Friday, January 8, 2010

Quick Note


Sorry for the lack of a good post today. I have been in the process of buying a new car and it ate up more of today than I wanted. I'll put something together tonight.

Here's a weird, weird note for you...

I bought my first vehicle in December 1993. That was on a Monday. The MNF game that night was Philly at Dallas. We played hard, but lost.

I next bought a car in September 2000. I got it on a Saturday. The next day was the NFL opener and featured...Philly at Dallas.

Here is it January 2010. I'm getting another car and we once again have Philly at Dallas.

I'm not sure what kind of an omen that is, but it does seem sorta Freaky Friday (excuse the pun).

I'll post some Eagles/NFL/College thoughts in a few hours.

Less than 30 hours til kickoff. I don't know about you, but I'm sure as heck ready for the game.



Pitmanite said...

i'll tell you what's more impressive is you going 7-10 years between cars!
that's getting your value back tommy!

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Let's just hope that the result of the game matches the 2000 season opener rather than the 1993 MNF game :-p

Cliff said...

Buying a car sucks. I need a new one, but can't find anything I like or think is worth the money.

Cliff said...

I haven't really thought about this until now, but how weird is it that 3 of the 4 playoff match-ups this weekend are rematches of the previous week?



Cliff said...

Trying to keep my mind of the game...

I see that Leslie Frazier interviewed for the Bills HC job and will interview for the Seahawks job, too. That's great. I really like Frazier. For those who don't remember, he was the DB's coach here at one point.

Unfortunately, there are over-hyped and popular coaching candidates to be had out there and guys like Frazier won't be given a real shot at HC.

Cliff said...

Another note about the Seahawks situation...

Stuck in the middle of an article about the Mora-firing/Carroll-wooing was this note on Heckert's interview for GM: "Heckert canceled shortly after his visit to Cleveland."

Why would you cancel a job interview unless you already knew what your plans were? I think the probability that Heckert has taken the Browns job is very high.

Myron said...

I've resigned myself to an early playoff exit for the Eagles this year.

After this point, though, I will be rooting for anyone playing against the Cowboys. Under no circumstances can Dallas advance to the Super Bowl!

Cliff said...

A little pessimistic, Myron?