Monday, October 26, 2009

Game Night - WAS


Kickoff is just a couple of minutes away. I'm one nervous Nellie. We really need this game. The Giants did us a favor last night by laying down vs the Cards. We have a shot to be right there with DAL and NYG as 2-loss teams. Gotta win this game.

Hopefully Spoon plays well.

Macho still owes us a big play.

Westy and Shady must come up big.

#5 needs to play like the star he is.

Watch the OL closely. We must win the line of scrimmage tonight.

Let's go win this thing.



Tommy Lawlor said...

Great start. 3 runs, 1 pass. Simple plays. That is what we needed. The fact DJax took the ball for a long TD is a huge bonus.

Dollar Brand said...

Love the start . . . get Westy involved. Keep the DE honest.

Tommy Lawlor said...

This playcalling is awesome. Love this.

Let's hope Westy is okay. My fingers are crossed.

Dollar Brand said...

Hellooo Mr. Witherspoon. Nice job Q. Also like those checkdowns and not forcing it.

Tommy Lawlor said...

End of 1st Qtr is 14-0. Excellent.

Spoon is off to a positive start. I hope he knows that he now has to do that every week.

Nathan said...

McNabb just doesn't look comfortable at all in the pocket. Is that something the Redskins are doing or is he just being to antsy in the pocket?

Nathan said...

Nice route by DJax.

Dollar Brand said...

Let's hope the injuries aren't too serious. Djax, Macho, Westy. Ugggh. After Westy went down it seemed like the traditional runs did as well. Would really like to see along sustained drive to close the door.

Stephen said...

The playcalling got borked again in the 2nd quarter, lots of wildcat and passing going on there. No need to get away from the runs just because Westy went down. Jacksons injury I hope is not very serious.

Aside from the one pass to Jackson which was almost a blown coverage and couldnt have been more wide open, Mcnabb has not looked especially good. He got the obligatory wormburner out of the way on the previous 3rd and long to jackson, and he also had his obligatory roll out and throw at the feet of the guy standing at the sidelines play done in the 1st half too. Extra credit to Big 5 for getting his work done early. Hopefully he won't be going for the extra credit in the second half.

I like this Will Witherspoon guy, he has to be careful on those sideline tackles but he's already making plays and thats what counts.

Defense needs to be careful not to fall asleep on this game, Washington has a couple of potential big plays waiting to happen with Moss and Randle El.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I'm happy we're up 27-10, but this team has me highly frustrated. Everybody is is partially to blame.

I'd also like to see us get the ball to Avant and Celek.

Dollar Brand said...

LeSean has protected the ball in his extended reps. But the second and third qtrs have been brutal offensively. Where is Celek?

Stephen said...

All in all not a terribly satisfying win, the defense was pretty stifling most of the game but it was still Washingtons inept offense so thats not a big deal to get excited about.

Unless our offense manages to start putting drives together we're not going to be able to hang with teams like the Giants.

Sean Jones' whiff on the sack was the memorable moment of the game imo, and that along with Fred Davis' "blocking" or whatever he wants to call it.

I loved how right after the bad snap on 4th down the announcers were pretty much speechless, and then I think Tirico says "And that sums up the washington redskins".

Prem Prakash said...

How predictable was our Wildcat? I don't have film to watch but I believe every snap that went to LeSean was a run off tackle and every snap that went to Vick was around end.

At least we got the W.