Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lots of Little Things


The Eagles have a rookie camp going on this week.  There isn't any huge news, but here are some nuggets of possible interest:

* Macho Harris is playing CB.

* Nate Allen is playing FS and looks healthy.

* Marlin Jackson participated.  He moved well at times, but still looked tentative at other times.  (updated from earlier comment)

* Max Jean-Gillis is participating.  You may recall that he missed mini-camp while recovering from lap band surgery.  It'll be interesting to see what Max has to say.  

* LBs Moise Fokou and Joe Mays are there.  Some "young vets" are allowed in so they can get extra reps.


The Pats cut CB Shawn Springs yesterday.  According to the Boston Herald, he failed a physical and that's why he was cut.  The Eagles need a CB and saw him plenty in his days with Washington.  Any interest?  Very doubtful.  Springs was brought in for a FA visit last year before he signed with New England.  The Eagles didn't make him an offer.  My understanding is that the Eagles were more curious than genuinely interested at that time.  After a mediocre year and failed physical it isn't likely that the team will be hot on his trail.  Some fans will wonder about passing on him, but Springs a real answer or upgrade?  He used to be a terrific CB, but that a few years back.  He's now 35 years old.  You can bet that Pro Personnel Director Louis Riddick and his staff evaluated Springs this year.  If they truly feel he can help, the Eagles will go after him.  I just don't see that happening.  Springs might still be a big name, but he doesn't have the game to back it up anymore. 


Tim Yotter of Vikings Update has a report up about OG Chester Pitts, who is currently rehabbing from a knee injury.  The Eagles are one of five teams to show interest in Pitts.  He played LT in college, but spent most of his time with the Texans at LG.  Solid veteran player, but nothing special.  Here's the key quote:

“I originally took three trips – Detroit, San Fran and Seattle – and they’re all actually still in the mix, and then Philly and Minnesota actually called last week and said, ‘If you’re ready on the 15th, we’re going to work you out and we have a place for you,’” Pitts told Sirius. “For me, I’m 85 percent, I’m pushing at 90 but I don’t like to say I’m at 90 because I’m not quite there yet. But I’ll be 100 percent (in) probably six weeks. So I have about a two-week cushion to get it as healthy and get as strong as I can get it.”

Pitts indicated that Seattle is probably in the lead for his services.  Interesting that the Eagles are checking him out.  With uncertainty about Max and his surgery, the Eagles would probably like to have an insurance policy in place. 


Les Bowen posted some more nuggets from the recent Chalk Talk with the Eagles coaches.  Some interesting stuff. 


Tommy Lawlor said... has a story up about Max. He's down to 358 or so. He did in fact get up in the 390 range. I'm glad to hear he shed 30 or so pounds, but how did that guy get that big? Max has the talent to be a starter in the league. I guess he chose pork chops over paychecks. The new Max is eating lots of soup and headed in the right direction. How weird would it be to see him down at 330 and showing real potential?

Jay said...

Bad sign that Marlin is still hobbling. I can't say I'm surprised with his injury history, it would be a little much to expect him to be completely healthy, but if he's still hobbling around now I certainly don't feel comfortable that he'll be contributing at all this year at a skill position. I wouldn't be surprised if he's cut before the season.

I'd love to see what Max could do if he was 320 and actually had the ability to move and wasn't sucking wind the whole game. It'll be real interesting to see how his body responds to gastric band surgery and professional football. He's gotta be the only professional athlete to ever have this done.

Jay said...

Oh Tommy, I meant to'd Ingram look at practice? For some reason, I'm really excited to see what he can do in this offense. Is my excitement a little premature?

Edward said...

Weird that you're hearing Marlin is still hobbling. He took part in all drills today and said himself that he felt great physically. Denile perhaps? Still, weird he was allowed to participate in everything if his knee is that bad.

Great news about Macho at RCB!

Myron said...

Tommy, you mentioned that you're also a 76ers fan.

How excited are you about what happened with the draft lottery last night?

Will they take Evan Turner if the Wizards pick John Wall, and will he be the impact SG that the 76ers need?

Tommy Lawlor said...

I updated the Marlin Jackson comments after seeing the video. Hobbling was too strong a word.

Steven said...

I saw some clips of Marlin. Ir didnt look like he was hobbling but he did look reaally skinny. Even skinnier than DeSean.

Cliff said...

@ Myron

I wrote a long comment about how excited I was about the #2 pick and Evan Turner... then Blogger ate it. Damn.

Anyway, I'm pumped. If we screw this up by not drafting Turner, there's no way I can be a 76ers fan anymore. No way. I'm seeing some mocks that predict the Sixers taking Favors or Cousins... I will scream.

Pitmanite said...

i will definitely be shattered if they don't take turner. not only do we have a need for a SG, but we have are jammed up at SF & PF.

Cliff said...

Exactly. This draft could not be more perfect for the Sixers. Even if Turner turns out to be less than the hype, what's that amount to? DraftExpress thinks Anthony Parker. That would suck, but worth the risk if you can get Brandon Roy II.

Anonymous said...


With every passing moment, I am becoming more enticed by the flexability of this young roster, offensivly and defensivly. Consider, if you will, all of these "hybrid" players:

OG/OT Herremans
OG/OT Andrews
OG/OC McGlynn
OG/OC Nick Cole
OT/OG Fenuki Tupou
RB/WR Shady McCoy
RB/FB Charles Scott
RB/FB Mike Bell
FB/RB Leonard Weaver
TE/WR (or WR/TE)Cornelius Ingram
TE/FB/WR Clay Harbor

DE/LB Trent Cole
DE/LB Brandon Graham
DE/LB Ricky Sapp
DE/LB Alex Hall
DE/LB Juqua Parker
DE/DT/LB Te'o-Neshiem
DE/DT/LB Daryl Tapp
DE/DT Abiamiri
SLB/WLB Moise Fokou
WLB/SLB/MLB Akeem Jordan
WLB/MLB/SLB Jamar Chaney
WLB/SLB/Nickle LB/SS Keenan Clayton
S/Inside CB/Outside CB Macho
S/Inside CB Demps

There is so much room for movement. There is literally so much potential for the playcalling imaginations of McD and Marty to play with these peices. We can throw any front at anyone. We have one of everything. We've got big WRs (Riley and Hank), we've got FOUR ultra-athletic TEs, one of whom is already a polished H-back in the Cooley mold(Harbor). We've got power backs...we've got speed backs...everybody can catch the ball...everyone is FAST. We have a smart QB who can run any offense; be it and East Coast (power run/play-action), West Coast, Spread, or Boise State WTF* offense.

*trademark (remember Jaws's comment on the whacky formations during the Saints game...)

Defensivly, we've got guys who can succeed in any position. Hell, we've got TOO many guys than we might find ourselves over-utilizing them. We have so many bodies in the secondary that can do so many things that I doubt we will be able to resist playing with them. To that accord, I am slightly afraid that we will be running so many specialty packages with guys switching position that we might not be able to maintain any stability. I can imagine us working anything with at least 20 different sub-package variations...for example, a base overshift..

50 55 53
58 97 98 91/54

a 'heavy'

56 55 94/57
58 90 98 91/95

a 'light' sub-rush

50 55 53
58 52 91 54

heavy sub-rush
50 55 53
58 95 93(??) 91

heavy super-coverage/zone blitz
50 55 59(Clayton)
58 91 52 54

light super-coverage/zone blitz
50 55 27
58 91 52 54

2-gap cover 2
50 55 53
58 90 97 91/95

'light' Joker-46

50 55
58 93 98 54 57/94

...sorry to ramble on...I just cannot wait for training camp.

Anonymous said...

And furthurmore, I see so many guys that I can see the coaches not wanting to get rid of because of these talents...the most interesting camp competitions, honestly, might result in staggering cuts, perhaps even free agents we just signed. Some guys i see competeing:

RB2: Mike Bell vs. Charles Scott
Scott is younger, just drafted, displays more pass-catching capacity. Otherwise, these two are the same player. Is there really a need for 2 power backs like this with Weaver on the roster? Honestly, I think that the chances are that, barring injury to one of them, Bell is a longshot to make the team. Further so than an Eldra Buckly or (my favorite longshot) Martell Mallet because they have more diverse skill sets.

WR4: Hank vs. Riley Cooper
Cooper has the edge here bacause of upside, age, speed, and so on. This is another case of the same player on the roster twice...With other diverse guys like super sized Pat Simonds or slot specialist Jordan 'Avant Jr.' Norwood...might Hank have a shot to be cut despite just being signed? I think so...

TE: Rucker vs. Ingram vs. Harbor
No matter what, Harbor will be on the team due to his draft status. But if the love for Rucker is as strong as I hear...he is the same guy as Ingram...

DE/SLB: Alex Hall vs. Ricky Sapp...same guy syndrome..

LB Depth: Omar vs. Keenan Clayton vs. Jamar Chaney

Clayton is a lock, but his coverage abilities negate the use of having a, say, guy like Omar on the team. Chaney is a clone of Omar, but with more size, and we even sacrificed a FUTURE pick to get him. Is Omar on the outside looking in?

DE: Juqua vs. all the kids

DT: Trevor Laws vs. everyone

This years set of 'redshirts' will be interesting. The most likely guys to get it would seem to be:
Ricky Sapp
Charles Scott
Jamar Chaney

These guys really just cannot fit on the roster, but seem too good to be subject to waivers or on practice squad. Seems like mysterious 'shoulder' and 'ankle' injuries loom for these men.

Some veterans seem to me to have one of two options: win their position by a wide marigin or be cut. The most obvious are:

Juqua Parker
Joselio Hanson --that huge contract and poor play since being suspended (I wonder if there is a corriltion there..)
Victor Abiamiri -- seems to be screwed in a Jerome McDougal-esque fasion from 2008.
Trevor Laws --goes without saying
Quinton Demps
Mike Bell
Omar Gaither

What's your call on this, Tommy?

My cuts, as of right now, seem to be (all barring injury)

Steven said...

Evan is supposed to be Andre Iguodala part 2. He is not a great shooter and is not that athletic. Derrick Favors might be a better pick.

Tommy Lawlor said...


I'll address some of that stuff in a post on Friday. Didn't see your comments before making today's post.