Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Article + Max Wants a New Deal

My column this week got split into 3 parts. The first is now posted. I took a look at some of last year's weaknesses and how they should play out this year. First up, the running game.


Max Jean-Gilles wants a new deal. His contract is up at the end of the season and he'd like an extension. I hope Joe Banner's response was something along the lines of "I'll get right on that as soon as I finish watching today's episode of The Bold and The Beautiful".

Max isn't a bad player. He's just not anything special. And he's not projected to be a starter this year. That didn't stop him from hiring Drew "I didn't lie, I simply altered the truth" Rosenhaus.

Think about our G situation. Let's assume Stacy will play there this year and possibly into the future.

LG: Todd / Mike M.
RG: Stacy / N. Cole

That's a solid foursome without factoring in Max. Does he expect to be paid like a starter? Does he think he'll get Todd or Stacy's job? I just don't see his play at this point. If he "only" wants backup money, the team might be willing to do something. I get the feeling that Max is looking for more than that. If so, just hope you get on the field enough this year to show your wares. And play better than you did in 2008. You have to earn a contract with good play.



cliph said...
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cliph said...

Max and Rosenhaus have to know Max is burried on the depth chart coming back from injury. They're well aware of Shawn's switch from guard and Stacey's signing to play guard. Further, they have to know Nick Cole played very well down the stretch while Max was out.

So, if knowing all of the above, WHY would they start talking about a new contract? For practical purposes, I guess Max could have seen the ugly side of pro-football while experiencing a tough injury in the unstable world of NFL contracts. However, because Rosenhaus is involved, I'm more inclined to think Max is up to something more sinister... trying to force himself out of Philly?

If he thinks the OL is too crowded and wants the opportunity to start and make more money, why not?

Tommy Lawlor said...

That is an interesting theory. The only way a backup G gets moved is if he's so good that teams will overpay for him or if he makes a stink about his deal and the team wants to get rid of the headache.

izzylangfan said...

Last year Max was second on the depth chart and became a starter when Shawn got hurt. This year Shawn is moved to tackle but instead of promoting Max to starter they bring in a free agent and Cole has taken his backup spot. Whatever his value, he might see it decline if he gets little or no playing time this year. It would make sense if he wants out.

He just hired the most obnoxious guy in the business as his agent. Do you think Rosenhaus will advise against making a stink.

Adam said...

Off topic but it went unoticed by most. Walter mendenhall was relased today as well. Your thoughts on that? under performing i would have to think.