Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Article


I wrote about the offensive line and how it needed to be upgraded from last year. I mentioned re-watching the Giants playoff game the other day. You could really see in that game that the line had to be addressed. There was one goal line play where Westy wanted to try and jump over the pile for a TD. Unfortunately Tra Thomas was pushed backward and Westy hit him before he could really launch himself. I don't see that happening with Jason Peters.


Former Eagle James Thrash is probably done. The Redskins released him after he failed his physical.

I know a lot of people hated him and loved to refer to him as Trash. James was a very good guy, but he wasn't meant to be a starting WR on a Super Bowl team. We found that out the hard way. He was good enough for us to have a lot of success, but he couldn't deliver in January. I really enjoyed watching him early on (2001), but he never developed. What you saw was what you got. It almost seemed like he regressed.

Interesting trivia question for you to use on people. What Eagles WR has the most rushing yards in the last 25 years? James Thrash - 235 yards. DeSean will break that in a few years, but right now no one else is close.


cliph said...

Another good article.

O-line is interesting because it's an area going in to 2008 that I think a lot of fans didn't expect needed improvement.

We all knew Tra and Runyan were in the twilight of their careers and would soon be replaced, but personally I didn't expect the Eagles to make that a priority in the way they did this off-season. Right out of the gate they signed Stacey Andrews and then surprised us all by trading a 1st round pick for Peters. Reid doesn't just throw away draft picks, especially 1st rounders.

Baloophi said...

It'll be interesting to see to what extent the new O-line improves from a running perspective. Obviously that depends on whether the coach calls for more runs - or if the team runs effectively enough to warrant more runs or whatever the magic formula is - but it could mean that Westbrook's struggles last year were not just injury-based, but also Tra Thomas-based.

If it indeed turns out to be a force, then drafting a running back so early this year may turn into a masterstroke. I know, we were all calling for a running back, but having a talented back ready to step-in next year (if not this year) and run behind an all-star, Traveling Willburys offensive line that's super-charged and ready to go for the next couple years could keep us competitive even if - say - our quarterback play suffers.

Tommy - how are thing shaking out at the bottom of the depth chart at this point? At what point do the coaches go with Tupou over Dunlap? What happens if Cole beats Jackson - does JJ become the main back-up at guard? Is there any Justice anymore???

Stephen said...

lol, I liked that line "is their any Justice anymore?" Kind of a poetic double meaning. If their is any justice in the world there won't be any Justice next year :). It sounds like he's working hard, but this seems like Mcdougle round 2 with keeping around an early draft pick that has struggled mightily.