Saturday, October 3, 2009

Best of JJ


My story is about the best games of the Jim Johnson era.

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Should be a pretty good read.


I listed the best players at each position yesterday, but that left off some pretty good players and/or guys with potential. Left out were:

DT Trevor Laws
LB Omar Gaither
OL Mike McGlynn
WR Reggie Brown
TE Cornelius Ingram
WR Brandon Gibson

The scouts have done a good job in finding and evaluating the prospects. Heckert and Reid have done a good job on Draft Day of making picks. The coaches have done a terrific job in getting the guys ready to play. And then Reid and the coordinators have embraced the young guys and given them playing time. Everyone has a hand in the successful restocking of the roster.


rick said...

Thanks for all those good memories and highlights of JJ's career here with us. I especially enjoyed recounting those Dallas defeats!! Tommy, I'm gonna predict you'll soon be starting over there at and that Dave'll be cut in the off-season.

T_S_O_P said...

And the player you left of both lists was the top pick of '04.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Thanks Rick. I doubt I could do Dave's full job. He's pretty darn good at running a website/media empire.

@ TSOP...

I covered the last 5 drafts. 2004 was just out of that. Shawn let's us down even when list making.

Cliff said...

I haven't had a chance to read the new article yet, but I'm sure it's good.

What about our 2010 Draft picks? Well, I'm not asking you to look in your crystal ball, just give us some idea of who you're keeping an eye on for next year's draft.

I only watch Virginia Tech games and the big match-ups, so I don't see any individual players on a consistent enough basis to know who the good CB's are (I assume we're be drafting at least 1 early) or anyone else.

I also assume we won't be drafting any WR's or RB's in the next draft either.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'll work on a list.

RB could absolutely be a need. Westy has me pretty nervous. He struggled in the 2nd half vs NO and then missed the last game. You see how LT is struggling for the Chargers to either play well or stay healthy. Is Westy hitting the same wall?

Cliff said...

You're absolutely right about Westbrook struggling, however, I can't fathom drafting a RB early again so soon.

Of course, nobody saw the Eagles taking a WR either.

It's way too early in both NCAA and NFL seasons to predict anything at this point, I guess. The only thing I'm somewhat confident about is that there will be a lot of defensive linemen taken in the 1st round. Every game I watch the broadcasters seem to be spotlighting a DE or DL. There's the whole Oklahoma DL, the DT from Nebraska, Dunlap from Florida, Cody from Bama... and those are just the guys I can name who seem to be early picks.

Honestly though, I feel silly talking about the Draft in Week 4 of the NFL Season.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I think about the upcoming draft about 350 days a year. It is never too early.

Stephen said...

I'd rather keep sheldon around another couple of years than press too hard to find a corner to replace him. Honestly he's playing pretty darn good football and I don't understand what the problem is with giving him a raise. He's certainly the more consistent of the corners than Samuel is and he definitely is a much better tackler out in space. Hell if he keeps up this trend of holding onto interceptions that he's doing this season he might be a pro bowler.

Obviously if the right guy is there at the right price or theres an impact 1st round type guy you go get him, but I don't want to see us Jerome Mcdougle it up out of desperation.

Its a shame Jack Ike isn't working out, we'd really be sitting pretty if that gamble had worked.

Cliff said...

I agree about Sheldon. If anyone on our team deserves a raise, it's him. The way Sheldon just sort of stopped talking about his contract all of a sudden makes me think he knows if he goes out and plays his best football he'll be due for a new contract.

With that said, Sheldon is 30 years old now. He'll be 31 by the next draft when the staff is looking at a ton of young corners. Maybe Andy/Heckert are waiting to see if there's any sort of drop-off or if Sheldon slows a step.

We can't blame Sheldon for wanting a raise though. He's a top shelf corner and if he doesn't get a big payday soon, it's not going to come at all at his age.