Sunday, June 14, 2009

OL Depth Chart - for now

Someone asked about the OL yesterday. There are a lot of bodies right now. Not all will make it, obviously. Let's take a look at the way things probably stack up right now.

LT - Jason Peters ..... King Dunlap ..... Chris Patrick

LG - Todd Herremans ... Mike McGlynn .... Mike Gibson

OC - Jamaal Jackson ... Nick Cole ....... Dallas Reynolds

RG - Stacy Andrews .... Max Jean-Gilles .. Paul Fanaika

RT - Shawn Andrews .... Fenuki Tupou ..... Winston Justice

Obviously this is just the way the top 15 guys spread out. If Max got hurt, Nick would take over his spot, not the rookie.

I think Justice is a real long shot to make the team. He's got to play so well they feel like they can't cut him. I just don't see that happening.

Fanaika is a long shot as well. He could make the Practice Squad, but his pass blocking is an area that will need work.

Reynolds is a guy I'm not sure about. The numbers don't work in his favor, but he is an interesting player. He has played LT and C. He's got size and experience. He could be a camp body or legit PS target.

Gibson impressed last year in limited time. He just has to deal with being the 11th best OL in a group that will keep 9 or 10.

Patrick is another guy I'm not sure of. He was with the team last year. They had more than just passing interest in him. That said, this is a deeper group. Patrick could win a roster spot if he can show that he could be the #3 OT. He's got Dunlap and Tupou to deal with, but Patrick is more experienced that either of those guys. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him play well and take one of their jobs.

Dunlap showed a lot of potential last year. Now he has to play even better. His potential bought him a season, but that wasn't enough to guarantee him a roster spot this year. He's got to be smoother in terms of pass protection and more physical as a run blocker.

Tupou has to make the adjustment from college to the NFL and from LT to RT. I'm not his biggest fan, but the kid has the potential to make the team as a backup initially. I'd be nervous about him on the field protecting McNabb. To be fair, I haven't seen him as an Eagle. Pro coaching can make a big difference. We'll see how he does in Training Camp and the preseason.

This group has very good potential. If they stay healthy, this could be the best set of blockers in the Reid/McNabb era. That could make a big difference for the skill guys.


Cliff said...

Working the graveyard shift tonight at work, which usually means I have about a hour worth of "work" and then 7 more hours of free time to kill, so I flipped on NFL Network and they're replaying a 2008 Seahawks-Pats game (why?).

The significance here is that Leonard Weaver was being used as a RB as the Seahawks marched down the field in the 1st quarter. He effortlessly picked up a 3rd & 2 just outside the red zone. It's going to be beautiful seeing Weaver do that in an Eagles jersey.

Cliff said...

A little follow-up on my previous comment about Leonard Weaver...

I looked up Weaver's stats for that game NFL Network was replaying (SEA-NE, 2008). He finished with 5 carries for 32 yards (6.4 avg) and 1 reception for 4 yards. When I was watching I saw at least 1 run for 15 yards get called back for holding on the OL.

Is this the production we want out of Weaver? If he finishes a game with 30 yards rushing and a key 1st down reception or two, are we calling that a good game for Weaver?

Five carries is about all Weaver will get, right?

T_S_O_P said...

Though you are on to the next entry, I wanted to ask about how we look at depth on the oline. The chart showing 1st, 2nd and 3rd team is not really helpful as you pointed out. Because of the expeience and size of our starting Guards, regardless of who may have to miss a play, series or game, in the short term I would predict (presently) that Cole, MGlynn and Gilles are lineman 6, 7a and 7b. Would you agree? Of the 3, I would think that Max's position is most at risk, particularly if the big Oregon lad can play inside too.

I think they will carry a pure Tackle, but I can't believe they will be anything but the 9th lineman at this point. I therefore agree that Justice is on the outside looking in. I think we have to many DB's to carry 10.

On Dallas Reynolds, he collegiate record mirrors that of our current starting C, who incidently got there by leapfrogging the depth chart. I think he has an outside chance of making this team, as stashing an older rookie like him would surely have less value.