Monday, January 25, 2010

Coaching Change


DB Coach Brian Stewart is heading to Houston to become Defensive Coordinator. This would be a great move...if it wasn't the University of Houston. I have no insight on this move, but I get the feeling that Stewart turned out to be a bad fit for us.

Former Eagle Mike Zordich was an intern with the defensive staff this year. He was a good Safety for us for several years in the mid to late 90s. Mike could be a candidate for the DB coaching job. He also has the coolest mustache this side of Rollie Fingers.

I'm not sure what other guys could be coaching candidates. I'll see if I can find anything out. The Eagles prefer to hire from within, but they may not feel like Zordich is ready for the job. Our secondary had an off year in 2009 and needs to bounce back in a big way in 2010.


What a joke. Droves of players are skipping. This has opened up spots for several guys, including McNabb and Quintin Mikell. I'm happy for a guy like Q who came into the league as a UDFA and had to fight and claw his way into the lineup.

I don't have a good solution for the Pro Bowl, but this is the least compelling all star game of the pro sports. And that is by a long, long, long way.


RE: Kindle at SAM

It now seems highly unlikely that Sergio will make it to pick 24. We'll have to find a new target for discussion at this point.

RE: Mock Drafts / rankings

I don't read many mocks. One thing I do think most people miss is the fact that a mock should be just a "What if..." exercise. Rarely is a mock exactly what someone thinks will happen. At some point in each mock you get to a point where you have no idea what player would go there. You guess.

I respect Mike Mayock as much as anyone. He knows his stuff. He's a film guy. Mike doesn't go on workouts and hype. We don't always agree, but I take his opinion seriously.

RE: Colts / domes / Manning

I'm not a big fan of the Colts, but I do love the way Bill Polian has built that organization up. The assistant coaches do a great job.

I hate domes. They give the home team an unfair advantage. Football is meant to be played outside. Seattle generates tremendous crowd noise in an outdoor facility. Those fans deserve a ton of credit.

I haven't liked Peyton since his days in college. I respect the fact he's a great player, but I hate watching him yell at teammates. He's cut down on that this year. Dan Marino was another guy that constantly screamed at teammates and he drove me crazy because of that. Not many guys are motivated by being yelled at by their QB on a regular basis. I gained a lot of respect for Manning this year as he adjusted to the young guys and stepped up his game. Amazing season by him.


Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Edward...

Get your eyes off Kyle Wilson. He's already spoken for. He and I have been "friends" for a couple of months.

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Pitmanite...

Congrats on getting selected to the Pro Bowl. Make us all proud. And don't get caught napping or eating a hot dog on the sideline.

Boyboy said...

Peyton seems to have this hidden arrogance about him. There is just something about him that rubs me the wrong way -- the way he points fingers at his teammates is part of it. And the whole Eli / San Diego thing still pisses me off to this day. I thought the family had more class than that.

I've actually come a long way in terms of at least respecting Peyton this year as a player. I really don't know how good the Colts would be without him. He is such a quick decision maker. And if a receiver is covered, he throws them open. It pains me to say it, but dude is just good.

James said...

Tommy, you had mentioned the fall of Lito in the other thread. Do you think he was a player that just fit JJ's defensive scheme or has he really declined?

Honestly, I thought he was great here and I wouldn't mind seeing him back in Eagles green.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Lito's ego was the downfall of Lito. He was great in 2006. He fell off a bit in 2007, but still had one great game. Remember when we played the Pats that year? We had Lito shadow Randy Moss all game and we shut Moss down. We go sign Asante in the offseason to a mega-deal. Lito suddenly feels disrespected and decides he wants a raise. He got benched that year for poor play. He got traded last offseason, but still never got his raise. He struggled this year and got benched.

Lito seems to feel he should get paid big before he plays his best. Normal human beings seem to understand that great play will lead to big money. Lito can't keep pointing to Pro Bowls after 2004 and 2006 and expect people to care.

Lito has come close to rock bottom. He's still got talent, but he's got to get his head right before he can turn his career around. Lito has to re-focus and play as if his career is on the line. He still seems convinced that he's a star CB.

jamie said...

my dad can't stand peyton. when they had that big loss in the playoffs(can't remember which one) and he blamed it on the Oline for not giving him enough protection. just pisses my dad off to see him throw his teammates under the bus.

i still like the guy because he's the best QB i've ever seen and he makes great commercials.

shlynch said...

I'd have to think they will want to bring in an experienced guy to assist McDermott. If he got hired away to be a HC, for example, we have nothing in the pipeline. I'd have to think that we get a Greg Blache/Dick Jauron-type former DC or HC to be the Rod Dowhower for McDermott. They couldn't do that until JJ was definitely not going to coach last year ... and by then it was too late to bring in anyone better than, well, Brian Stewart to play that role.

Also, it would be nice if that guy were also a secondary coach, but maybe even nicer if he were a DL coach and replaced Rory Segrest. Just saying.

Adam S. said...

So I read on today that Kerry Rhodes may not be back with the Jets next year. I don't know what specifically happened to him in NY but he was at one time not long ago a very promising safety. Did his play fall off that hard? was it a by-product of the new defensive philosophy or a bad year?

If he is indeed released by the Jets do you see him as a legitimate target at the FS spot? I know there is hope that Demps or Harris will be that FS of the future but it was obvious that it was a position of weakness in the secondary last year.

Also screw Manning(s), I can't stand either of them. Peyton definitely has this aura of arrogance about him that drives me nuts. As for Eli, looking at his stupid facial expressions makes me wanna punch a cat, and I love cats. Don't make me do it Eli, I'm not a harmful person alright...

Go Saints!

Myron said...

- Does this mass coaching exodus bother anyone else? Are we going to have enough coaching firepower to carry us through next year?

- Peyton Manning may have a "hidden arrogance", but he's earned it with an exemplary Hall of Fame career. Sean Payton, on the other hand, has a far more visible and egregious smugness that rubs me far worse. And that victory over the Vikings in the NFCCG seemed wholely undeserved. I would really enjoy watching the Colts crush the Saints in this Super Bowl. And really, do you want yet ANOTHER historically inept expansion franchise winning a Super Bowl before the Eagles do?

- Were you guys so high on Kindle that you wanted the Eagles to draft him with the #24 pick? He looked good on tape, but not GREAT, imho. Right now, my dream draft for the Eagles is: somehow nab Earl Thomas in the first round either by trading up for a higher pick, or simply watching him fall to our spot, and then nabbing Jerry Hughes either in the late first round or early second round with picks obtained via our quarterback trades, and then grabbing a solid linebacker like Navarro Bowman or Brandon Spikes that falls to the second or third round. And then of course, they all pan out! :) How great would it be to get a talented safety, linebacker, AND defensive end in one draft?

shlynch said...

"Does this mass coaching exodus bother anyone else? Are we going to have enough coaching firepower to carry us through next year?"

Mass coaching exodus? You mean firing a coach to hire a guy who is regarded as one of the top, if not the very top, STs coaches in the league? And letting go a guy who was only hired because the team wasn't prepared for JJ to die before the season?

That's not a mass exodus. That is one clear upgrade and one guy who clearly wasn't wanted around.


I'd also point out that AR really seems to have taken a liking to the firing thing. First Otis, now Daisher and (effectively) Stewart and the strength staff. Years of nobody getting canned, now bang bang bang.

Throw in bringing in Vick and the shoulder check on the sidelines when somebody roughed up #10, and AR seems to be losing his trademark patience.

Boyboy said...

Myron, my man. I said I can't stand the Mannings, not that I like the Saints. This Super Bowl is going to be hell on me. I don't accept either of their fanbases. They're all front-runners. I quit drinking a while back, but I may need to start again just to get through this game.

Jason said...

I didn't realize there was this much dislike of Peyton Manning. I agree he occasionally has called out teammates and seems to yell at guys during the games, but I think it is hard to argue that it has been viewed that way among his teammates when you look at how good that team has been in the last decade. I certainly have no proof to back this up, but maybe he has been able to gauge to best motivate his teammates. I agree that some people don't respond well to being yelled at, but at the same time, some others do. Maybe that is an explanation to why it has changed a bit this year.

I just have a hard time hating on a guy that is arguably the best QB in NFL history, especially when the guy isn't a nut job off the field and is in fact a funny guy (commercials, SNL). All that being said, I have never been one to root for the powerhouse team unless of course it is the Eagles, so I'm pulling for the Saints in the Superbowl.

Chris said...


Agree with all the needs you listed (S, DE, LB) and would add a good cover CB too (Asante won't press and Sheldon is getting old).

From what I've heard Earl Thomas would be good in the 1st round. He has good coverage ability and has good size and athletic ability. Mays, to me, seems like a bigger, faster version of Roy Williams (the S, not WR). He hits hard but he isn't good in coverage. Berry would be fantastic but we'd have to trade way up to get him.

I don't think we'd be able to get all of Thomas, Bowman or Spikes and Hughes as they are all projected 1st rounders. Spikes is always in the 1st round from what I've seen. Bowman is mostly there as well. Of the LBs, I think

Hughes could slip as I do see variability on his rankings. I'd still look at Graham for us. If you look at write ups on the 1st 2 days of Senior Bowl practices he is dominating. What did JJ used to say? He wanted guys who played on the other side of the line. Well, no one in college football did it better than Graham the last two years (2nd in TFL last year, 1st this year) and against top competition. I'm not a fan of Michigan (went to two other Big 10 schools for undergrad / grad) but that kid can play. Plus, he can stop the run which was a big problem for us.

I'm very disappointed Hughes dropped from the Senior Bowl as I'd like to see him against good competition and having a direct comparison with the other DEs.

I'm not sure which CB is that good for us. Haden is reputed to be very good but will go very high. I've seen Robinson and he seemed impressive the game I saw (Gator Bowl). Wilson, who Tommy likes is getting a lot of good reviews at the Senior Bowl. Hope he lasts past the middle of the 2nd.

One thing I hope the Eagles don't do is draft one of those freak athletes who haven't done anything or don't play hard all the time. Very rarely the light goes on but most of the time "once a dog, always a dog".

I don't know about you guys but waiting to see what becomes of McNabb / Kolb. If one of them is moved (more likely with McNabb) we might get some good draft picks to rebuild the D.

Myron said...

shlynch: I was including the "Tom Heckert and his minions" thing when commenting on the exodus. It just seems to me that there is a huge vacuum sucking people out of the Eagles organization this offseason. Sure, some of them needed to go (Daisher) but it's a big shakeup nonetheless.

Boyboy: You might hate the Mannings, but you have to respect Peyton's skill. I mean, he is arguably the best quarterback in the league, if not the entire history of the game. I don't think the same can be said for Eli, but Peyton easily deserves another Super Bowl ring.