Monday, May 3, 2010

First Stab at 53


We now have a weekend of action in the books.  Here is a guess at the 53-man roster:

WR DeSean Jackson ... Jason Avant 
WR Jeremy Maclin ...... Hank Baskett .......... Riley Cooper
TE Brent Celek ........... Cornelius Ingram ...... Clay Harbor 

FB Leonard Weaver
RB LeSean McCoy ....... Mike Bell ................. Charles Scott
QB Kevin Kolb ............ Mike Vick ................ Mike Kafka
LT Jason Peters 
LG Todd Herremans ...
Max Jean-Gilles
OC Nick Cole ............  Mike McGlynn
RG Stacy Andrews .....  Fenuki Tupou
RT Winston Justice ...... King Dunlap

RE Trent Cole ............
Darryl Tapp    
DT Brodrick Bunkley ... Trevor Laws
DT Mike Patterson ..... Antonio Dixon
LE Brandon Graham ...
Juqua Parker ........ Daniel Te'o-Nesheim
WB Ernie Sims ........... Akeem Jordan ....... Keenan Clayton
MB Stewart Bradley ... Jamar Chaney
SB Moise Fokou ........ Alex Hall
SS Quintin Mikell ....... Kurt Coleman
FS Nate Allen ...........  Marlin Jackson
CB Ellis Hobbs ........... Trevard Lindley 

CB Asante Samuel ..... Dimitri Patterson
NB Joselio Hanson ..... Macho Harris

P Sav Rocca
K David Akers
LS Jon Dorenbos 

PUP List:  Jamaal Jackson, Victor Abiamiri   
Injured Reserve:  Ricky Sapp

Practice Squad

OL Dallas Reynolds
OL Austin Howard
TE Martin Rucker
WR Kevin Jurovich
WR Chad Hall
FB Chris Zardas
CB David Pender
DT Jeff Owens 


The breakdown is 24-26-3.  That wasn't done intentionally.  That's just how it worked out.  You rotate guys on defense so you'll normally have more guys on that side of the ball. 

I'm not 100% comfortable with this group.  I hate cutting Quintin Demps because of his ability as a KOR.  I'm obviously guessing when I take Chaney over Joe Mays.  I guess I'm still scarred by how bad Mays was last summer.  I listed Marlin Jackson at FS, but he could just as easily be the starting RCB.  It is all about his health.  If Macho is healthy and plays well then he could push one of the CBs off the roster and open up a spot for Demps or some other Safety. 

I hated cutting Chad Hall.  I get the feeling some crappy team would snatch him up.  Danny Amendola, pt. 2.  No pure LT backup?  I'm projecting Todd to slide outside.  We have one of our backups take his spot at LG.  

I didn't know what to do with Alex Hall.  We specifically asked for him in the trade with Cleveland.  This isn't a casual player of interest.  That said, he is a project for us.  He played DE this weekend, but I think his future is at SAM.  The Eagles want him to make it, but he'll have to show us something to get a spot.  

Fire away and rip this things to shreds.  Tell me where I'm crazy.  


RE:  DT Anthony Montgomery

He's huge (6'6, 330) and has some ability.  He's only 26-years old.  The Eagles ought to take a close look at him.  I haven't heard if they plan to do anything.

RE:  Kelly Green Jerseys

Excellent.  Glad to see we'll get to check out the team in them this year.  That should be cool.  I hated the black jerseys (although they look good on fans).  


I want to move this blog over to Wordpress.  Does anyone have any strong objections as to why that shouldn't be done or is a bad idea?  I think WP is easier to use and has a cleaner look. 


Benjamin said...

you obviously have cornelius ingram listed as the number 2 TE, but do you think he gets a crack at being a widely used option on any obvious passing third down situations or possibly even gets in there on any other downs when we are looking for the speed mismatches that our team has been moving towards with players like ingram, jackson, and maclin??

Tommy Lawlor said...

When healthy Ingram is a versatile offensive weapon that can be moved around to create favorable matchups. He's fast, athletic, and a very good receiver. You can use him to attack the deep middle or flex him out wide and throws slants to him. I think the coaches are very excited about him.

james said...

Tommy, King Dunlap seemed to take all of his reps last year at LT. Why do you project him at RT this year? Did they move him there in mini-camp? This guy is a monster to see in person. Does he just lack the athleticism to keep him on the field on a regular basis?

Ben said...

i feel the same way... i'm so excited to see what he can bring to our team with his obvious chance for mismatches. At first I was really disappointed we passed on Jared Cook, but ever since then I've heard nothing else other than his athleticism and speed and am really really really amped for september to come around and (fingers crossed) see a healthy ingram, maclin, jackson package and watch these "power" defense teams have fits. September can't come soon enough.

Josh said...

I think WP is much easier to use (for both the blogger and the reader/commenter) and has a much cleaner look.

The Old Buffoon said...

I agree with you on wordpress. Much cleaner.
My hope is that Quentin Demps works his tail off this summer and makes the roster. He's got the talent to do it, no doubt. His attitude has got to be different from last year, just looking at the circumstances. The final list of DBs is very hard to predict. For instance, if Hobbs is the clear #1 RCB, do we really want him as our primary KOR?
At backup MLB, I hope Joe Mays gets cut in favor of Chaney. Just so much more potential with Chaney, IMO.
Lastly, why not put Juqua Parker at backup RE, allowing Graham and Tapp to battle at their natural LE position?

T_S_O_P said...

MJG? We better see how his procedure effects him. He won't be able to take on as much fluid with a smaller stomach. Same goes for food. I'd like to see if it is even possible to play ball at professional level. This is groundbreaking, he is unique. I wish him luck but would be surprised if he makes the 53.

4 comments in and no Sav hate yet!

Tommy Lawlor said...

RE: Dunlap

He was the backup RT at camp this weekend. He's added weight and the coaches must think that is his best spot. Frankly, I'm surprised. I thought he had LT potential.


Originally I thought Tapp would be our starting LDE this year with Graham as his backup. This weekend we had Juqua at LDE. Normally I don't put too much focus on where some guys line up. This was important to me. Tapp is a veteran starter. We normally do base defense at mini-camp. The fact we had Parker there and Tapp on the right side is a sign to me. I think it has more to do with Brandon than anything else. My guess is that the team thinks Brandon will have that job sooner than later. Keep the veteran Parker as his mentor and backup. Use Tapp on the right side.

We'll also mix these guys around on passing downs. They'll all play some DE, some DT, and even some LB (like when Cole blitzed up the middle last year).


Glad to hear you guys like that as well. I'm working on the technical side of things now.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I left Max in the lineup. I'm not sure what to say about him. I've never heard of a player trying this.

mcud77 said...

I think that Sav, MmmBop, and Mr. Kendra are going to be on the outside looking in. I'd give Demps as much chance to make the final 53 as Hanson right now, given the way Joselio played late, and Demps RS ability. Hall, Mays, Gaither, and Chaney are playing for 2 positions...

Gaither: Vet, but WYSIWYG.
Mays: Became a dependable ST player.
Chaney: Complete unknown with PS option.
Hall: Complete unknown.

My $ is on Gaither and Mays, with Chaney going to the PS. Does Hall have PS eligibility?

Sapp will probably be IR'd. Same for Abiamiri.

MJG and JJ to the PUP. You have to wonder about Ellis (don't call em Roy) Hobbs as well.

I still think we add a RCB via the Pro Personnel dept, especially when the staff gets a good long look at the tallest midget contest we have going on at the position.

T_S_O_P said...

Nor have our staff. I only have experience of being around 1 person (American... of coourse ;) ) with a reduced stomach (surgical) and though he was clearly better off being closer to 250lb rather than 400lb, he really struggled to eat and digest his meal.

I see his position being usurped bu the NIU guy or Reynolds.

Adam said...

So are you predicting Ricky Sapp gets the mysterious preseason 'Gocong Stinger'?

Ben said...

Daryll Tapp seems to me to be a better LDE option than RDE. I feel like he is similar to Graham in that he isn't quick enough to beat left tackles consistently, but he can beat RTs and stop the run.


Cliff said...

1) I wonder if we risk going with only 3 DT's (adios Laws), since we play our DE's inside so much anyway. That has to be a risky position to try such a strategy, though, because of the pounding those players take.

2) Also, we're all assuming Marlin Jackson makes the roster. If he's not healthy enough and Demps's light turns on, it's possible he's cut as well. Does he really have that much talent that we think he can fight for RCB?

3) Finally, I don't want to see Ricky Sapp IR'd. He has a chip on his shoulder and will hopefully enter Training Camp a man possessed.

Simon said...


I remember reading recently (a few weeks before the draft) that they are going to try and get Laws on the field on 3rd downs more this year. This is supposedly to counter getting burned on draw plays when we have 4 DEs on at once. Whether it works out that way or not is another matter.

Eric said...

I don't think you can go into the season with only one guy in the DT rotation.

That's still a lot of snaps even if they go off the field on obvious passing situations.

Steven said...

Who is mmmbop?

I hope Quintin Demps beats out Kurt Coleman. He's faster, bigger and better in coverage.

Why is every so down on Omar Gaither?

Do you really like Dmitri Patterson? I would at least have Quintin Demps try out for the backup RCB spot before cutting him.

Do players on the Pup list count on the roster? How are they different than players on IR?

Cliff said...

@ Stephen

mmmbop is Joselio Hanson.

PUP players are out for... 6 weeks... I think, as opposed to the whole season. I don't think they count against the 53 because if I remember correctly, the return of a PUP player usually coincides with a cut on the roster.

chris said...

Tommy, There was a thread in TATE about Sapp favoring one knee; I just thought it was TATERs being TATERs. You putting him on IR has me wondering. Have you heard anything about Sapp’s knee?

Steven said...

Bold Prediction #1- Cornelius Ingram gets cut

Bold Prediction #2- Jeff Owens beats out Trevor Laws.

I'll check back in September

Steven said...


Thanks for clearing that up

Cliff said...

Interested in why you think Ingram will but cut. I don't have as much faith in him as some others do (i'm really glad we picked Harbor), but I don't see him cut.

I guess you're predicting another injury?

So Cal EaglesFan said...

Hey Tommy,
I agreed with your mock 53 but had a couple of thoughts. . .

First, could it be that the Eagles are trying out King with his added weight as a means of getting him used to both sides so he can be a swing backup since Todd is really plan B at LT if an injury happens to Jason?

Also, could we keep Rucker as a TE/WR hybrid and cut Dimitri Patterson since Macho could be a solid gunner and play both FS as well as in the slot?

Finally, I am not sold on Laws unless we start having him playing one gap on passing downs but that makes me wonder if it would be smarter to have Dixon do this on third as a nt type with our joker package.

bp said...

No matter how you slice it, this is gonna be a tight 53. And while I feel bad rooting for people to not make the roster, it just seems to me that there are several vets with limited upside who --all things being equal-- I'd rather clear out to make room for some of the youngins with overlapping skill-sets.

As such: Baskett, Jean-Gilles, Parker, Mays, Gaither, Hanson, and Dorenbos, provided the youngsters at your positions show a modicum of offseason improvement, I'd be handing you your walking papers.

T_S_O_P said...

@bp (nice oil spill by the way :o)

Who is the youngster at Dorenbos's position? I hadn't noticed that we had bought in competition at LS. Technically, Jon seems to be quite a good LS, wasn't he a pro-bowl alternate? I have my doubts about only one aspect of his game and that is since he took over from Bartrum the Eagles have given up a number of blocked kicks, (that number is high enough that I don't have it to hand) and on more than a few the pressure comes up the gut where a 6'0" (in shoes) 250lb (wet) LS is nothing more than a hurdle.

Steven said...


I don't think he will have the same speed and athleticism as he did last year. Two ACL injuries are hard to come back from. I don't know of any athlete who has come back from that kind of injury.

bp said...


When I was a kid I simply appreciated the well-lit green gas stations with my initials, but lately British Petroleum just seems to be dragging me down.

As far as Dorenbos goes, we haven't brought in any other long snappers that I'm aware of, but with so many young guys I'd like to see make the 53, I've just got a hard time devoting a single roster spot to a LS. I'd much rather have April devote some one-on-one camp time to teaching one of the young TEs or LBs the position. That being said, I wouldn't just cut Dorenbos unless I was pretty sure someone else can ably man the position.

Cliff said...


Who was our LS before Dorenbos? I can't remember to save my life.

Cliff said...

Mike Bartrum!

And if I remember correctly, he was also the 3rd TE, thus eliminating the need for a LS "spot." Of course, that didn't give us the greatest set of TE's ever, but it worked.

Can't believe I couldn't remember Bartrum, especially after that bogus "celebration" penalty he and McNabb got after a TD... the one where Bartrum celebrated by "long snapping" the ball and McNabb just happened to catch it several yards away from him.

Josh said...

Last comment reminded me of this (totally awesome) video: