Friday, May 1, 2009

Draft Review and Mini-Camp Update

I finished my lengthy review:

Mini-Camp Stuff

Here was the OL this morning:

LT Jason Peters
LG Mike McGlynn
OC Jamaal Jackson
RG Nick Cole
RT Shawn Andrews

Apparently Todd Herremans is banged up and not participating.

These 5 guys make up the best OL we can have with Stacy and Todd sidelined. The interesting thing will be what happens when Todd comes back. I assume Nick Cole will stay at RG. If McGlynn looks really good, he could challenge Cole for the top backup job.

Shawn can handle RT. He's not moving there permanently. This is a temp move until his brother comes back.

Macho Inside

Rookie DB Macho Harris played FS. I mentioned this morning that he was an odd fit at CB with all the bodies we had there. Macho has the skills to be a good FS. He could eventually move to CB or play the slot, but for now he's at FS.



mcud77 said...


There was a TATE thread talking about how Todd messed up his knee playing basketball, and I ignored it for the most part, but with Todd missing today, I wonder:

Any validity to that rumor?

orangecrush007 said...

Isn't it funny that the most interesting thing going on is who is starting on the o-line? We got it good. I think they are telling Shawn Andrews that if he gets the starting right tackle spot then they will give him more money. Sounds like Reid is giving him the oppurtunity.

Arno said...

Any possiblity they shift Stacy to RG and leave Shawn outside, as implied on the official site?

Cliff said...

Tommy, I'm just trying to put things in perspective, so I've got a question: How do the starters and depth on this OL compare to recent history?

I'm only 21, so my Eagles memory only really extends 10 years or so. In my opinion, this is the deepest OL we've ever had. What do you think?

Also, are there any updates on Max? I watched Reid's press conference yesterday and he only mentioned him briefly. Is he an IR guy at this point or will he go on PUP for the first 6 weeks?