Monday, October 19, 2009

Game Review is Posted - OAK


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VA has a knee sprain and is day to day. That's good. He was grabbing that thing yesterday as if it was serious.

Jason Peters should be fine for the WAS game. Very good news.

Big concern is Omar Gaither. He's got a foot injury. If he's going to be out a while we need to come up with a solution. I'll do some digging and see what I can find out.


T_S_O_P said...

Mind his foot while digging.

Aside from that, do you think Marty will ever leave, or if he goes do you think it will be part of a bigger departure?

Tommy Lawlor said...

At some point we do need some kind of change. The Marty/Andy/Donovan triangle puts up good numbers, but has some serious faults. Unfortunately I can't see Marty leaving any time soon.

I'm going to write about this subject tomorrow. I don't want to make too much of one game, but I was pretty discouraged by yesterday's debacle.

Stephen said...

I've never really liked Marty. The offense has really been sporadic and inconsistent since he's been here. Plus he and Andy both want 50 passes to 15 runs every game.

I was surprised that you didn't write more about the overall confused/disoriented feel the team had yesterday. I've never seen the team so unfocused and making so many key mistakes. I mean there were probably a dozen plays where someone did something stupid or messed up in a major way. We spotted the Raiders that many errors and they STILL only won by 4. Thats how bad they are. If we had been playing New England yesterday, they might have won 85-0.

I just can't understand how a professional team can come out looking so woefully unprepared and sloppy. Rod Marinelli would have been horrified. I personally feel like Andy and the other coaches have a big hand in this, because the culture and tone of the team is set from the top, and yesterday our culture and tone was to play unfocused, mistake ridden slopfest football.

Stephen said...

Also concerning Donovan, I was just last week talking about how I've never seen him in such good form. Unfortunately for me I also forgot that if Donovan gets a little rattled his accuracy goes strait in the toilet and he goes right back to his strong arm rather than good mechanics form. I am so sick of watching Donovans deep balls fall 5-10 yards out of reach of open recievers. Donovan used to have a great deep ball and now when he goes deep I know its really a 10% or so chance that the ball is even within reach of a reciever to make a play.

You can always tell when Donovan is going to have a poor game when he goes into blame mode. Its where every incomplete pass is followed by some kind of hand gestures meant to indicate who's fault it was. Whether he's pointing out a route a reciever should have ran, or raising his arms in disbelief at lack of a PI call (as if though some sort of injustice has occured, even if their wasn't really any PI) or pointing to himself, or even pointing out something a blocker should have done, he's always there to put the blame somewhere. That stuff drives me nuts, and he's been doing it for years. Honestly I wouldn't want to play for a guy who was so quick to point out when other people messed up, even if he does it to himself too.

I also know we're in for a rough day when Andy has that really confused expression on his face, like he doesn't understand how whats happening could be happening.

Pitmanite said...

this game doesn't really bother me in the grand scheme of things because it's just 1 of 16. but it just goes to my larger point that i don't think we'll get it done under Andy.

i think he has done a good job of building a competitive team during his 10 years here. they have worked the draft well and have always let guys go at the right time. let's not forget that JJ was the man on defense and for much of their success early on it was the defense that carried us, and now he's gone.

I just think Andy is one of the most atrocious game day coaches in the league. he should never be allowed to put the offensive gameplan together, or at the very least he should never be allowed to be involved during the game. he has proven inept at managing the clock time and time again. stephen made a point about the confusion, and that's what i don't get because we've always had this problem. go back to the SB and think about how bad that 2 minute drill was at the end. we still don't know if it was andy or donovan who had us in a 15 minute offense with 5 minutes left. a lot of key players have been together on that offense for a long time. last year when things fell apart during close games (i.e. dallas & washington) we had a core that had been together for multiple years (i.e. donny, westy, j. jackson, t. herremans, runyan, tra, andy, marty, etc), yet there always seems to be this confusion or lack of cohesiveness in our offense. that's why it's usually big play or bust w/ us because somewhere along the way things fall apart.

i don't mind keeping andy here if some OC comes in w/ complete autonomy but i don't see that happening anytime soon.

Pitmanite said...

p.s. I think that if you put a large piece of coal in McNabb's ass halfway through the 4th quarter of a tight game, by the end of the
game you would have a diamond!!!

even though i feel that way i also think andy kills donovan by being so predictable and passing so often. if you have a QB who struggles with accuracy to begin with, and then you let the defense pin their ears back and blitz him like crazy bc they know you are going to pass, you can assume your QB is only going to become less accurate.

Prem Prakash said...

I agree with Pimanite. I have been reluctant to criticize Andy too much because he has won a lot. But in terms of getting IT done, he falls short because he is such a lousy game day coach.

I even think he may actually have some type of psychological disorder where he is so damn stubborn that he just won't change, even when wrong, even when it hurts him and the team. It's like the guy is so insistent on doing things his way that his game plan is more important than the actual game.

When I get to this kind of arm-chair psychoanalyzing you know I'm really pissed off.

HÃ¥kan said...

regarding: "Donovan got happy feet"

That he even stayed in the game after the first two sacks is either stupidity or a testament to his toughness.

His ribs must have been hurting like crazy. And then he took four more sacks...

izzylangfan said...

Great Game Review.

While there were many things that went wrong in this game I think by far the most blame has to go to the coaches for the play calling. Last week I analyzed the third down play calling using the game book as a source. This week I printed out the game book to do some analysis but it doesn't really seem promising in terms of supplying new insights. The conclusion will most likely be " the calls just sucked" whether you look at overall, first down, second down or whatever. They just sucked in every way.

The second most blame has to go to McNabb. His passing was highly inaccurate. Well, everyone has those days - perhaps McNabb more than some others. But he did not appear to recognize the blitz and call audibles, he did not appear to make on the fly adjustments with his receivers to the on comming blitzes and he held the ball too long. His lapse in not knowing the time out situation reminded me of his not knowing that a game could end in a tie last year. But his general level of awareness of what was happening (i.e. they were blitzing the crap out of him) didn't seem to be reflected in any of his actions except for the happy feet. I'm starting to wonder if McNabb is not too smart.

Dollar Brand said...

Dangerous thoughts in my head right now - "Well, the Eagles can't POSSIBLY play any worse than the Raiders game".


Hey! The Eagles always impress in prime time!

T_S_O_P said...

@ Pitmanite

"i don't mind keeping andy here if some OC comes in w/ complete autonomy but i don't see that happening anytime soon."

I thought AR did quite well with his last hiring, i.e. BC, who came from a run oriented offensive scheme. Marty is a different kettle of fish, with or without full autonomy, I don't think the Offensive GP would b that different. They are from the same church - completely and utterley. Moreover MM made as many boneheaded HC desicions in his very short stint with the Lions as AR has over 10 years here. Blind and more blind.

I liked that when Andy first came he surrounded himself with winners. MM was the 1st loser to join this team. I personally wish wish he'd sod off. Please some big U come in for him.

T_S_O_P said...

Wow, Will Witherspoon, strange things can be found when digging!

Still can't shift Regggie!

rick said...

Pitmanite, I agree with most of your comments. BTW, Tommy, being a big film fan, would appreciate knowing that your 'coal in the ass becoming a diamond' crack comes from Ferris Buehler's Day Off.

Tommy, what IS the deal with Andy's stubborness visavie the game plan, pass/run ratio, etc.? I remember JJ as someone who always made adjustments as the game went on, why does Reid insist on things that don't work? And isn't it a serious impediment to being a successful (i.e. superbowl-winning) coach? Re McNabb's jawboning to officials: I actually like the fact that he's trying to get calls (remember 2 weeks ago Brady's successful plea and saying later that he's just trying to win?). What I don't like with Donovan is all the other yapping and mugging (i.e.joking) that goes on while running the offense. In this regard, he could learn something from Kevin Kolb who is more business-like. I sometimes get the impression Donovan is more concerned with being well-liked than he is in W's. Almost like he confuses being QB with being class president. I was watching the ALCS last night and I think it was Tim McCarver who made an interesting comment on one difference between the successful A-Rod of this year as opposed to the unsuccessful A-Rod of previous postseasons. He said that when he prepares to bat and gets into the batter's box, he's all business. In previous years, he would add lots of mugging, and extraneous gestures that had nothing to do with the task at hand.