Monday, May 18, 2009

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RE: Deuce McAllister

The Eagles probably aren't going to make any moves until they get to Lehigh and see how everyone looks. If they wanted Deuce at this point, he'd have already gotten a call.

In the Eagles ideal scenario, Westy will bounce back to '06-'07 form with the cleaned up knee. That alone would be huge. Then LeSean would preove to be an effective rookie RB. They'll mix in Leonard Weaver in some 1-back sets. That is three talented runners. 2 of them have similar size/skills sets, but the Eagles can live with that. For a team that is primarily a passing offense that is plenty of firepower on the ground. Kyle Eckel and/or LoBo would get mixed in if they make the team.

If the Eagles get to TC and a problem arises, they will start calling veteran RBs. LeSean could struggle with his blocking. He might struggle with the playbook. Whatever. If there are any major issues that linger into the 2nd week at Lehigh, the Eagles will do something.

If Weaver gets seriously hurt, the team could look for a veteran RB. The Eagles didn't sign him just to be a FB. They will use his running/receiving skills. After the mini-camp Spads was going on and on about how much they got him the ball.

RE: Roster Spots

There is no set formula. The Eagles keep the best 53. They tend to go heavy at OL, DL, and/or DB. Obviously you can't go heavy at all 3 because of the 53-man roster.

Someone made a great point. Sean Jones and Rashad Baker aren't locks to make the team. Each guy signed a 1-year deal. I think Jones would need to look terrible to get cut. That isn't unprecedented. Anyone remember Erik Coleman? Baker is coming here as a pure backup and STer. He could easily get out-played by someone.

Macho Harris was a 5th round pick. He's not a lock to make the roster. However, he's young, cheap, and versatile. Sound like someone the Eagles might like? You betcha. I think Macho would need to really struggle to get the boot. That isn't unprecedented. Anyone remember CJ Gaddis?

Remember that every year we see guys get hurt and/or struggle. Don't get too caught up in what will definitively happen at this point. Too many variables. Random speculation is always welcome, of course.

RE: Extensions for Todd, Sheldon

I don't think Sheldon will get an extra nickel. Depending on what Ike and Hobbs do this year, 2009 could be Sheldon's final season as an Eagle.

Todd isn't likely to get a new deal. He signed an extension in 2007. Since he isn't moving to OT, there is no reason to re-work his deal right now. If he has a good year, the Eagles would be wise to do it next offseason. That would show some flexibility on their part. It would help if Todd didn't go public with any complaints.



izzylangfan said...

I guess I feel the need to defend my original point a - just a little bit as Marty Morningweg would say. I agree with everything you say in this post. They could cut Jones or Baker. But if they like Harris and don't think he is ready to get much playing time this year they would still want to go with 5 safeties. But I still stand by my original statement that it is highly unlikely that the eagles would go with more than four running backs and fullbacks total. That should hold true even if they go with four safeties.

Stephen said...

I like Deuce though, I think he brings a lot more to the table than Eckle or Lobo does, and he could probably be had for a relatively cheap contract at this point.

Bring him in and let him work some power running into our game and I think it adds a new dimension to what we already have.

I'm sure this isn't what the Eagles are thinking and probably won't happen, but it makes sense at least to this humble fan.

Cliff said...

Oh yeah, I forgot Todd was already extended a couple years ago.

orangecrush007 said...

Bring back McCallister as long as he is doing steroids. Other than that he sucks.