meat in the coming years anyway, especially as his contract becomes an issue.