Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gameday - Tampa Bay



DT Trevor Laws
OL Mike McGlynn
WR Brandon Gibson
OL Todd Herremans
DL Jason Babin
WR Kevin Curtis
LB Joe Mays
DB Quintin Demps

Laws is out? Wow. I don't recall him being injured or even hurt. I wonder what is going on with this move.

All 3 QBs are active. We'll see 2 of them for sure.


I am curious as heck to see what Trot looks like. I'm keeping my expectations realistic, but I do wonder what we'll see. If Tampa tries to run the ball a lot it won't be shocking to see Trot play well. Between the tackles he was a force back in '06. He struggled to the outside or when in space. If his legs really are better then Trot could be a pleasant surprise. I'm looking forward to the first time that he pops Cadillac.


Donovan is back. I expect he'll move around pretty well and look pretty good. He's about halfway to being fully recovered. The one thing I'm watching for is how he starts. McNabb had some problems last year with playing well early on. He started a little slow in the opener vs CAR.

I want Donovan to get out to a fast start today. We're the better team. When that is the case you want to score early and put the other team on their heels. If we struggle at all that just gives the Bucs a sense of hope. We want them frustrated and discouraged early on.

Let's go win this thing.


Cliff said...

Trevor Laws and Quentin Demps being inactive is a real disappointment. Demps is listed on the Injury Report as having a hamstring issue, but he practiced all week. Laws isn't even on the injury report.

These are guys that are supposed to be contributing. Bummer.

With Curtis out, I imagine we'll see more of J-Mac as well.

Cliff said...

Sloppy, but maybe a blessing in disguise. The coaches will have plenty to hammer home in these next couple weeks so the team doesn't get a false sense of security.

The D makes too many mistakes. There were too many 3rd and longs. The run game is meh. These are points that Reid and McD can harp on while we play JV opponents leading up to our biggest game yet - NYG on Nov. 1.

Cliff said...

I really hope we can keep Leonard Weaver around for longer than this season. I love his attitude. He finally got the ball this week and in his post-game interview he had nothing but praise for the OL, Donovan, and Maclin. You can never have too many guys with the character of The Bishop.

On the flip side, Mikell seemed really down in his post-game press conference. All of his responses talked about how sloppy his unit was and how poorly they executed.